Birth30 Apr 1862, Hoxton, Middlesex
Death18 Dec 1934
FatherCharles Frederick MAGRATH (~1822-1899)
MotherMary Ann SWAIN (~1827-)
Birth12 Dec 1860, Hounslow, Middlesex, England
Baptism20 Jun 1862, Hounslow, Middlesex, England
Death26 Aug 1926
OccupationMusician, Messenger Ministry Of Pensions
FatherHenry SYMONDSON (SIMMONDS) (1832-1911)
MotherBarbara MILLS (1839-1924)
Marriage26 Sep 1883, St. Stephen, Hounslow, Middlesex
ChildrenRuby Clare (~1887-1926)
 Gladys Ivy (1889-1972)
 Charles Henry (1890-1973)
 Barbara Amy (1891-1977)
 Percy John (1892-1978)
 Norah Violet (1894-1971)
 Henry Francis (1897-1974)
 Ernest Arthur Patrick (1899-1960)
 Sidney Albert Edward (1901-1986)
 Ethel Marie (~1904-)
Notes for Amy MAGRATH
death date from Lacey Family Tree at

Birth certificate states
Shoreditch district, Saint Leonard sub district, Middlesex
30 April 1862, 4 St. John Row, Amy, girl, father Charles Frederick Magrath, occupation Watch Maker Master, 4 St. John Row, Hoxton, registered 10 June 1862

In the 1871 census 64 Hoxton? Lane?, St. Leonard, Shoreditch, London.
Head Charles F. Magrath, age 49, watch manufacturer, born Shoreditch.
Wife Mary A. Magrath, age 44, born St. Luke’s.
Daughter Alice Magrath, age 15, born Shoreditch.
Daughter Clara Magrath, age 13, scholar, born Shoreditch.
Daughter Amy Magrath, age 2, scholar, born Shoreditch.
Son Percy Magrath, age 5, scholar, born Shoreditch.

In the 1881 census 4 Park Villas, Isleworth, Middlesex.
Charles F. Magrath, head, age 59, watch manufacturer, born Shoreditch, Middlesex.
Wife Mary Ann Magrath, age 54, born Shoreditch.
Son Percy C. Magrath, age 15, born Shoreditch.
Daughter Clara Magrath, unmarried, age 23, born Shoreditch.
Daughter Amy Magrath, unmarried, age 18, born Shoreditch.

London England Electoral Registers 1934
City of Westminster
44 Cumberland Street
Mrs. Amy Symondson
Ernest Arthur Symondson
Norah Violet Symondson

Death Certificate Westminster South, Metropolitan Borough City of Westminster
Courtesy Anne Tillotson
Eighteenth of December 1934, 44 Cumberland Street S.W.1, Amy Symondson, female, 72 years, widow of Henry John Symondson musician, cause of death exhaustion and carcinoma of calcum, certified by Leigh Phillips M.R.C.S., informant C. H. Symondson, son, 30 Middle Way Watford, Hertfordshire, registered nineteenth December 1934.

In the October to December 1934 death index, Amy Symondson, age 72, Westminster district, London, volume 1a, page 492
Notes for Henry John (Spouse 1)
Musician Scots Guards.

In the birth index January to March 1861, Henry John Symondson Brentford District volume 3a page 39.

From IGI Birth Henry John Symondson Dec 12, 1860, Christening June 20 1862, Hounslow, Father Henry Symondson, mother Barbara.

Parish records St Paul, Hounslow, Henry John Symondson, born 12 December 1860, parents Henry and Barbara Symondson, abode Hounslow, father’s occupation Musician. The next record on the same day is the baptism of his first cousin Thomas Percy Messina Mills Hart.

His birth certificate reads Henry John Symondson, born 12 December 1860, Ordnance Road, Isleworth, boy, father Henry Symondson, mother Barbara Symondson formerly Mills, Band Sergeant in the 4th Middlesex Militia, registered 14 January 1861. Registration district Brentford, sub district Isleworth, Middlesex county.

In the 1861 census Henry Simmonds living at Militia Cottage, Isleworth civil parish, Brentford District, Hounslow, Middlesex age 28, born at St Pancras, Middlesex, occupation Staff Sgt Militia, Wife Barbara Simmonds age 22 born at Hounslow, Middlesex, son Henry John Simmonds age 4 months born at Hounslow.

In the 1871 census Henry Simmons living at 4 Militia Cottage, Isleworth civil parish, Brentford District, Holy Trinity parish, Hounslow, Middlesex age 38, born at St Pancras, Middlesex, occupation Staff Sgt. Midx Militia. wife Barbara Simmons, age 31 born Heston. Children Henry John Simmons age 10, Sydney Fred Simmons age 8, Alfred Stewart Simmons age 6 and Herbert George Simmons age 3.

In the 1881 census living at 25 Lion & Lamb Road Heston civil parish, Brentford District, Isleworth sub district. Henry Simmonds married age 48, born at St. Pancras, Middlesex, occupation Foreman and Clerk? to Brickmaker. Wife Barbara Simmonds age 40 born Hounslow, Middlesex. Children Sidney F. Simmonds, unmarried, age 18, born Hounslow, Middlesex, occupation pupil teacher. Alfred S. Simmonds, age 16, born Hounslow, Middlesex, occupation Musician P. Staff 4th Mx Militia. Herbert G. Simmonds age 12 born at born Hounslow, Middlesex. Marcella F. Simmonds age 7, born Hounslow, Middlesex. Louisa G. Simmonds age 5, born Hounslow, Middlesex. Amy B. Simmonds age 2, born Hounslow, Middlesex. Henry J. Simmonds, age 20, born Hounslow, Middlesex, Musician Scots Guards. [Lion and Lamb Road seems to be an extension or a part of High Street Brentford.]

A possible link in the 1881 census District No. 2 Shorncliffe Camp, Cheriton Kent. Henry Symondson, age 23, born London, private A. H. C. or A. S. C.

Military Records From Anne Tillotson
Henry John Simmonds
Islesworth, Hounslow, Middlesex
trade of Musician
served with the 4th Middlesex Militia
age 17 years 6 months
height 5 feet 7 inches, fresh complexion, blue eyes, brown hair,
Church of England

Reingagement Paper
Henry Simmonds alias Henry John Symondson
at present serving the Scots Guards
enlisted July 8, 1878 for 12 years
reingaging Scots Guards 7th March 1890
signed Henry Simmonds Musician

Military History Sheet
Home from 11/4/78 to 10/4/99, 21 years no days.
Next of Kin - wife Amy
Medals - Long Service and Good Conduct
Married to Amy Magrath Parish Church St. Stephens Hounslow, September 26 1883
Place of discharge London
Pension 1/6 per diem

Chelsea Pension Records
Chelsea Number 96540
Regiment E. Company Scots Guards
Musician Henry John Symondson Regimental number 15777
Service 21 years Malta 1 year 10 months, Egypt 3 months
Pension 18 pence
Character exemplary, 4 good conduct badges
address 44 Cumberland Street, Pimlico
Date of discharge July 10, 1899

In the July to September 1883 marriage index Henry John Symondson and Amy Magrath, Brentford volume 3a page 132.

Marriage certificate states the following
At the parish church St. Stephen, Hounslow, Middlesex September 26, 1883
Henry John Symondson, age 22, Bachelor, Musician, living at Ordnance Road, father Henry Symondson whose occupation is Manager of Brickfield.
Amy Magrath, age 21, spinster, no occupation given, residence 4 Park Villas, Isleworth,
father Charles Frederick Magrath, occupation Gentleman?.
Witnessed by Chas. Fred’k Magrath [father of the bride] and Clara Sharlotte Magrath [yes it is Sharlotte not Charlotte, don’t know her relationship to the bride]. Married after Banns, Henry Layton Will?, vicar

In the 1891 census at 44 Cumberland Street, St George Hanover Square London,
Henry John Simmonds married age 30 born at Hounslow, Middlesex, occupation Musician Scots Guards.
Wife Amy Simmonds age 28 born at St John’s Heston.
Children Ruby C age 4 born at St Geo. Han. Sq. London,
Gladys Ivy age 2 born at St Geo. Han. Sq. London.
Charles H. Simmonds age 1 born at St Geo. Han. Sq. London.
Cousin Frederick Hart age 17 born at St Geo. Han. Sq. London occupation Boy Printer.

In the 1901 census Henry J. Symondson living at 44 Cumberland Street civil parish St. George Hanover Square, ecclesiastical parish St Gabriel Warwick Square, London, England. Registration district St George Hanover Square, subregistration district Belgrave.
Henry J. Symondson age 40 born at Hounslow, Middlesex, musician.
Wife Amy Symondson age 38, born at Shoreditch, London.
Daughter Ruby C age 14, born at St Georges, London.
Daughter Gladys I age 12, born at St Georges, London.
Son Charles H. Symondson age 10, born at born at St Georges, London.
Daughter Barbara A. Symondson age 9, born at St Georges, London.
Son Percy J Symondson age 8, born at St Georges, London.
Daughter Norah V. Symondson age 6, born at St Georges, London.
Son Henry F. Symondson age 4, born at St Georges, London.
Son Earnest A. Symondson age 2, born at St Georges, London.

In the 1911 census St George district, Belgrave subdistrict, London, parish St. George, Hanover Square, 44 Cumberland Street.
Henry John Symondson, head, married, age 50, Army Pensioner musician, born Hounslow.
Wife Amy Symondson, married 27 years, age 48, 16 children born alive, 10 still living, born Shoreditch.
Daughter Ruby Clare Symondson, single, age 24, feather curler, born Pimlico.
Daughter Gladys Ivy Symondson, single, age 22, sewing machinist manttle?, born Pimlico.
Son Charles Henry Symondson, single, age 20, inland revenue, born Pimlico.
Daughter Barbara Amy Symondson, single, age 19, born Pimlico.
Son Percy John Symondson, single, age 18, billiard marker, born Pimlico.
Daughter Norah Violet Symondson, age 16, born Pimlico.
Son Henry Francis Symondson, age 14, school, born Pimlico.
Son Ernest Arthur age 12, school, born Pimlico.
Son Sidney Albert Symondson age 9, born Pimlico.
Daughter Ethel Marie, age 7, born Pimlico.
Their house had 7 rooms.

London Electoral Registers 1921
44 Cumberland Street, Westminster
Amy Symondson
Ernest Arthur Patrick Symondson
Henry Francis Symondson
Henry John Symondson
Percy John Symondson

Death dates from Lacey Family Tree at

Death Certificate St. George Hanover Square, Victoria sub district, County of London
Twenty sixth August 1926, 44 Cumberland Square, Pimlico, Henry John Symondson, male, 65 years, occupation Messenger Ministry of Pensions, [I can’t decipher the 2 causes of death], informant S.A.E. Symondson, son, 44 Cumberland Square, Pimlico, registered twenty sixth August 1926.
Courtesy Anne Tilotson

In the July to September 1926 death index, Henry J. Symondson, age 65, St George Hanover Square district, London, volume 1a, page 427.
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