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The following page is dedicated to those in the family tree who either served in the armed forces or were civilian casualties of war. This list of over 125 family members who served in the armed forces is certainly not complete as it is based on the information I have at this time. If you have any additions or corrections please contact me so I can make the change.

  cross    killed in action, died of their wounds later or died of disease.
**   served in multiple wars or campaigns.




World War I

Walter George Allan
Robert Auckland
Thomas Auckland cross
Charles Edward Axon**
William Henry Axon
Herbert Bagnall cross
Charles Philip O. Bartlet
Albert Brayshaw cross
Bertie Brockett
Francis Henry George Brockett
George Brockett
William Brockett
John Thomas Browncross
Arthur Maitland Byngcross
Algernon Essex Capell**
Henry Addison D. Capell
Frederick William U. Cosens**
Benjamin Lockyer Curtis
Leonard Randoph Curtis
Thomas Bagnall Curtis cross
Charles Keelinge Deakin
John Keelinge Deakin cross
George Francis Deakin
Margaret Patience Deakin
Robert Charles Deakin
Robert Frederick Deakin
Frank Oakes Dixon**
Montague Henry Faulkner cross
Charles Phillip Gee
Philip Keelinge B. Homer
John Anthony Horrigan
Benjamin Jonas
Noel Gilbert B. King cross
Ernest Calvin Kinnear
Frances Charles Lacey
Edward Woollard P. Lamb cross
John Frederick A.H. Lindsay**
Charles Edwin Lowe
Percy Scatchard Lowe
Valentine Marsden Lunnon
Arthur John K. McCausland cross
Eliza Matilda Melvin
Alfred Mills
Dudley Frank Mills
Arthur Ogden**
Earnest Percy Ogden** cross
Jarvis Marshall Ogden
Frank Harold Powell
Gerald Cowper Scatchard
Thomas Scatchard** cross
Walter Kemble Scatchard
Frederick Scrimshaw cross
Alfred Henry Percy Simmonds
Joseph Bellas Simpson
Thomas Simpson
Alfred Stuart Symondson
(aka Alfred Stewart Simmonds)

Alfred Stuart Symondson
Charles Henry Symondson
Claude Frederick W. Symondson
Frank Vernon O. Symondson
John Charles Symondson
Joseph Arthur Symondson
Henry Francis Symondson
John Herbert Symondson
Lionel Frederick Symondson
Percy John Symondson
Percy Sidney Symondson
Robert Alberto Symondson
Sydney Carl Symondson
Sydney Gordon Symondson
Edward Taylor
Wilfred Watson Thornley
William Walton Thrustans
Geoffrey Frank Walton** cross
Humphrey Weaver** cross
Arthur Alexander Weekes cross
William Whalley cross

Served in Peacetime or
Service Unknown

David Cooper
George B. Deare

Henry Howkins
Allan Crosby Lowes
Frank Harold Powell
Henry Symondson
Henry John Symondson
Charles Henry Vause
W. M. Yates


Crimean War
Theophilus Robert Howkins

Napoleonic Wars
Thomas Homer cross
James Marshall Stokescross
William Smith Stokes



George C. Auckland cross
Thomas Bagnall
James Albert Hammond
Hugh de la Motte Hervey

Charles M. Lightening
Charles Stratton Lightening**
Jarvis Marshall Ogden
Earnest Percy Ogden**
Thomas Scatchard**

Sepoy Rebellion
Daniel Corrie Walker

North America

American Civil War
Ebenezer Fiscus

  Civilian Deaths  
  Phyllis Marie French
(nee Symondson)
World War II

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Last Updated, December 28, 2017



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