NameElizabeth COTTERELL , 5G Grandmother
Baptism21 May 1737
Death17 Aug 1811, Sedgley, Staffordshire, England
FatherThomas COTTERELL (1710-1779)
1Charles KEMP , 5G Grandfather
Death14 Dec 1787, Evesham, Worcestershire, England
Burial16 Dec 1787, Evesham, Worcestershire, England
OccupationBarrister At Law
Marriage9 May 1768, Chipping Campden
ChildrenCharles (1769-)
 Elizabeth (1771-1847)
Notes for Elizabeth COTTERELL
of Chipping Campden, Gloustershire

Elizabeth Kemp named in her father Thomas Cotterell’s will dated May 12, 1773, proven April 4, 1779.

In the IGI Eliz Cotterel Christening May 21, 1737 Chipping Campden Gloucester, father Tho. Cotterel, mother Eliz.

The IGI lists a marriage between Charles Kemp and Elizabeth Cotterell May 9, 1768, Chipping Campden.

Parish Records Chipping Campden, Gloucestershire
Charles Kemp and Elizabeth Cotterell were married in ys church by licence ys eigth? day of May1768 by me W. w. Greston?
This marriage is solemnised between us Charles? (Rhd C.?) Kemp and Elizabeth Cotterell
In ye presence of us Edward Cotterell and William Jonhston

Elizabeth Cotterell was bridesmaid for the 1767 wedding of Lucy Lyttelton (later Lady Valentia) the daughter of George Lyttelton, 1st Baron Lyttelton. George Lyttelton was secretary to Frederick, Prince of Wales. George Lyttleton also was a poet and man of letters and briefly Chancellor of the Exchequer. Lucy Lyttleton gave Elizabeth Cotterell an anchor broach which is still in the family today. I have a letter from Lucy Lyttleton from 1767 congratulating Elizabeth Cotterell on her upcoming wedding in 1768.

Possible Will avail from GRO
Notes for Charles (Spouse 1)
of Evesham, Worc., England

“A scholar and a gentleman.”

Will Avail from GRO

From Visitation of England and Wales
Barrister-at-Law and Marshall of Assize to Lord Chief Justice Mansfield

from the European Magazine and London Review - 1787
Monthly Obituary, October 1787
lately at Evesham, Charles Kemp, Esq.

From A general History of the Kemp Families of Great Britain and Her Colonies by Fred. Hitchin-Kemp 1902?
The will of Charles Kemp, of Evesham, was proved in 1787, his death being announced in
the Gentleman’ s Magazine as occuring on 14th September and the register stating that he was buried at All Saints' on the 16th of that month, 1787. He is styled "Gent. " in his will, and states that he had inherited under the will of his father-in-law, Thomas Cotterell, of Campden, Gentleman, a freehold estate at that place, and that he also had property in Drury Lane, Great Queen Street and Hampstead, all in Middlesex, which, subject to his widow's life interest, he left to his son Charles, who was bound to allow to his sisters sufficient annuities for their maintenance. The will mentions Mr. Owen, bookseller at Temple Bar, London, Mr. John Brown, stockbroker, and Mr. John King, of Chancery Lane. These last names and the Middlesex property casts a doubt upon his connexion with the early Kempes of Evesham, but although the Kempes of Hendon also had property at Hampstead, Drury Lane and Great Queen Street, we are not able to state that he belonged to that family. We find that a Charles Kemp, Esquire, of Evesham, subscribed for a copy of " The History and Antiquities of Evesham " in 1768, and that a Charles Kemp, possibly his son, was an officer on the Chaser, and made his will in 1788 ; in this, the testator names his " good friends " Frederick and Hannah Westerlins, of the parish of St. George's-
in-the-East, Middlesex, as residuary legatees, but his estates are not enumerated. Another Charles Kemp, formerly of the East Indian Maritime Service, was buried in Brixton Church in 1840, aged forty-six years, and a will, which doubtless is his, was proved in London that year. Perhaps this also was a relation of the Evesham Kempes, of whom we find no later trace locally. The last entry of a Kemp in the Evesham registers is the marriage of Elizabeth Kemp in 1794 to Richard Homer, of Dudley. One other entry, but earlier, is however curious, that of the baptism in 1775 of Frances Stonestreet, daughter of Charles Kemp ; she was buried in 1777- It is a singular coincidence that Grace, daughter of Thomas Stonestreet, of Lewes, married George Kemp, grandfather -of Thomas Read Kemp, the prospector of Kemp Town, with whose family the name of Russell mentioned above as intermarried with Kemps of Evesham, was also linked.

This is the last Will and Testament of ??? Charles Kemp of Evesham in the County of Worcester Gentleman Whereas my late ffather in Law Sir Thomas Cotterell of Campden in the County of Gloucester Gentleman by his last Will and Testament gave a freehold Estate in Brick Street formerly let on a Building ??? ??? Ground Rent of which is ffifty Shillings a year to his daughter Elizabeth (my wife) by ??? ??? and description of ??? Daughter Elizabeth Kemp and to ??? ??? so that they by such ???? my Wife will be entitled to ????? ???? said ffifty shillings a year or such unproved rent as may arise at the expiration of that ??? during her life and ??? said Estate will???? to my Son by such will if living if not to my Daughter ?? and to my said said wife a ???? annuity of Seventy Seven pounds payable quarterly for her life and charged? up on all my ffreehold and copyhold Estates/ I give out of my personal Estate one? thousand pounds a ???? to each? of my Dear? Daughter Also principal to be paid at their ???? age of twenty one? or Marriage if such Marriage is with the consent of their Brother or Guardian for the time being Also Interest to be applied for their ???? by their? brother in ?? ??? or such as may be necessary for that purpose and any Surplus to ??? accumulate and be paid with the principal and if ????of my said daughter be before twenty one or Marriage as aforesaid ??? ??? ??? ?? the Sum of ffour hundred pounds part of the ???? of ?? Daughter so dying to the other? Surviving Daughter payable ?? ?? ?? ?? aforesaid and the other six hundred pounds is to fall into and be ???? as part of the ????? of my Estate I give all my ffreehold Estates in Drury Lane? and ???? Street in ????[Middlesex?] and my copyhold Estate at ???? in ??/[Middlesex?] unto my Dear Son Charles Kemp his ??? and Assigns for ?? Suubject to the Annuity during her brother’s life and it is my will and the? devises? aforesaid are expressly upon the condition that they are severally ??? ?? and in full satisfaction of what my wife or any of my Children might or any Marriage for S??? ffifty pounds a year ?? my wife and and the issue of the Marriage and full discharge thereof and in ??? of any ??? or ?? ??? or ?? which my wife might ???? ??? out of my ffreehold or copyhold Estates or others? and in case my said Son dies before twenty one then I give all my said Estates free and copyhold to my Daughter their Issue and Assyns for ??? Suubjest to the Annuity aforesaid and to an additional Annuity of Ten Pounds out of such Estates from the Death of my Son so aforesaid to my Wife for her life payable quarterly as ??? in Common and not as ???? ???? and in case of ??? of my said Daughters ??? beforee Twenty one ?// I give the whole of such estates to the Survivor and ??/ Issue and if both die before twenty one ??? I give such Estates aforesaid to my wife her Issue? and Assyngns for ??? I give all my Books and Manuscripts to my Son. I give the use of my Household Goods and Plate to my Wife during her life and all the ?? residue and the ???? of my personal Estate and my ffurniture and Plate after the death of my wife (except only as to the furniture after ???) I give and bequeath unto my Dear Son Charles Kemp for his own use ?? Executors and Administrators and Constitute ??? Residuary? ???? of this my Will In case my Wife shall be desirous to give to her Daughters any part of the ffurniture or Plate or ???? I so empower her to do so as that ??? ??? I give to Sir Owen Booksoller? Temple Bar Sir Solm? Brown Stock Brocker? and Sir John ??? of Chancery Law? ffive pounds ffive shillings each and I so hereby appoint my wife Sole Executrix of this my last Will and Testament and I so
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