NameGeorge SIMPSON
Birth3 Oct 1860, Park Head, Kirkoswald, Penrith, Cumberland
Baptism17 Oct 1860
Death12 Nov 1910, Earl Gray, Saskatchewan, Canada
OccupationSteel Worker, Farmer
FatherRichard SIMPSON (1821-1894)
MotherMary BELLAS (1828-1915)
Birthabt 1859, Penrith, Cumberland
ChildrenThomas William (1883-)
 Mary Elizabeth (~1884-)
 Sarah Annie (~1886-1958)
 John (~1888-1952)
 Joseph Bellas (1890-1975)
 Richard (~1894-)
 Agnes (1897-1995)
Notes for George SIMPSON
George Simpson listed in the 1860 October to December birth index, Penrith, Cumbria, Cumberland, volume 10b, page 339.

The IGI lists a christening October 17, 1860, Kirkoswald, Cumberland, George Simpson, born October 3, 1860, father Richard Simpson, mother Mary.

In the 1861 census living at Parkhead, Kirkoswald, Cumberland. Registration District Penrith, sub registration district Kirkoswald.
Head, Richard Simpson,age 39, farmer of 72 acres employing 1 man, born at Longmartin [Long Marton], Westmorland.
Wife, Mary, age 32, farmer’s wife, Longmartin, Westmorland.
Son John Simpson, age 7, farmer’s son, born at Longmartin.
Son Thomas William Simpson age 4, born at Kirkoswald, Cumberland.
Son Joseph Simpson age 2, born at Kirkoswald, Cumberland.
Son George Simpson, age 6 months, born at Kirkoswald, Cumberland.
Brother Edward Simpson, age 48, Carter (Ag. Labourer), born at Longmartin.
Niece Mary Swage?, age 18, dairy maid, born at Longmartin.

In the 1871 census living at Glendowling, civil parish of Bridge and Yanwath, ecclesiastical parish Carlisle, town of Yanwath, Westmorland, registration district West Ward, sub registration district Lowther.
Head Richard Simpson, age 49, farmer of 73 acres, born at Long Marton, Westmorland.
Wife Mary Simpson age 42, born at Long Marton. Son John Simpson, age 17, works on the farm.
Son Thomas William Simpson, age 14, born at Kirkoswald.
Son Joseph Simpson, born at Kirkoswald.
Son George Simpson age 10, born at Kirkoswald.
Son Richard B. Simpson age 4, born at Kirkoswald.
Mother in Law Mary Bellas, widow, age 74, Landowners?, born at Bongate?, Westmoreland.
and 1 servant.

In the 1881 census living at Glendowling, Civil parish of Yanwath and Eamont Bridge, Westmorland, registration district West Ward, sub registration district Lowther.
Head Richard Simpson, age 59, farmer of 80 acres, born at Longmartin, Westmorland.
Wife Mary age 52, born at Longmartin.
Son Thomas age 24, farmers son, born at Kirkoswald.
Son George Simpson age 20, farmers son, born at Kirkoswald.
Son Richard B. Simpson age 14, farmers son, born at Kirkoswald.
1 servant.

In the April to June 1882 marriage index George Simpson and Mary Slack are on the same page, West Ward, Westmorland, volume 10b, page 1025.

In the 1891 census living at 11 Isley? Place, Workington.
Head, George Simpson age 30, born at Cumberland England, steelworks labourer.
Wife, Mary Simpson age 32, born at Penrith.
Children Thomas W. Simpson age 8, born at Barton Northumberland,
Mary E. Simpson age 7, born at Barton Northumberland,
Sarah A. Simpson age 4 born at Barton Northumberland,
John Simpson age 2 born at Barton Northumberland and
Joseph Simpson age 5 months, born at Workington.

In 1901 census living at 22 Church Lane, Workington, Cumberland.
George Simpson age 40 labourman (steelworker), born at Park Head, Cumberland.
Wife, Mary Simpson age 42, born at Penrith, Cumberland.
Children Thomas Simpson age 18 born at Burton, Westmorland, labourman (steelworker),
Sarah Simpson age 14 born at Burton, Westmorland,
Richard Simpson age 6 born at Workington, Cumberland and
Agnes Simpson age 3 Workington, Cumberland.

[Note Park Head, seems to be Parkhead between Kirkoswald and Renwick, Penrith, Cumbria]

Emigrated to Canada from England in the late summer of 1908. Filed on a quarter west of his son John’s farm. He built a sod shack. NW Section 36 Township 28 Range 21 W3

Killed in a farm accident in 1910 near Earl Gray.

Saskatchewan Vital Statistics
Death November 12, 1910, George Simpson.

Died intestate, probate records mention he died at Regina.
Notes for Mary (Spouse 1)
In the April to June 1856 birth index Mary Slack, Penrith district, Cumberland, volume 10b, page 326.

A possible entry in the 1861 census which disagrees with the next in the 1871 census.
Mary Slack age 5 born at Penrith, Cumberland.
Father Joseph Slack age 38,born at Mungrisdale, Cumberland, blacksmith (Jour).
Mother Elizabeth Slack age 42.
Other children Thomas Slack age 15, born at Penrith, App. Cabinet Maker,
Elizabeth Slack age 11, born at Penrith.
The family was living at Sandgate (North), Penrith

A possible entry in the 1871 census [This entry is now ruled out. This Mary Slack is still living with her parents in the 1891 census, when our Mary Slack is living with her husband.]
Mary Slack age 14 born at Greystoke, Penrith, Cumberland, living at Town Head, Greystoke, Penrith, Cumberland.
Her father John Slack age 44, born at Greystoke, Blacksmith.
Mother Elizabeth Slack, age 46, born at Greystoke, blacksmith’s wife.
Other children Annie age 11 and
Tom age 8 both born at Greystoke.
There was also an apprentice James Tweedle age 17, born in Scotland.

In the 1881 census Mary Slack was living at Yanwath Yeat, Yanwath and Eamont Parish, Westmorland, age 23, born at Penrith, Cumberland, her occupation was servant.
She was living at the home of Charles Binyon age 41, farmer and Phebe Ann Binyon age 43. Others were visitor Annie Chapman, widow age 68 and servants Joseph and John Hutton age 18 and 15. [Note this is only 3 pages away from where her future husband is listed in the same census.]

This is a possible match in the 1911 census Mary Simpson, servant, age 52, widow, housekeeper, born Penrith, Cumberland. The address is Jameson Yard, Southend Road, Penrith, Cumberland.
The head of the household is John Brown, age 49, married, carter. He has 4 children ages 3 to 12.

Mary Simpson mentioned in her husband’s probate records as living 13 Kirkgate, Cockermouth, Cumberland on December 29, 1913.
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