NameSusannah COATES
Birth1889, West Hartlepool, Durham, England
FatherRichard COATES (~1854-1915)
MotherSusannah GARVEY (~1855-1938)
Birthabt 1888, Burton, Westmorland
OccupationCook, Farmer, Driller, Telephone Repair
FatherGeorge SIMPSON (1860-1910)
MotherMary SLACK (~1859-)
ChildrenJohn Douglas (1916-2007)
 Muriel Elizabeth (1918-2003)
 Richard (Dick) (1920-2009)
 Grace (1926-2000)
Notes for Susannah COATES
She was known as Maisie.

Susannah Coates listed in the 1889, October to December birth index, Hartlepool, Durham. volume 10a, page 134

In the 1901 census living at 13 Albion St. Civil parish West Hartlepool, eccelstiastical parish Christchurch. Head Richard Coates, age 47, Raft labourer (dock), born Sunderland, Durham. Wife Susanna age 44, born Newcastle Northumberland? Son, Richard Coates age 20, apprentice ship plater, born Hartlepool. Daughter Alice age 17, paper sorter?, born Hartlepool. Daughter Jennie age 13, born Hartlepool. Daughter Susannah, age 11, born Hartlepool. Daughter Elizabeth age 9, born Hartlepool. Son Jno. age 4, born Hartlepool. Boarder Robt. Farley.

In the 1911 census at 12 Albion Street, West Hartlepool, Durham. Head Richard Coates, married 37 years, age 57, dock labourer, born Newcastle, Northumberland. Wife Susannah Coates, age 55, born Sunderland, Durham. daughter Elizabeth Coates, single, age 19, paper sorter, born West Hartlepool, Durham. Daughter Susannah Coates, age 21, paper sorter, born West Hartlepool.

Robert Auckland mentions in his Ocean Arrivals form in 1920 his Sister in Law ? Simpson as living at Box 6 Netherhill, Saskatewan.

Emigrated to Canada as a young girl and went to work for the Haggerty family at Sintaluta, Saskatchewan. Then she came to Netherhill with the Bill Dand family.

Died in the fall of 1947 at the age of 59.
Notes for John (Spouse 1)
In the 1891 census living at 11 Isley? Place, Workington.
Head, George Simpson age 30, born at Cumberland England, steelworks labourer.
Wife, Mary Simpson age 32, born at Penrith.
Children Thomas W. Simpson age 8, born at Barton Northumberland,
Mary E. Simpson age 7, born at Barton Northumberland,
Sarah A. Simpson age 4 born at Barton Northumberland,
John Simpson age 2 born at Barton Northumberland and
Joseph Simpson age 5 months, born at Workington.

In the 1901 census Cumberland County Industrial School, Cockermouth registration district, All Saints ecclesiastical parish, Cumberland England.
John Simpson, scholar, age 12, Baker & Cook, Breadmaker, born Workington, Cumberland.
Joseph Simpson, scholar, age 10, Baker & Cook, Breadmaker, born Workington, Cumberland.
[Other occupations listed for the scholars were tailor, shoemaker, gardener, stoker, page boy, laundry boy, stocking maker or darner, cleaner employed at institution and too young to work. The teachers were listed as officers.]

John Simpson mentioned in his father’s probate records as living at Netherhill, occupation farmer on March 19, 1914.

In the 1916 Canadian Census of Manitoba, Sask, and Alberta. District 19 Kindersley, sub district 12B, Township 28 Range 21, west of the 3rd meridian, Municipality of Snipe Lake.
Head John Simpson, married, age 27, born England, Presbyterian, immigrated 1906, farmer, employer.
Wife Susie Simpson, age 25, born England, immigrated 1912.
Son John Douglas Simpson, age 1 month born Sask.
Sister Sarah A, Simpson, single age 28, immigrated 1912 servant on farm.
Nephew George Simpson, age 4, born England, Anglican immigrated 1912.
Labourer Thomas Fleming age 36, born England, Methodist, immigrated 1907, servant on farm.

In the 1921 Canadian Census Section 36 Township 28, Range 21 West of the 3rd meridian, Hillsborough municipality, Kindersley district, Saskatchewan.
Head John Simpson, age 34, born in England, parents born in England, immigrated in 1906, Canadian nationality, farmer, Anglican.
Wife Susie Simpson, age 31, born England, parents born England, immigrated 1913.
Son John Simpson, age 5, born Saskatchewan.
Daughter M. Elizabeth Simpson, age 3, born Saskatchewan.
Son Richard Simpson, age 1, born Saskatchewan.
House help Robert Auckland, single, age 28, immigrated 1920, born England, parents born England, farm labourer.

A Cummins Map dated 1930 shows J Simpson with 2 quarters, NE and SE quarters of Section 13 a mile east of Netherhill

Learned the trade of cook while at industrial school where he was sent due to his truancy.

Emigrated from England to Canada in 1906. He filed on the N.E. quarter of 36-28-21 West of of the 3rd in the spring of 1908 in the Netherhill, Saskatchewan area.

In the early twenty’s took a course for telephone repair in Regina then did trouble work on the Netherhill rural telephone line for several years.

He was an avid curler. He took an active part in the ice making at the Netherhill Curling Rink. Later was ice maker at the Granite Club in Saskatoon.

He took a course in taxidermy by correspondence and mounted many of his kills. He also ran a still as a hobby.

Did custom threshing. In 1924 did a months threshing in Climax, Sask. then went to California to visit his brother Joe. while there got a job installing Street Lights on Sunset Boulevard. Also ran a still there.

Bought his first well driller in 1925. Prior to this he had also dug wells.

Quit farming in 1937.

Worked for the P.F.R.A. starting in 1939

Moved to Saskatoon in 1942. Also had a cabin at Waskesieu.

Drowned in a boating accident in June 1952 at the age of 64.
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