Proven Companions of William the Conqueror

The Battle of Hastings fought on October 14, 1066 was a pivotal moment in the History of Great Britain. It was a decisive victory with William the Duke of Normandy defeating the newly crowned Anglo Saxon Harold Godwinson the King of England. While no one knows how many fought at the battle it is estimated William had a force of about 10 000 and Harold about 7000. Many noble English families descended from the Norman knights at this battle and other actions in the conquest of England. There are 3 unimpeachable sources for participants in the battle. While other sources are also available, some are from a much later date or may be flawed. There are only 15 nobles mentioned in the 3 reliable sources. Many nobles present at the battle were omitted. Participants other than nobles would, of course, not be considered worth mentioning by these sources.

To the victors go the spoils. Thus many noble participants (proven or not) benefited greatly from the victory.

Battle of Hastings
Companions of the Conqueror

The following is a list of companions from which our family (and millions of others) is descended.
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No. Relation Name Death Date
1. 28G Grandfather Robert de Beaumont, 1st Earl of Leicester June 5, 1118
2. 29G Grandfather Eustace II, Count of Boulogne abt. 1087
3. 29G Grandfather Geoffrey II, Count of Perche October 1100
4. 30G Grandfather William FitzOsbern, 1st Earl of Hereford 22 February, 1071
5. 29G Grandfather Aimery IV, Viscount of Thouars abt. 1094
6. 30G Grandfather Walter Giffard, Lord of Longueville bef. 1085
7. 28G Grandfather William de Warenne, 1st Earl of Surrey 1088
    From an additional source of Merit  
8. 29G Grandfather Robert, Count of Mortain (William's half-brother) 8 December 1090
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Bayeaux Tapestry
Scene from the Bayeux Tapestry
Second from the right (looking back, lifting his helm showing he is alive) is William. “Here is Duke (Dux) William”
On the right (looking and pointing back) is Eustace, “E[…]tius”, Latin for Eustace
Second from the left is Bishop Odo (William’s half-brother) “Here Bishop Odo holding a club gives strength to the boys”

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