NameThomas Alonzo FLEMING
BirthSep 1880, Leeds, Yorkshire, England
Death1 Mar 1969, Edmonton, Alberta
FatherCharles FLEMING (~1853-)
MotherSarah A. HARGREAVES (~1855-)
Birthabt 1886, Barton, Westmorland
Death21 Jul 1958, Edmonton, Alberta
FatherGeorge SIMPSON (1860-1910)
MotherMary SLACK (~1859-)
ChildrenGeorge (1911-)
 Thomas Eldon (1919-1992)
Notes for Thomas Alonzo FLEMING
Middle name from Wendy L. Hunter Herrick.

Death date and location from the Benjamin Family Tree at by Andy Benjamin.

In the July to September 1880 birth index Thomas Alonzo Fleming, Leeds, Yorkshire, volume 9b, page 468.

In the 1891 census No. 3 Arthur Street, North Leeds, Leeds, Yorkshire.
Head Charles Fleming, age 38, mattress maker, employed, born York, Yorkshire.
Wife Sarah A. Fleming, age 36, mattress finisher, employed, born Leeds.
Daughter Mary Fleming, age 13, scholar, born Leeds.
Son Thomas Fleming, age 10, scholar, born Leeds.
Daughter M. [as shown] Fleming, age 6, scholar, born Leeds.
Mother in Law Mary Hargreaves, widow, age 62, born Leeds.
Sister in law Hannah M. Hargreaves, single, age 28, dressmaker, neither employer nor employed, born Leeds.
Brother in Law Charles Hargreaves, single, age 24 Cloth Finisher, employed, born Leeds.

In the 1901 census 6 Azalia Street, St. Agnes, North Leeds, Leeds, Yorkshire.
Head Charles Fleming, age 47, Mattress Maker, worker, born Leeds, Yorkshire.
Wife Sarah A. Fleming, age 45, born Leeds.
Daughter Mary E. Fleming, single, age 23, French Polisher, worker, born Leeds.
Son Thomas Fleming, single, age 20, butcher’s assistant, worker, born Leeds.
Daughter Matilda Fleming, age 16, [I can’t decipher the occupation], worker, born Leeds.

Non-Conformist records Wesleyan Chapel, Becket Street, Leeds, Yorkshire
January 29, 1906 Thomas Alonzo Fleming, age 25, bachelor, butcher (master), residence 6 Azalia Street, Leeds, father Charles Fleming, mattress maker and Sarah Rathwell, age 24, spinster, 6 Barton Terrace, Hunslet, no father listed, by Thomas Arrowsmith? in the presence of A. C. Lowcock and Mary E. Fleming [Sister of Thomas].

Canadian Passenger Lists
Departed Liverpool, England, on the Tunisian arrived Montreal Quebec on July 7, 1907, Thomas Fleming, age 26, able to read and write, married, butcher, born England,

Canadian Passenger Lists
Departed Liverpool, England on the Victorian, arrived April 4, 1913, Thomas Fleming, age 32, married, Was in Canada before in July, 1912, Netherhill, for 5 1/2 years (4 months away), born England, destination Netherhill, Saskatchewan, returning Canadian, destination Winnipeg.

In the 1916 Canadian Census of Manitoba, Sask., and Alberta. District 19 Kindersley, sub district 12B, Township 28 Range 21, west of the 3rd meridian, Municipality of Snipe Lake.
Head John Simpson, married, age 27, born England, Presbyterian, immigrated 1906, farmer, employer.
Wife Susie Simpson, age 25, born England, immigrated 1912.
Son John Douglas Simpson, age 1 month born Sask.
Sister Sarah A, Simpson, single age 28, immigrated 1912 servant on farm.
Nephew George Simpson, age 4, born England, Anglican immigrated 1912.
Labourer Thomas Fleming age 36, born England, Methodist, immigrated 1907, servant on farm.

In the 1921 Canadian census section 36, township 28, range 21, west of the 3rd meridian, Hillsborough Municipality, Kindersley district, Saskatchewan.
Head Thomas Flemming [as spelled], age 34, born England, parents born England, immigrated 1907, farmer.
Wife Sarah Flemming, age 33, born England, parents born England, immigrated 1913.
Son George Flemming, age 9, born England.
Daughter Beatrice Flemming, age 4, born Saskatchewan.
Son Thomas E. Flemming, age age 1, born Saskatchewan.
[On the same section was the John Simpson family.]
Notes for Sarah Annie (Spouse 1)
There is a Sarah Annie Simpson listed in the July to September 1886 Birth Index, West Ward, Westmorland vol 10b page 698.

In the 1891 census living at 11 Isley? Place, Workington.
Head, George Simpson age 30, born at Cumberland England, steelworks labourer.
Wife, Mary Simpson age 32, born at Penrith. Children Thomas W. Simpson age 8, born at Barton Northumberland,
Mary E. Simpson age 7, born at Barton Northumberland,
Sarah A. Simpson age 4 born at Barton Northumberland,
John Simpson age 2 born at Barton Northumberland and
Joseph Simpson age 5 months, born at Workington.

In 1901 census living at 22 Church Lane, Workington, Cumberland.
George Simpson age 40 labourman (steelworker), born at Park Head, Cumberland.
Wife, Mary Simpson age 42, born at Penrith, Cumberland.
Children Thomas Simpson age 18 born at Burton, Westmorland, labourman (steelworker),
Sarah Simpson age 14 born at Burton, Westmorland,
Richard Simpson age 6 born at Workington, Cumberland and
Agnes Simpson age 3 Workington, Cumberland.

A very possible entry in the 1911 census Sarah Simpson, single, age 24, farming general domestic servant, born Yanworth?, Westmorland. She is living with the Anthony H. Barker family at Town Head farm, How Mill Carlisle, Penrith District, Kirkoswald sub district, Croglin Parish, Cumberland. [Barton is about 2 miles from Yanwath]

Canadian Passenger Lists
Departed Liverpool, England arrived on the Corsican June 9, 1912 at Quebec, Quebec, Sarah Simpson, age 25, married, to husband, farmer, Netherhill, Saskatchewan and George Simpson, age 9 months. Her brother Thomas William Simpson is also on the same ship.

Thomas William Simpson mentioned in his father’s probate records along with his sisters Sarah Ann Simpson and Agnes Simpson as living at Netherhill on June 4, 1913

Sarah Simpson married Tom Fleming, lived at Eston, had a butcher shop, moved to Biggar and then to Edmonton. Jack Simpson Jr. lived with them for a short time in Biggar and went to school. Had a butcher shop in Biggar and also in Edmonton. Closely resembled her sister Agnes.

Death date and location from the Benjamin Family Tree at by Andy Benjamin
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