Wikipedia Wikipedia has its detractors, but I find it an excellent resource. A subscription service for military records, United States and others.
Find A Grave A helpful source for finding grave sites and headstones.
Town of Wakaw Website for my home town Wakaw, Saskatchewan, Canada.
Military Indexes Suggested by Natalie Kelly from ForeverCurious.
I was able to find some information about my grandfather who was a POW in WWI. A subscription service with historical U.S. and other newspapers.
Cindy's List The ultimate list of links for genealogy information.
J.M.W. Turner, R.A. A website dedicated to the artist and to the support of the
committee for the instatement of his gallery.
Really Useful Sources Another source for genealogy links, especially British.
Automated Genealogy This site hosts several projects to index Canadian censuses.
Genealogy and the Law Suggested by Natalie Kelly from ForeverCurious.
Confused by legal terms used in genealogy - this site might help.


The main source of many of my census, BMD data and much more. For a free trial to the U.S. based site
Canadian Forestry Corps A personal website dedicated to the Canadian Forestry Corps in WWII.
One of my grandfathers Arthur Ogden served with this unit.
Library and Archives of Canada website focusing on genealogy and family history.
1st Canadian Mounted Rifles A site dedicated to the 1st Canadian Mounted Rifles in World War I.
One of my grandfathers Percy Simmonds served with this unit.
A huge index of links to genealogy web sites and databases.
Reunion graphic Most of the pages on this website were created with Reunion.
If you enjoy genealogy and use a Mac, this is the program to use.
History at Home: A Guide to Genealogy An excellent article on genealogy with a number of useful links. Written by Andrea Davis
[Suggested by a student in a youth group studying family history, lead by Julie Loomis.
Thanks Bailey]
Suggested by Natalie Kelly from ForeverCurious. 100 best genealogy websites.

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