NameFrederic Warner TUNNICLIFF
Birthabt 1817, Eccleshall, Staffordshire
Death17 Feb 1867, Eccleshall, Staffordshire
BurialEccleshall, Staffordshire
OccupationFarmer, Gentleman
Birth19 Apr 1817
Baptism21 Apr 1817, Adbaston, Staffordshire
Death16 Mar 1856
BurialEccleshall, Staffordshire
FatherThomas DEAKIN (1787-1838)
MotherFanny GOODALL (1789-1859)
Marriage1844, Adbaston, St. Michael
ChildrenFanny Mosse (~1847-1934)
 Emily England (~1849-)
 Katherine (~1850-)
 Alice Evelyn (~1852-)
 Frederick Howard (~1854-)
Birthabt 1822, Liverpool, Lancashire, England
Death1893, Barnet, Middlesex
FatherThomas WHITTAKER (~1801-)
MotherMary (~1801-)
Marriage1859, West Derby, Lancashire
ChildrenEdwin Thomas Mosse (1860-1915)
 John E. (~1862-)
 Frances Mosse (~1866-)
Notes for Frederic Warner TUNNICLIFF
In the 1841 census “out of Eccleshall lying south”, Staffordshire.
John Tunnicliff, age 70, farmer, born Staffordshire.
Sarah Tunnicliff, age 60, born Staffordshire.
John Tunnicliff, age 40, born Staffordshire.
Frederick Tunnicliff, age 20, born Staffordshire. 4 female servants ages 70, 20, 14 and 20.

In the 1851 census Eccleshall, Staffordshire, Biana
Frederick Tunnicliff, head, married, age 33, Farmer of 250 acres employing 5 labourers, born Eccleshall, Stafford.
Wife Mary A Tunnicliff, age 33, farmer’s wife, born Adbaston, Stafford.
Daughter Fanny M. Tunnicliff, age 4, born Eccleshall.
Daughter Emily E. Tunnicliff, age 2, born Eccleshall.
Daughter Katherine Tunnicliff, age 1, born Eccleshall. 6 house servants.

UK Poll Books and Electoral Registers 1848
Frederick Warner Tunnicliff of Eccleshall, occupier of farm, Biana farm
Edwin Tunnicliff of Biana, occupier of farm, Biana Farm

UK Poll Books and Electoral Registers 1856
Frederick Warner Tunnicliff of Eccleshall, occupier of house and land as tenant, Biana farm

In the 1859 marriage index Frederick Warner Tunnicliffe, West Derby Lancashire. The women on the same page are Sarah Leech and Mary Williams. [since there are children last name Leech in the next census, his wife must be Sarah.] Volume 8b page 541.

Parish records St. Stephen the Martyr, Edge Hill, West Derby, Lancaster
June 8, 1859 Frederic Warner Tunnicliffe [as spelled]. full age, widower, gentleman, residence Eccleshall, Stafford, father John Tunnicliffe, gentleman and Sarah Leech, full age, widow, residence Low Hill, father Whittaker [no first name given], gentleman, by license, by Thomas Moore,in the presence of M? N? ???? A.C. Edwards, Jno. G. Ford and E. J. Tunnicliff

In the 1861 census, Eccleshall Staffordshire, Stone registration district, Eccleshall subdistrict, Biana.
Frederick W. Tunnicliff, head, married, age 43, farmer of 250 acres employing 8 men and 2 boys, born Eccleshall.
Daughter Fanny M. Tunnicliff, age 14, born Eccleshall.
Daughter Emily E. Tunnicliff, age 13, born Eccleshall.
Daughter Katherine Tunnicliff, age 11, born Eccleshall.
Daughter Alice E. Tunnicliff, age 9 born Eccleshall.,
Son Frederick H. Tunnicliff, age 7, born Eccleshall.
Son Edwin T. M. Tunnicliff, age 9 months, born Eccleshall.
Also 2 daughters listed as Maria Leeche, age 9 born Newcastle, Staffordshire and
Eveline Leeche, age 6 born Liverpool, Lancashire.
A governess, Maria Mansell, unmarried, age 26, born Stourbridge, Worc..
A visitor Maria Robinson, age 62 living on her own means, born Stone Staffordshire.
3 servants and 1 groom.
[Where is Sarah Tunnicliff? Answer from Bob Hogg - at home in Liverpool with daughter Mary Adelaide tending to her mother, Mary Whittaker. Mary was now 62 and would die the following year, so she was obviously in bad enough health to justify Sarah’s leaving her baby son behind in Staffordshire.]

In the January to March 1867 death index, Frederick Warner Tunnicliffe, age 49, Stone district, Staffordshire, volume 6b page 30. [note the last name ends with an e]

National Probate Calendar
April 1, 1867. The Will with two Codicils of Frederic Warner Tunnicliffe otherwise Tunnicliff late of Biana in the parish of Eccleshall in the County of Stafford Gentleman deceased who died 17 February 1867 at Biana aforesaid was proved at the Principal Registry by the oaths of Edwin Thomas Tunnicliffe of Bromley Hall in the parish aforesaid Gentleman the Brother and Sarah Tunnicliffe of Biana aforesaid Widow the Relict the surviving Executors. Effects under 6000 pounds.
Notes for Mary Anne (Spouse 1)
From Pedigree of the Deakin Family, October 1859
[With details of later family members added afterwards]
In the possession of Alice Gertrude Deakin (1862 to 1946) to her grand nephew Arthur Keelinge Deakin (1917 to 1944) to his father Guy Barton Deakin (1882 to 1973) to his daughter Isabella Vera Deakin (1913 to 2005) to David Cooper.
Mary Anne Deakin
Born 19th April 1817
Married at Adbaston in 1844
Died 16th March 1856 and buried at Eccleshall
Husband Frederic Warner Tunniclifffe
Died 17 February 1867 and buried at Eccleshall

The IGI lists a christening for Mary Anne Deakin, April 21, 1817, Adbaston Stafford, father Thomas Deakin , mother Fanny.

In the April to June 1844 marriage index Mary Ann Deakin, Newport Sal, Staffordshire and Frederick Warner Tunnicliff, volume 18, page 223
Notes for Sarah (Spouse 2)
Maiden name from Bob Hogg.

From Bob Hogg.
Marriage at St Mary, Edge Hill, Liverpool, on July 1, 1841:
John Leech, Full, Bachelor, Farmer, Newcastle-under-Lyme,
Father Thomas Leech, Farmer
Sarah Whittaker, 19, Spinster, Walton on the Hill,
Father Thomas Whittaker, Brewer
Witnesses: Thomas Whittaker, Jos. Bristol, Sarah Leech, Thomas Leech

also from Bob Hogg
In 1843 Sarah gave birth to a daughter named Mary Adelaide and there were almost certainly others who died prematurely before the death of Sarah's husband himself.

A daughter who survived childhood was Maria, born in 1851.

Sarah’s husband appears to be the John Leech whose death was recorded in the March quarter of 1855 in Newcastle-under-Lyme. Sarah was pregnant at the time and she apparently preferred to be with her mother in Liverpool when the child, Eveline, was born later that same year.

Sarah must have returned to Staffordshire, or at least visited the county,
for her to agree to a marriage proposal from widower Frederick Warner Tunnicliffe. They may have been acquainted already, of course, as is the way with farmingfamilies. Anyway, the upshot was that everyone traipsed back to Sarah's home town of Liverpool to get married in 1859.

Marriage at St Stephen the Martyr, Edge Hill, Liverpool, on June 8, 1859:
Frederic Warner Tunnicliffe, Full, Widower, Gentleman, Eccleshall Staffordshire,
Father, John Tunnicliffe, Gentleman
Sarah Leech, Full, Widow, Low Hill Liverpool,
Father, Whittaker, Gentleman
Witnesses: M A Tunnicliffe, A C Edwards, Jno G Forster, E J Tunnicliffe
[Some of the names are difficult to read in the original]

end of information from Bob Hogg.

In the 1871 census No. 9 Newport Road, Castle Church, Staffordshire, Sarah Tunnicliffe, head, widow, age 49, Lady and ind., born Liverpool. Son Edwin T. Tunnicliffe, age 10, born Eccleshall. Son John E. Tunnicliffe, age 9 born Eccleshall. Son Frank W. Tunnicliffe, age 5, born Eccleshall. 1 servant.

In the 1881 census 24 Newport Road, Castle Church, Staffordshire. Sarah Tunnicliffe, head, widower, age 59, born Liverpool. Daughter Maria Leech, unmarried, age 29, born Newcastle, Staffordshire. Daughter Eveline Leech, unmarried, age 25, born Liverpool. 1 servant.

In the 1891 census registration district Barnet, sub district Finchley, ecclesiastical parish, St John, Middlesex at Riverslea, Holden Rd. Sarah Tunnicliffe, head, widow, age 69, living on own means, born Liverpool. Daughter Maria Leech, single, age 39, born Newcastle, Staffordshire. Son Francis W. Tunnicliffe, single, age 25, Bachelor of Medicine, born Eccleshall. 1 servant.

In the January to March 1893 death index Sarah Tunnicliffe, age 71, Barnet, Middlesex, volume 3a page 157
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