NameMartha Eliza HOMER , 1C3R
Birth8 Nov 1872, Sedgley, Staffordshire, England
Baptism18 Jul 1873, Sedgley, Staffordshire, England
Death10 Jun 1959, Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
FatherFrederick Augustus HOMER (1828-1901)
MotherEliza WATERFALL (1832-1897)
Birth29 Sep 1870, Windsor, Berkshire
Death10 Dec 1952, Sedgley, Staffordshire, England
OccupationClerk, Accountant
MotherLucy PRATT (1848-1935)
Marriage12 Jul 1907, Minnedosa, Manitoba, Canada
ChildrenGeorge Benjamin (1912-2011)
Notes for Martha Eliza HOMER
Known as Patsy.

Listed in the birth index Oct to Dec 1872, Martha Eliza Homer, Dudley district vol 6c page 100

Listed in the christening records, Martha Eliza Homer christened July 18, 1873, Sedgley, Staffordshire, father Frederick Augustus Homer, mother Eliza.

In the 1891 census The Villa, Dudley Street, Sedgley, Staffordshire.
Frederick Augustus Homer age 62 Living on his own means, born Sedgley.
Wife Eliza Homer age 59 born Nottingham.
Son John Twigg Homer, single, age 25, born Sedgley.
Daughter Ann Mary Leake Homer, single, born Sedgley.
Daughter Martha Eliza Homer, single age 18, born Sedgley.
Servant Eliza Jane Dutton, cook age 27.
Mary Jane Wilkes, single age 21, housemaid, born Sedgley.

In the 1901 census Frederick A Homer living at 17 Dudley Street, Sedgley age 72 born in Sedgley is living on his own means. He is living with his
wife Fanny age 25,
son John Twigg Homer age 35,
daughter Martha Eliza age 28 and
son Thomas Homer age 1.
Also in the household are a cook and a housemaid.

In the UK Incoming Passenger Lists, July 1926 arriving Liverpool, departed Montreal.
Martha Swindell, housewife, age 54, resident of Canada, destination Sedgley Staffordshire, and Benjamin Swindell, age 14, scholar. Their destination Sedgley, Staffordshire.

Canadian Passenger Lists
Departed Liverpool, arrived Montreal, on the Montrose October 9, 1926, Martha Swindell, age 45? [perhaps the digits are transposed], born Sedgley, lived in Canada 1901 to 1926, destination Winnipeg. Son George Swindell, age 14, born in Winnipeg. [Thus George must be Ben’s first name]

Canadian Passenger Lists
Departed Belfast, Northern Ireland, arrived Quebec, on the Letitia, November 25 1934 Martha Swindell, age 62, born Sedgley, in Canada 1901 to May 11, 1934, lived at R.R. 1 Victoria B.C., destination husband Mr. Arthur Camden Swindell, Son George Swindell, age 22, single, born Winnipeg.

Canadian Voters Lists 1953
Rural Polling Division 86 (District of Esquimalt) (Colwood)
941 Metchosin Road
G. Benjamin Swindell, storekeeper
Mrs. Dorothy E. Swindell
Mrs. Martha E. Swindell [Benjamin’s mother]

Listed in the British Columbia Death index, Martha Eliza Swindell, age 86, June 10, 1959, Victoria.

British Columbia Death Registrations
Martha Eliza Swindell died Victoria Jubilee Hospital, Victoria, B.C., June 10, 1959
She was in the municipality for 9 days, the province for 24 years and 50 years in Canada
Born November 8, 1872 England
Father Frederick Homer
Mother Leeke, first name not known [actually her mother was Eliza Waterfall and her grandmother was Ann Mary Leake]
Husband Arthur Camden Swindell
Informant Ben H. Swindell, son
Usual Address Metchosin Road, Metchosin B.C.
Notes for Arthur Camden (Spouse 1)
Eldest son.

From Christine Buckley
Arthur Camden (b. 29 Sept 1870, Windsor, Berks) - registered as Swindill

In the October to December 1870 birth index Arthur Camden Swindill, Windsor, Berkshire, volume 2c, page 404.

Educated at Dudley Grammar School.

In the 1871 census 7 St. Mark? Road, Clewer civil parish, town New Windsor, Berkshire.
Head Thos Greenall Swindill [as spelled], age 25, Baptist Minister of Victory ????.
Wife Lucy Swindill, age 23, born Southwark, Surrey.
Son Arthur Camden Swindill, 6 months born Windsor.

In the 1881 census Hall St No. 1, Dudley, Worcestershire.
Thos. Greenall Swindell, head, age 35, Curate in charge of Holly Hall ??, born Keighley Yorkshire.
Wife Lucy Swindell, age 33, born London, Middlesex.
Son Arthur Camden Swindell, age 10, scholar, born Windsor Berkshire.
Son Albert Percy Swindell, age 9, scholar, born Windsor.
Son Walter Courtenay Swindell, age 7, born Windsor.
Son Frank Guthrie Swindell, age 6, born Worcester Worcestershire.
Son Cyril Herbert Swindell, age 4, born Worcester.
1 servant.

Canadian Passenger Lists.
Departed Liverpool, arrived Halifax, Nova Scotia March 29 1891 on the Sarnia, Arthur Swindell, labourer. [This matches the Form 30A in 1924]

A possible match in the 1891 census, Whitewater, Selkirk, Manitoba.
Arthur Swindle [as spelled] , age 21, domestic, , born England, parents born in England, Church of England.
He is staying with W. P. Sell, age 42, farmer, who employs 1. [Perhaps his employer supplied the spelling] [The 1891 census was taken on April 6. If this is correct Arthur would have been at this location for just as few days.]

In the 1901 census, 1 Vicar? Street, Sedgley.
Thomas Greenall Swindell, head, age 55, Clergyman Church of England, born Keighley, Yorkshire.
Wife Lucy Swindell, age 53, born Newington, London.
Son Arthur Camden Swindell, age 30, single, Accounts Clerk, born Windsor.
Son Walter Courtenay Swindell, single, age 27, Bankers Clerk, born Windsor.
Son Basil Hugh Swindell, age 10, born Sedgley.
Daughter Margaret Irene Swindell, age 7, born Sedgley. 2 servants

Canadian Passenger Lists
Departed Glasgow, Scotland arrived May 16 1903 at Montreal, Quebec on the Sardinian Arthur C. Swindell, age 32, clerk, born Worcester, England, destination Boissevan, Manitoba. [I wonder why he lists his birth at Worcester, his brothers were born there, but he was born in Windsor?]

In the 1911 Canadian census at 127 Bannerman, Winnipeg, Manitoba.
Arthur Swindell, born September 1870, occupation accountant, nationality is Canadian, originally British, He emigrated 1891.
Wife is Eliza Swindell, born November 1872, immigrated in 1901.
They have a lodger.

In the 1916 Canadian Census Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta, Winnipeg North district, Winnipeg, Manitoba.
Arthur Swindell, 136 Bannerman, age 43, Born England, Anglican, immigration 1900, Accountant with Bank.
Wife Eliza Swindell, age 40, born England immigrated 1900. Son Ben Swindell, age 4, born Manitoba.

In the 1921 Canadian census Winnipeg, Manitoba
136 Bannerman Avenue
Head Arthur Swindell, owner, brick and wood, age 50, born England, parents born in England, immigrated 1901, Canadian, Anglican, accountant.
Wife Martha E. Swindell, age 48, born England, parents born England, immigrated 1901, Canadian, religion [can’t decipher, it definitely not Anglican]
Son Benjamin A? Swindell, age 9, born Manitoba, parents born in England, same religion as his mother.

Canada Ocean Arrival, (Form 30A)
Arthur Camden Swindell, age 30, arrived July 1924, Quebec on the Caronia, age 53, accountant, British Canadian, address 136 Bannerman Av, Winnipeg, first arrival in Canada, Halifax, 1891, departed Quebec 1/5/24, for a visit, nearest relative wife M. E. Swindell.

Andrews Newspaper Index Cards, 1952
Swindell, On December 10, Arthur Camden, aged 82, of Sedgley, Staffs., formerly of Winnipeg.

National Probate Calenda
Arthur Camden Swindell of 15 The Priory Sedgley Staffordshire died 10 December 1952 at 10 Burton-road Sedgley Probate Birmingham 1 April to Barclays Bank Limited. Effects 1279 pounds
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