NameCharles Frederick DEAKIN , GG Uncle
Birth1 Apr 1853, Tettenhall, Wolverhampton, Stafford, England
Baptism21 Jun 1853, Tettenhall, Wolverhampton, Stafford, England
Death16 Jun 1935
FatherJohn Bickerton DEAKIN (1812-1879)
MotherElizabeth Sarah HOMER (1821-1920)
Birth4 Sep 1854, Bagley, Shropshire, England
Baptism15 Oct 1854, Hordley, Shropshire
Death5 Nov 1948
MotherMary Ann ASTON (~1829-)
Marriage20 Jan 1881, Lugwardine, Hereford, Herefordshire
ChildrenRobert Frederick (1881-1978)
 Charles Keelinge (1882-1941)
 Guy Barton (1882-1973)
 Mary Wilhelmina (1884-1961)
 Elsie Winifred (1885-1975)
 George Francis (1887-1967)
 Bickerton Aston (1889-1973)
 Vera Dorothy (1890-1895)
 Reginald Granville (1892-1959)
Notes for Charles Frederick DEAKIN
From Pedigree of the Deakin Family, October 1859
[With details of later family members added afterwards]
In the possession of Alice Gertrude Deakin (1862 to 1946) to her grand nephew Arthur Keelinge Deakin (1917 to 1944) to his father Guy Barton Deakin (1882 to 1973) to his daughter Isabella Vera Deakin (1913 to 2005) to David Cooper.
Charles Frederick Deakin
Born 1st April 1853
Baptized at Tettenhall
married at Lugwardine, Herefordshire 20 January 1881 to Mary Louisa daughter of Fredrick Taylor Webster of Huntington House near Hereford (son of Reverend William Webster) and Mary Ann his wife daughter of George Peach Aston of Newton, Salop.
and has issue.

In the April to June 1853 birth index Charles Frederick Deakin, Wolverhampton, Staffordshire, volume 6b, page 328.

England and Wales Christening Records
Charles Frederick Deakin, christened June 21, 1853 Tettenhall, Staffordshire, father John Bickerton Deakin, mother Elizabeth Sarah

In the 1861 census Tettenhall Staffordshire, no address is given in the Hamlet of Tettenhall Wood, Tettenhall. The address before is Wood Hill Cottage and and after is Wood Villa.
Head, John Bickerton Deakin, age 48, attorney and solicitor, born Bromsgrove.
Wife Elizabeth Sarah Deakin, age 39, born Bromsgrove Worcestershire.
Daughter Elizabeth Homer Deakin, age 14, born Wolverhampton.
Son Robert Henry Deakin, age 12, scholar, born Wolverhampton.
Daughter Mary Lucy Deakin, age 11, scholar, born Wolverhampton.
Daughter Julia Ann Deakin, age 9, scholar, born Wolverhampton.
Son Charles Frederick Deakin, age 8, scholar, born Tettenhall.
Son John Bickerton Deakin, age 6, scholar, born Tettenhall.
Daughter Constance Marguerite? Deakin, age 9 months, born Tettenhall.
A Governess, 2 nursemaids and a housemaid.

In the 1871 census living at Ormes Lane, Tettenhall.
Head John B. Deakin, age 58, Attorney, solicitor, and landowner, born Bromsgrove.
Wife Elizabeth S Deakin born Stourbridge. , Daughter Mary L Deakin, age 21, unmarried, born Wolverhampton.
Daughter Julia A Deakin, age 19, single, born Wolverhampton.
Son Charles F Deakin, age 18, scholar, born Tettenhall.
Son John B Deakin, age 16, scholar, born Tettenhall.
Daughter Constance M Deakin, age 10, scholar, born Tettenhall.
Daughter Alice G Deakin, age 7, scholar, born Tettenhall.
Son George R. Deakin, age 6, scholar, born Tettenhall.
A teacher (governess) and 4 servants.

Articles of Clerkship October 3, 1872
Charles Frederick Deakin of Tettenhall Wood and Wolverhampton, for five years binds himself Clerk to his father John Bickerton Deakin one of the Attorneys of Her Majesty’s Courts of Queens Bench Common Pleas and Exchequer of Pleas at Westminster and a Solicitor of the High Court of the Chancery.
Sworn before Richard W. Rutter A. Commisioner [Richard Woode Rutter would become John Bickerton Deakin’s son in law.]

England Select Marriages
January 20, 1881 Lugwardine, Hereford, England Charles Frederick Deakin and Mary Louise Webster.

In the 1881 census living at Tidnor Farm, Lugwardine, Hereford, England.
Charles F. Deakin, age 28, Farmer Of 75 Ac Empg 1 Man & 1 Boy, born Wolverhampton.
Wife Mary L. Deakin, age 26, born Hordley, Salop.
Sister Mary L. Deakin, age 31, unmarried, born Wolverhampton.
1 servant.

In the 1891 census “The Birches”, Hampton Charles, parish of Thornbury, registration district Bromyard, Herefordshire.
Head Charles F. Deakin, age 36, farmer, employer, born Tettenhall, Staffordshire.
Wife Mary L. Deakin, age 35, born Baglay, Salop.
Son Robert F. Deakin, age 9, born Lugwardine, Hereford.
Son Charles K. Deakin, age 8, born St. Devereux, Hereford.
Son Guy B. Deakin, age 8, born St. Devereux.
Daughter Mary W. Deakin, age 6, born St. Devereux.
Daughter Elsie Deakin, age 5, born St. Devereux.
Son George F. Deakin, age 3, born Hampton Charles, Hereford.
Son Bickerton A. Deakin, age 1, born Hampton Charles.
Daughter Dorothy V. Deakin, age 10 months, born Hampton Charles.
Brother George R. Deakin, single, age 25, rancher, employer, born Tettenhall.
Visitor Francis D. Collins, age 6, born Huntington, Hereford.
3 servants including an agricultural labourer and 2 domestic servants.

In the 1901 census civil parish Brewood, town of Light Ash and Lower Green, registration district Cannock sub district Brewood, Lower Green, The Woodlands.
Charles F. Deakin, head, age 47, married, retired farmer, Tettenhall Wood, Staffordshire.
Son Charles K. Deakin, single, age 18, bank clerk, born St Devereaux, Hereford.
Son Guy B. Deakin, single, age 18, born St Devereaux, Hereford.
Son Bickerton A, Deakin, age 10 born Hampton, Hereford.
Son Reginald G. Deakin, age 8, born Hampton, Hereford.
Visitor Muriel Collins, single, age 20, born Hampton hereford.
Servant Emily Bailey, single, age 20, housemaid, born Pershall, Staffordshire.

Trained for law. Moved to Canada 1908

Canadian passenger lists arrived June 26, 1908 aboard the Virginian in Montreal departed Liverpool. Cha. Deakin, age 55, Mrs Deakin age 53, May [probably should be Mary] Deakin age 23, Elsie Deakin age 21, Guy Deakin age 25, Dick [probably should be Bick] Deakin age 18 and Reg Deakin age 15 heading to Neepawa.

Listed in the 1911 Canadian Census as a farmer in Manitoba, Portage La Prairie District in Enumeration District No. 10 in Township 14 to 16 West of the 1st.
Head Charles Deakin, born April 1853, England, age 58, immigrated 1908, Anglican, farmer.
Wife Mary Deakin, born September 1855, age 55, England, immigrated 1908.
Son Guy Deakin, single, born November 1882, England, age 28, immigrated 1908, farm labourer.
Daughter Elsie Deakin, single, born October 1885, England, age 25, immigrated 1908.
Son Bickerton Deakin, single, born June 1889, England, age 21, immigrated 1908, farm labourer.
Son Reginald [spelled Risenald] Deakin, single, born May 1891, England, age 19, farm labourer.

In the 1916 Canadian Census of Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta. District 6 Neepawa Township 15, Range 16 West of the 1st meridian. Rural Municipality of Rosedale, Manitoba.
Charles Fredrick Deakin, head, married, age 63, born England, Anglican, immigrated 1907, farmer, employer.
Wife Mary Luisa? Deakin, age 63, born England.
Son Robert F. Deakin, military overseas Camp Hughes, age 35, banker.
Son Charles Keeling Deakin, military overseas Camp Hughes, age 34, farm labourer.
Son George Francis Deakin, military overseas Camp Hughes, age 29, farm labourer.
Daughter Elsie Winifred Deakin age 30.
Son Bickerton Aston Deakin, age 25, farmer’s son.
Son Richanald? Grenfell? Deakin, age 23, farmer’s son.
Servant Frank Gordon Swales, age 27, single, born Ireland.
All of the Deakin children were single.

Canadian Voters Lists 1935
Wynyard, Saskatchewan
C. F. Deakin, farmer [Charles Frederick Deakin, father]
Mrs C. F. Deakin, married woman [Maria Louis Deakin, wife]
Miss E. W. Deakin, spinster [Elsie Winifred Deakin, daughter]
R. G. Deakin, farmer [Reginald Granville Deakin, son]
B. A. Deakin, farmer [Bickerton Aston Deakin, son]
Mrs G. Deakin, married woman [not sure of the relation to Charles Frederick Deakin]
R. F. Deakin, farmer [Robert Frederick Deakin, son]
Notes for Mary Louisa (Spouse 1)
England Select Baptisms
Mary Louisa Webster, baptism October 15, 1854, Hordley, Shropshire, England, father Frederick Tayler Webster, mother Mary Anne Webster.

In the 1861 census Trysull, Staffordshire, Wolverhampton district, Wombourn sub district Seisdon? Village, farm house.
George P. Aston, head, unmarried, age 35, farmer of 200 acres, employing 9 men and 4 boys.
Mother Mary Ann Aston, widow, age 66.
Niece Mary L. Webster, age 6, born, Hordley. 5 servants.

In the 1901 census Huntington, Hereford City, Herefordshire
Head Frederick T. Webster, age 73, retired farmer, born Church Preen, Shropshire
Wife Mary A. Webster, age 72, born Newton Stottesdon?, Shropshire
Daughter Emma E. Webster, single, age 42, born Bagley, Shropshire.
Daughter Mary L. Deakin, married, age 45, born Bagley, Shropshire
1 servant
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