NameDorothy Flora JOHNSTON
Birth12 Oct 1895
Birth14 May 1887, Hampton Charles, Herefordshire
Death13 May 1967
FatherCharles Frederick DEAKIN (1853-1935)
MotherMary Louisa WEBSTER (1854-1948)
MarriageJun 1925
No Children
Notes for George Francis (Spouse 1)
In the July to September 1887 birth index, George Francis Deakin, Bromyard district, Hereford, volume 6a page 533.

In the 1891 census “The Birches”, Hampton Charles, parish of Thornbury, registration district Bromyard, Herefordshire.
Head Charles F. Deakin, age 36, farmer, employer, born Tettenhall, Staffordshire.
Wife Mary L. Deakin, age 35, born Baglay, Salop.
Son Robert F. Deakin, age 9, born Lugwardine, Hereford.
Son Charles K. Deakin, age 8, born St. Devereux, Hereford.
Son Guy B. Deakin, age 8, born St. Devereux.
Daughter Mary W. Deakin, age 6, born St. Devereux.
Daughter Elsie Deakin, age 5, born St. Devereux.
Son George F. Deakin, age 3, born Hampton Charles, Hereford.
Son Bickerton A. Deakin, age 1, born Hampton Charles.
Daughter Dorothy V. Deakin, age 10 months, born Hampton Charles.
Brother George R. Deakin, single, age 25, rancher, employer, born Tettenhall.
Visitor Francis D. Collins, age 6, born Huntington, Hereford.
3 servants including an agricultural labourer and 2 domestic servants.

In the 1901 census civil parish Brewood, town of Light Ash and Lower Green, registration district Cannock sub district Brewood, Lower Green, The Woodlands.
Charles F. Deakin, head, age 47, married, retired farmer, Tettenhall Wood, Staffordshire. Son Charles K. Deakin, single, age 18, bank clerk, born St Devereaux, Hereford.
Son George B. Deakin, single, age 18, born St Devereaux, Hereford.
Son Bickerton A, Deakin, age 10 born Hampton, Hereford.
Son Reginald G. Deakin, age 8, born Hampton, Hereford.
Visitor Muriel Collins, single, age 20, born Hampton hereford.
Servant Emily Bailey, single, age 20, housemaid, born Pershall, Staffordshire.

The following family members are listed in the Saskatchewan Homestead Index.

Name/Quarter/Section/Township/Range /Meridian
George Francis Deakin SW 27 31 16 W3 (could W3 be an error?)
Guy B. Deakin SE 22 31 16 W2
Guy Barton Deakin NE 21 31 16 W2
Robert Frederick Deakin SW 20 31 16 W2 (Soldier Grant)
Robert Frederick SE 28 31 16 W2

In the 1916 Canadian Census of Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta. District 6 Neepawa Township 15, Range 16 West of the 1st meridian. Rural Municipality of Rosedale, Manitoba.
Charles Fredrick Deakin, head, married, age 63, born England, Anglican, immigrated 1907, farmer, employer.
Wife Mary Luisa? Deakin, age 63, born England.
Son Robert F. Deakin, military overseas Camp Hughes, age 35, banker.
Son Charles Keeling Deakin, military overseas Camp Hughes, age 34, farm labourer.
Son George Francis Deakin, military overseas Camp Hughes, age 29, farm labourer.
Daughter Elsie Winifred Deakin age 30.
Son Bickerton Aston Deakin, age 25, farmer’s son.
Son Richanald? Grenfell? Deakin, age 23, farmer’s son.
Servant Frank Gordon Swales, age 27, single, born Ireland.
All of the Deakin children were single.

Interestingly George and Robert were listed twice in the 1916 Canadian Census of Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta. District 3 Humboldt Township 31 Range 16 West of the second meridian, Rural Municipality of Big Quill, Saskatchewan.
Head George Deakin, Camp Hughes, single, age 28, born England, Anglican, immigrated 1906 [I wonder why the different date], farmer.
Brother Robert Deakin, single, age 34, Camp Hughes, born England, Anglican, immigrated 1907, farmer.

Attestation Papers April 11, 1916 Wynyard, Saskatchewan
George Francis Deakin, Regimental Number 267793, 214th Overseas Battalion, Canadian Expeditionary Force
Neepawa, Manitoba
Born Herefordshire, Parish Orleton, England
Next of Kin, Charles Frederick Deakin, father, of Neepawa, Manitoba
Birthdate May 14, 1887
Trade, farmer
age 30 years, 11 months
height 5 feet 6 1/2 inches
Dark complexion, gray eyes, brown hair
Church of England
Was certified medically fit, but struck off ad medically unfit [date difficult to decipher but possibly December 24, 1916]

Probably listed as a passenger on the Duchess of Bedford (Canadian Pacific) departed Montreal arrived Liverpool December 6, 1933, George Deakin farmer, age 46, address in UK Meole Brace, Shrewsbury, Salop.
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