NameIsabella LEAKE , GGGG Aunt
Birthabt 1799, Tiverton, Devon
Death18 Apr 1899, Worcestershire, England
Birthabt 1807, Birmingham, Warwickshire
Death20 Mar 1889, Edgbaston, Warwick, England
Notes for Isabella LEAKE
In the July to September 1854 marriage index Isabella Leake and John Millward, West Bromwich district, volume 6b, page 751.

In the 1861 census Firs, Wellington Road, Edgbaston, Warwickshire.
Head John Millward, age 54, Manufacturer of Weighing Machines, born Birmingham.
Wife Isabella Millward, age 55, born Devonshire.
Daughter Ann Eliza Millward, age 19, unmarried, born Birmingham.
Son William Millward, age 17, born Birmingham.
Daughter Ellen Louisa Millward, age 16, born Birmingham.
Daughter Caroline Millward, age 15, born Birmingham.
Son Edwin Millward, age 14, born Birmingham.
2 servants.

In the 1871 census The Firs, Wellington Road, Edgbaston, Warwickshire.
Head John Millward, age 64, scalebeam manufacturer, born Birmingham Warwickshire.
Wife Isabella Millward, age 70, born Tiverton, Devonshire.
2 servants.

In the 1881 census 43 Wellington Road, Edgbaston, Warwickshire.
Head John Milward, age 74, Scale Beam & Weighing Machine Manufacturer Employing 63 men 21 boys and 3 women.
Wife Isabella Milward, age 82, born Tiverton Devon.
Daughter Caroline Milward, age 34, unmarried, born Birmingham Warwickshire.
Lodger Martha L [or S] Leake, age 85, Annuitant, born Tiverton Devon.
2 servants.

In the 1891 census 43 Wellington Road Edgbaston, Warwickshire.
Head Isabella Millward, widow, age 92, living on own means, born Tiverton Devon.
Step Daughter Caroline Millward, age 45, living on own means, born Birmingham, Warwickshire.
2 servants.

In the April to June 1899 death index Isabella Millward, age 100, Kings Norton district, volume 6c, page 253.

National Probate Calendar
Isabella Millward of the “Firs” Wellington-road Edgbaston Birmingham widow died 18 April 1899 Probate Birmingham 30 May 1899 to Caroline Haywood Millward spinster and Quintis Charles Colmore solicitor. Effects 1249 pounds
Notes for John (Spouse 1)
In the 1841 census Bath Row, St. Thomas parish, Birmingham, Warwickshire. Mary Haywood, age 70, fish reel maker, born in Warwickshire.
John Millward, age 30, clark, born in Warwickshire.
Mary Millward, age 30, born in Warwickshire.
George Millward, age 5, born in Warwickshire.
Mary Millward, age 1, born in Warwickshire.
1 servant.

In the 1851 census 137 Bath Row, Birmingham, Warwickshire.
Head John Millward, widower, age 44, weighing machine maker, born Birmingham, Warwickshire.
Son George H. Millward, age 19, unmarried, fishing reel maker, born Birmingham.
Daughter Mary H. Millward, age 16, scholar, born Birmingham.
Son William H. Millward, age 7, scholar, born Birmingham.
2 servants

National Probate Calendar
May 9 1889. The Will with a Codicil of John Millward late of the Firs Wellington-road Edgbaston in the County of Warwick Scale Beam Manufacturer who died 20 March 1889 at the Firs was proved at Birmingham by Caroline Haywood Millward of the Firs Spinster the Daughter Frederick Augustus Homer of Sedgley in the County of Stafford Gentleman and Quintus Charles Colmore of Birmingham in the County of Warwick Solicitor the Executors. Resworn a second time November 1889 25,926 pounds 9 shillings and 6 pence.
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