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Debbie's Pedigree Chart Edith Stephen Dolly elizabeth Tom Robert Auckland Agnes Simpson Thomas Auckland Agnes Cowe William Auckland Isabella Blythe George W Auckland Anne Eliot George Auckland Ann Brady John Brady George Cowe Jessie Robertson Walter Robertson Margaret Bryson george simpson mary slack Richard Simpson John Simpson Elizabeth Williamson Thomas Simpson Elizabeth Alderson Charles Lowes Jane Lowes John Lowes Ann Lowes John Lowes Sr. Ann Browel George W. Hauser Henry J. Hauser Catharine Fiscus Jonathon Hauser Jane Arney Henry Arney Elizabeth Lee George Alderson Mary Breeks Roger Alderson Elizabeth Hindmore George Alderson Mary Bellas Tom Bellas Joseph Bellas Margaret Mary Bellasis George Bellasis Mary Atkinson Hugh Bellasis Mary Ellwood Julia Crosby Robert Cowe Debbie's DNA


Updated April 5, 2017

61 persons (out of 1023)

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