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Hopefully the title of this page got your attention. What I am really hoping is that someone will be able to identify these people. These are photographs that I have either found in family archives or have been provided by other family members, however no identities were attached. If you are able to identify one of these people please contact me and I will be able to attach that photo to the person on this site.


unknown photo a1
unknown photo a2

These two photos above are of the same person. He is probably John Keelinge Deakin known as Jack. Jack lived near Birmingham in his younger years then went to Africa to become a policeman. He was killed in Belgium in World War I as a private in the 1st South African Infantry. The first photo was taken in Birmingham, the second possibly in Africa.

Another possibility is Algernon Essex Capell who was born in England, and also went to Africa as a policeman.


unknown photo b
unknown photo c

This photo was taken in Leeds, Yorkshire. I have identified the badge as that of the Leeds Volunteer Rifles.

Another possibility is John Wright whose Leeds police records indicate he served in the volunteer rifles. John Wright would be a nephew of Sarah Lowe.

This photo was also taken in Leeds. The photographer was located within 1/2 mile of where Percy Simmonds, his grandmother Sarah Lowe nee Nunns, and his Aunt Edith Jewell nee Lowe lived in the 1890's. The banjo has been in Canada for many years, thus almost certainly has a connection with the Lowe family. Could this be Joseph Lowe who came to Canada in about 1906?


unknown photo d
unknown photo d1

These two paintings are in opposite sides of the same locket. They were in possession of Annie Deakin nee Howkins. Thus they could be Homer, Howkins, Gibson or other ancestors.


unknown photo e
unknown photo f

The photo was taken at Pimlico, Westminster, London. The back of the card says 5 1/2 years of age.  The address of the photographer is 35 Hindon Street (now a part of Wilton Street and close to Buckingham Palace) near Warwick Street. I suspect that the girl is Percy Simmonds sister Constance Simmonds (or Symondson). If this is correct the photo would have been taken in the fall of 1893, about a year after her mother died and about 8 months before her father remarried.  Constance’s parents, Alfred and Emily, lived in London from 1889. In the 1891 census they were living in Westminster less than a mile from the photographer’s address.   It is also possible the photo is of one of her 1/2 sisters Muriel Grace, Sybil Clara or Violet. In that case the photo would have been taken in 1907, 1914 or 1915. However since the photo is on card stock it is not likely to have  produced after 1906 .


I have no idea who this officer is. This person could be connected with the Howkins, the Homers, the Jewells or others. There is some thought there is a connection to the Curzons. Another possibility is that it could be Major Henry Howkins of the 2nd Warwickshire Militia.

From the markings on the lower sleeves, he is likely either a major or a lieutenant colonel. His busby seems to indicate he is in a hussar regiment. Since the plume on his busby seems to be dark, it may be the 4th or 15th Hussars. If the plume is yellow it might be the 20th Hussars. I can't identify the medal (star) and ribbon.

unknown photo h
unknown photo h

This drawing is provided courtesy of Patrick Lindsay. He believes it may be Fanny Wilkes the second wife of Frederick Augustus Homer.


This drawing is provided courtesy of Patrick Lindsay. It must be at least 200 years old. She is probably related to the Homer family.


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