NameAmy Elizabeth HOWKINS , GG Aunt
Birth4 Apr 1840, Harbury, Warwickshire, England
Baptism29 May 1840, Harbury, Warwickshire, England
Death29 Apr 1891, Virginia, USA
FatherTheophilus HOWKINS (1801-1882)
MotherMarian GIBSON (1811-1893)
Birth25 Dec 1840, East Indies
Baptism20 Mar 1842, Dinapore, Bengal, India
Death28 Jan 1907, Longueville par Granville, Manche, France
FatherGeorge DEARE (-1870)
ChildrenGeorge Philip (~1869-1946)
 Henry John (~1875-)
 Charles Russell (1879-1948)
 William Trench (1880-1956)
Notes for Amy Elizabeth HOWKINS
The Observer, April 12, 1840, London
Of Daughters
4th, at Harbury, Warwickshire, the lady of Theophilus Howkins, Esq.

The IGI lists Amy Elizabeth Howkins, christened May 29 1840 Harbury, Warwick, father Theophilus Howkins, gentleman, mother Mary Ann.

In the 1841 census they are listed as
Theophilus Howkins age 35, living on his own means,
Marianne Howkins age 30,
Henry Howkins age 4,
Marianne S. Howkins age 3, ?
Elizabeth Howkins
age 1 Living in North Lane, Harbury, Warwick.
Also in the household were
Anne Gibson age 60 Marian’s mother living on her own means and
4 servants. (in the 1841 census ages were rounded to 5 years for adults). They were living on North Lane, Harbury, civil parish, Knightlow (Kenilworth Division) hundred, Warwickshire, England. The registration district was Southam. There are 2 other Howkins families in Harbury. They are John Howkins and William Howkins both Agricultural labourers, age about 25 and their families.

In the 1851 census Arnewood Lodge, Downton District, Parish of Hordle, Hampshire.
Wife Marian Howkins, age 39, landed proprietor and fund holder wife, born on the high seas.
Son Edward Howkins, unmarried, age 17, scholar at home, born Clapham, Surrey.
Daughter Marian S. Howkins, age 13, scholar at home, born Warwick, Warwickshire.
Daughter Amy E. Howkins, age 10, scholar at home, born Harbury, Warwickshire.
Daughter Ada A. Howkins, age 8, scholar at home, born, Harbury.
Son Agusta [as spelled] F. Howkins, age 7, scholar at home, born Harbury.
Daughter Anne G. Howkins, age 5, scholar at home, born Harbury.
Daughter Emily Howkins, age 3, scholar at home, born Harrow, Middlesex.
The 7 servants occupations are listed as governess, housekeeper, nursery, cooke, housemaid, schoolroom maid and coach man.
In the 1866 marriage index April to June an Amy E. Howkins, Newton Abbott, Devon volume 5b page 211. The males on the same page are Edwin Curry and George B. Deare.

In the 1881 census civil parish of Great Yarmouth, Norfolk 69 Nelson Road N.
George B. Deare, age 40, Deputy Commissary Officer [Army] born East Indies.
Wife Amy E. Deare age 40, born Harbury Warwick.
Son Philip Deare age 12 born Demerara, Antigua [Demerara is actually a region of Guyana, South America. Antigua is an island about 750 miles NNW of Georgetown, Guyana].
Son Henry J. Deare age 6 born Barbados. S
on Charles R. Deare age 1 born Yarmouth, Norfolk.
Son William Deare age 4 months born Yarmouth Norfolk. Servant Emma Ellis.

National Probate Calendar
Amy Elizabeth Deare of Yancy’s Mill Albermarle Virginia United States of America (wife of George Beresford Deare) died 29 April 1891 Administration (Limited) London 23 January 1894 to Daniel Corrie Walker colonel in the Royal Engineers the attorney of the said George Beresford Deare Effects 1712 pounds This grant has ceased Another grant December 1894 and

Deare Amy Elizabeth of Yancey’s Mill Albemarle Virginia (wife of George Beresford Deare) died 29 April 1891 Administration 13 December 1894 to the said George Beresford Deare gentleman Effects 1828 pounds 8 shillings 5 pence. Former grant 1894.

From Amy Roderick
I just recently found some old piano music books that I slugged home after my mother died and some old bibles that she had gotten from my grandmother years ago after she died, and I got those things out and lo & behold the piano books belonged to Amy E. Howkins. The sheet music had been bound and hard covered and in some of the upper corners, her name, date, and teacher signature, are presumed those are the lesson completed and learned. They are beautiful books, with each type of category has print art and dedications for the time, the dates range from 1851-1866. There is one bible that was hers, and given to her by "papa & her three sisters on her birthday" dated Apr. 4th 1866....That is how I got her birth date, although in 1866 is when she married George B. Deare. The two piano books are just beautiful the art work is Devine...I just had not ever really looked closely before. in Amy's bible on page margin, was the word Barbados,& dates listed as years there; 1867,68,70,73,75,76,77.
Notes for George Beresford (Spouse 1)
India Select Births and Baptisms
George Beresford Deare, born December 25, 1840, baptism March 20, 1842 at Dinapore, Bengal, India, father George Deare, mother Elizabeth Kemp.

A possible listing in the United Service Magazine January 1858
Half-Yearly Public Examinations at Sandhurst, near Farnborough, Hants.
The usual half-yearly public examinations at the Royal Military College were held on the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th of December ...
Prizes awarded as follows
French - Senior Class - Gentleman Cadet George B. Deare

In the 1861 census, Stoke Damerel civil parish, Devonport, Devon, St. Aubyn sub district, Raglan Barracks, 53rd Regiment.
G. B. Deare, unmarried, age 19, Ensign 53rd Reg’t, born East Indies.

Colburn’s United Service Magazine etc.
War Office January 9, 1862
33rd Foot Lieutenant George Beresford Deare, from the 53rd Foot, to be Lieutenant, vice Charles Francis Mundy, who exchanges.

United Service Magazine
The Army Gazette, June 14, 1864
33rd Foot Ens. Craven Chas. Goring to be Lieut., by purchase, vice George Beresford Deare, who retires.

London Gazette Jul 7, 1865
West Suffolk Regiment of Militia
Lieutenant George Beresford Deare to be Captain, vice the Marquis of Bristol, promoted. Dated 6th June, 1865.

The London Gazette December 15, 1865
Her Majesty has been graciously pleased to accept the resignation of of the Commission held by Captain George Beresford Deare in the West Suffolk Regiment of Militia. Dated 9th December, 1865.

Hart’s New Army List 1866
4th West India Regt.
G. B. Deare, ensign by purchase vice Biron 21 November 1865
[United service magazine says George Beresford Deare]

The Edinburgh Gazette, November 2, 1866
4th West India Regiment
Ensign George Beresford Deare to be Lieutenant, without purchase, vice John james Osborne, deceased. Dated 30 August 1866
[There were 5 promotions, 1 to replace someone killed in action and 2 to replace someone deceased.]

London Gazette 1867
Lieutenant George Beresford Deare from the 4th West India Regiment, Acting Deputy-Assistant Commissary-General, to be Deputy-Assistant Commissary-General. Dated 25th August 1867.

National Archives
Cause number: 1868 S45. Short title: Soutten v Soutten. Documents: Bill only. Plaintiffs: Mary Soutten (wife of defendant Benjamin Soutten) by Charles Clifton Neilson her next friend. Defendants: Benjamin Soutten, Daniel Boys, George Beresford Deare (abroad) and Thomas Hayward Budd.

The New Army List 1873
Control Department Deputy Commissaries, ranking with Captains
George Beresford Deare. first commission rank 25 February 1867, present rank 12 February 1870, station Barbados

Former Commissioned Rank Deputy Assistant Commissary General,
Army List Advertiser 1874
Deputy Commissaries, ranking with Captains
Supernumerary till absorbed retaining the Pay and Privileges of the Rank they held under Former Warrants
pr. G. B. Deare. (rel. rk. 25 Aug [18]67 12 Feb. 70 Barbados

In the Monthly Official Directory of the Aldershot Division March, April, May and other months volumes 1878
Army Service Corps.
Supply Companies
(Orderly Room X Lines S.C. [South Camp])
E Company
Dep.-Com G. B. Deare
[On the same page is a description of the Supply Branch - Provisions, Forage, Fuel and Light, Palliasse Straw, Hospital and Prison Diets. Claims for Allowances in lieu of Fuel, Light Etc. and Gas in Barracks.]

The United Service Magazine
Promotions and Appointments March 1879
Commissariat and Transport Department
Deputy Com. G. B. Deare has been placed on retired pay, on reorganization of the Department, Feb. 10, 1879.

London Gazette, April 22. 1881
Commissariat and Transport Department
Deputy Commissary George Beresford Deare has been permitted to commute his retired pay. Dated 1st April, 1881

In the October to December 1896 marriage index is George Beresford Deare and Marian Codd Empson [a match with the probate] or Bessie Pullen, Southampton district, Hampshire, volume 2c, page 92.

National Probate Calendar
Deare George Beresford of Longueville-par-Granville Manche France died 28 January 1907 Administration (with Will) (Limited) London 22 April 1907 to William Carey Morgan solicitor the attorney of Marian Deare Effects 636 pounds 2 shillings 1 pence.

From Elizabeth Kerchner
George Deare did marry again after Amy's death. Another story is they moved back to England, more specifically, The Isle of White. in their late years.
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