NameEmily HOWKINS , GG Aunt
Birth1847, Harrow, Middlesex, England17
Baptism29 Jan 1848, St Mary, Harrow, Middlesex
Death21 Feb 1932, Hampshire
FatherTheophilus HOWKINS (1801-1882)
MotherMarian GIBSON (1811-1893)
Birth12 Feb 1838, Bangalore, Madras Presidency, India
Death8 Apr 1924, Hampshire
FatherGeorge James WALKER (1812-1886)
MotherAnna CORRIE (~1816-1891)
Marriage27 Jan 1880, West Teignmouth, Devon
No Children
Notes for Emily HOWKINS
There is an Emily Howkins listed in the October to December 1847 birth index for Hendon volume 3 page 2?15

Parish Records St Mary Harrow, Middlesex
Emily Howkins baptized January 29 1848, Parents Theophilus and Marian Howkins, father occupation is gentleman, abode is Sudbury.

In the 1851 census Arnewood Lodge, Downton District, Parish of Hordle, Hampshire.
Wife Marian Howkins, age 39, landed proprietor and fund holder wife, born on the high seas.
Son Edward Howkins, unmarried, age 17, scholar at home, born Clapham, Surrey.
Daughter Marian S. Howkins, age 13, scholar at home, born Warwick, Warwickshire.
Daughter Amy E. Howkins, age 10, scholar at home, born Harbury, Warwickshire.
Daughter Ada A. Howkins, age 8, scholar at home, born, Harbury.
Son Agusta [as spelled] F. Howkins, age 7, scholar at home, born Harbury.
Daughter Anne G. Howkins, age 5, scholar at home, born Harbury.
Daughter Emily Howkins, age 3, scholar at home, born Harrow, Middlesex.
The 7 servants occupations are listed as governess, housekeeper, nursery, cooke, housemaid, schoolroom maid and coach man.

In the 1871 census Somerset Lodge (Knowles) Newton Abbot, Devon, civil parish of Highweek. Head Theophilus Howkins, age 69, Gentleman, born Surrey.
Wife Marian Howkins, age 59, born on the sea.
Daughter Annie Gibson Henry Howkins, unmarried, age 25, born Harbury, Warwickshire.
Daughter Emily Howkins, age 22, born Harrow, Middlesex.
Grandson Horace Chas. Geo. Arthur Cappel, age 2, born Newton Burket, Devonshire.
Grandson Algernon Essex Cappel, age 1, born Tettenhall Wood, Staffordshire.
3 servants The previous address in the census was Leman Cottages and the address following was Knowles Castle.

Marriage listed in 1880 January to March marriage index volume 5b page 225 at Newton Abbot.

The Jan 29, 1880 edition of the Times states that the following.
On the 27th of Jan, at the parish church of West Teignmouth by the Revs H. Bladen Capel and K. A. Deakin and the Rev J. Metcalfe, Vicar, Daniel Corrie Walker, Major Royal Engineers to Emily, youngest daughter of Theophilus Hawkins [note the spelling] Esq. Stratbearn Teignmouth. [Rev Capell and and Deakin are brothers-in-law to Emily.]

In 1881 census they were living at 2 Abbey Crescent Torbay Road, Tormoham Parish, Torquay, Devon.
Daniel Corrie Walker age 43, Major Royal Engineers, born Bangalore, East Indies.
Emily Corrie Walker, age 31, born Harrow Middlesex.

The 1891 Census 2 Archcliffe Fort, Hougham, Dover, Kent.
Head Daniel Walker, age 53, Colonel of Staff Royal Engineers, born Madras Presidency, India.
Wife Emelie [as spelled] C. Walker, age 40, born Harrow on the Hill, Middlesex.
Mother in Law Marion Howkins, widow, age 79, b living on own means, born on board the E.I.C. Ship Carnatic at sea.
Niece of wife Mary K Capell, age 16, born India Madras Presidency.
5 servants. [The listing before living at 1 Archcliffe Fort Geoffrey Barton, Col. of Infantry. The listing after is a military prison.]

Archcliffe Fort on the Web

In the 1901 census they were staying at the Langham Hotel, St Marylebone, London as visitors.
Daniel Corrie Walker age 63, born at Bangladore, India, Colonel Retired Royal Engineers, means none independent.
Emily Walker is 53, born at Harrow on the Hill.

In the 1911 census South Western Hotel, Canute Road, Southampton, Hampshire, Southampton eastern district, St. Mary parish.
Visitor Daniel C. Walker, married, age 73, Colonel retired, born Bangalore India.
Emily Walker, married, age 63, born Harrow on the Hill.

In the March 1932 death index Emily Walker, age 84, Eastleigh district, Hampshire, volume 2c, page 163.

National Probate Calendar
Walker Emily of The Lodge West End Hampshire widow died 21 February 1932 Probate London to 9 April 1932 Dorothy Emily Deakin [her niece] spinster. Effects 6005 pounds 12 shillings 3 pence. Resworn 5978 pounds 13 shillings 4 pence.
Notes for Daniel Corrie (Spouse 1)
In the 1841 census Royal Hospital Chelsea, Middlesex.
George James Walker, age 25, independant, born Middlesex.
Anna Walker, age 20, not born in Middlesex.
Daniel C. Walker, age 3, not born in Middlesex.
As well as General Townsend Walker, age 75, his daughter, his daughter-in-law, grandchildren and servants.

In the 1851 census Bitton Street West Teignmouth civil parish, Teignmouth, Devon, Newton Abbot district.
George James Walker, head, age 38, Minister of the Gospel in the Chapel of Brethren Bitton St. Teignmouth, born Hampton Court, Middlesex.
Wife Anna Walker, age 34, born Colsterworth, Lincolnshire.
Son Daniel Corrie Walker, age 12, born Bangalore East Indies (British Subject).
Daughter Laura Caroline Walker, age 9, born Teignmouth, Devon.
Son Arthur George Walker, age 7, born Teignmouth.
Daughter Helen Mary Walker, age 4, born Teignmouth.
Daughter Florence Emily Walker, age 2, born Teignmouth.
Son Ernest Octavius Walker, age 8 months, born Teignmouth. 2 servants.

British Regimental Registers of Service
Daniel Corrie Walker of the Royal Engineers
Born Bangalore, Madras, February 12, 1838
Lieutenant, Royal Engineers, april 7, 1856, Cadet Company
Captain, Royal engineers, November 4, 1864
Major Royal Engineers, August 25, 1873
Lieutenant Colonel, Brevet, July 1, 1881
Lieutenant Colonel, Royal Engineers, December 31, 1881
Colonel, Army, July 1, 1885
Colonel, Army half pay, December 31, 1886 on completion of 5 years as Regimental Lieutenant Colonel

Served throughout the Rajputana Campaign 1858-9. Present at the capture of Fort Almah? and Kotah, February 1858, Major General Roberts in Chief command.

Mentioned in General orders by the Governor of Bermuda in 1865 for service during the epidemic of yellow fever. See London gazette May 9, 1865.

India Medal with clasp for Central India

Service at Home and Abroad
7 April 1856 to 31 May 1856, 55 days, on leave
1 June 1856 to 29 June 1857, 1 year 29 days, Chatham
30 June 1857 to 1 October 1857, 94 days, Aldershot
2 October 1857 to 6 May 1860, 2 years 217 days, India
7 May 1860 to 15 June 1860, 40 days, on leave
16 June 1860 to 6 January 1861, 205 days, Chatham
7 January 1861 to 28 October 1861, 295 days, Woolwich
29 October 1861 to 27 December 1861, 60 days, Chatham
28 December 1861 to 1 July 1866, 4 years 186 days, Bermuda
2 July 1866 to 7 September 1866, 68 days, on leave
8 September 1866 to 19 March 1869, 2 years 193 days, Pembroke
20 March 1869 to 11 August 1870, 1 year 145 days, Aldershot
12 August 1870 to 27 August 1870, 16 days, Chatham
28 August 1870 to 23 September 1870, 27 days, on leave
24 September 1870 to 14 October 1881, 11 years, 21 days, Bengal
15 October 1881 to 19 October 1881, leave
20 October 1881 to 30 December 1886, 5 years 72 days, Northern District
31 December 1886 to 30 December 1891, 5 years 0 days, South Eastern District CRE of Colonel on Staff
31 December 1891 to April 22 1892, no time recorded, unemployed
Service at Home 17 years 209 days, abroad 18 years 59 days, total service 35 years 268 days
Retired 23 April 1892 on retired pay of 450 pounds a year, with annuity of 150 pounds.

Married 27 January 1880, Teignmouth, Devon to Emily Howkins by Reverend J. Metcalf, Church of England, St. James West Teignmouth

Next of Kin George James Walker Esquire, father, Devon county, West Teignmouth parish, town of Teignmouth, Bitton Street, Brooke Hill House
End of Register
[Thus he returned from Bengal in 1880 to get married. I wonder if his new wife returned with him?]

In 1864 Daniel Corrie Walker was a Captain in the Royal Engineers and stationed in Bermuda alias Somers Islands. He along others was appointed commissioner to inquire into the epidemic fever (yellow Fever)

1873 Indian Army & Civil Service List 1873 Executive Engineers 3rd grade Captain D. C. Walker R. Eng. 15 Aug 1872, Rawul Pindee.
1873 Army List Major D. C. Walker Royal Engineers 25 August.
1878 Army List Major Dan. Corrie Walker 25 August, 1873
1888 Army List Colonel D. C. Walker h.p. Royal Engineers, 31 December 1886. (South East District, headquarters Dover)

Harts Army List 1888 - War Services of the Royal Engineers. Colonel D.C. Walker served with the Rajpootana Field Force in 1857-59 and was present at the capture of Fort Awah and the siege of Kotah (Medal with Clasp). (This was during the Sepoy Rebellion, presumably the medal was the India Mutiny Medal. He served with the 11th Company of the Royal Engineers at this time.)

Harts Army List 1888 - Corps of the Royal Engineers , Colonels on the half pay list . Lieut. 7 April, 1856, Captain Nov. 4, 1864, Major 25 Aug, 1873, Brevet Lt. Col. 1 July, 1881, Lt. Col. #1 Dec., 1881, Brevet Col., 1 Jul 1885

Daniel Corrie Walker. Regimental Ranks: Lieutenant, 7-4-1856; 2nd Captain, 4-11-1864; Captain, 5-7-1872; Major, 25-8-1873; Lieutenant Colonel, 13-12-1881. Army Ranks: Lieutenant Colonel, 1-7-1881; Colonel, 1-7-1885. War Service: Indian Mutiny, 1858-9. Retired: 23-4-1892.

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In the April to June 1924 death index Daniel C. Walker, age 86, South Stoneham registration district, Hampshire, volume 2c, page 87.

National Probate Calendar
Walker Daniel Corrie of The Lodge West End Hampshire died 8 April 1924 Probate London 7 June 1924 to Emily Walker widow. Effects 1336 pounds 4 shillings
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