NameViolet Annie FROST
Birthabt 1878, Snape, Suffolk
Death20 Mar 1960
FatherRobert FROST (~1848-)
MotherEllen (~1848-)
Birth10 Oct 1839, Little Easton, Essex, England
Death17 Apr 1933
OccupationRector Of Great Easton 1877 - 1918
Marriage1916, Suffolk
ChildrenBeatrix Violet De Vere (1919-1999)
Notes for Violet Annie FROST
daughter of Robert Frost, of Snape, co. Suffolk, and had further issue:

In the April to June 1878 birth index Violet Annie Frost, Plomesgate district, Suffolk, volume 4a, page 765.

In the 1881 census Farnham Road, Snape, Suffolk.
Head Robert Frost, age 33, school master (N.S.) [National School?], born Kings Lynne, Norfolk.
Wife Ellen Frost, age 33, Schoolmistress (NS), born Colsterworth, Lincolnshire.
Daughter Mary L. Frost, age 10 scholar, born Snape, Suffolk.
Son Harry R. Frost, age 8, Scholar, born Snape.
Daughter Daisy E. Frost, age 8, scholar, born Snape.
Daughter Beatrice J. Frost, age 5, scholar, born Snape.
Daughter Violet A. Frost, age 2, born Snape.
Son Fred C. Frost, age 1, born Snape.
1 servant.

In the 1891 census School House, Snape, Suffolk.
Head Robert Frost, age 43, National Schoolmaster, born Kings Lynne.
Wife Ellen Frost, age 43.
Daughter Mary Lizzie Frost, age 20.
Daughter Gertrude Frost, age 9, born Snape.
Daughter Nora Frost, age 7, born Snape.
Son Frank Frost, age 5, born Snape.
A boarder Ethel Charlotte Tacker, assistant school mistress, age 24.
Son Harry Robinson Frost, single, age 18 Pupil Teacher.
Daughter Daisy Ellen Frost, age 17, Pupil Teacher.
Daughter Beatrice J. Frost, age 15.
Son Fred C. Frost, age 11 scholar.
Daughter Violet A Frost, age 13, scholar.

In the 1911 census Village Street, Great Easton, Dunmow, Essex
Head John Cant, age 50, blacksmith.
Wife Maria Cant, age 51
Daughter elsie Cant, age 20 single,.
Daughter Gladys Cant, age 11, school.
Boarder Violet Frost, age 32, single, assistant teacher, county council, born Snape, Suffolk.
The house had 8 rooms.
[Thus Annie would have been in Great Easton at least 5 years before she married Reverend Capel.]

British Phonebooks 1960
Violet A. Capel, Croat Cottage, Great Easton, 253

In the January to March 1960 death index Violet A. Capel, age 81, Dunmow, Essex, volume 4a, page 694.

National Probate Calendar
Violet Annie Capel of Croat Cottage Great Easton Essex widow died 20 March 1960 Probate London 1 July 1960 to Beatrix Violet De Vere Tranter married woman. effects 12136 pounds.
Notes for Horatio Bladen (Spouse 1)
Second son of Adolphus Frederick Charles Molyneux Capell and Charlotte Mary Maynard. Adolphus was the grandson of William Anne Holles Capell (later Capel), 4th Earl of Essex. Charlotte was the daughter of the 3rd and last Viscount Maynard.

In the October to December 1839 birth index Horatio Bladen Capel [as spelled] Dunmow district, Essex, volume 12, page 64.

In the 1841 census Parish of St. Margaret, Westminster, Middlesex.
20 Rutland Gate, between Kensington & Brompton Road, Knightsbridge
Honourable Adolphus Capel, age 27, Independent, not born in county.
Honourable Charlotte Capel, age 25, not born in county.
Mary Capel, age 5, not born in county
Arthur Capel, age 3, not born in county
Florence Capel, age 2, not born in county
Horace Capel, age 1, not born in county.
A nurse, 3 female servants and 3 male servants

In the 1851 census Worthley House?, High? Street, Broadwater, Worthing, Sussex. Schoolmaster Benjamin Brown.
Scholar Arthur Capel, age 13, born Dunmow, Essex.
Scholar Horatio Capel, age 12, born Dunmow, Essex.

The Ecclesiastical Gazette, August 11, 1868
On Sunday, June 7, by the Bishop of Lichfield, in the Cathedral Church of Lichfield:
Horatio Bladen Capel, and Edward Collett, Theological College, Lichfield.

IN the 1871 census visiting at The Vicarage, Bedminster, Somerset.
Visitor Horatio W. Capel, age 31, curate of Bedminster, born Easton, Essex.
Visitor Ada A. Capel, age 29, born Harbury, Warwickshire.
The head of the household was Henry Ge Eland, vicar of Bedminster.

In the 1881 census rectory, Great Easton, Essex.
Horatio B. Capel [note the spelling], age 41, rector of Great Easton, born Little Easton.
Wife Ada A. Capel, age 39, born Harbury.
Son Henry A. D. Capel, age 7, born Bristol.
Daughter Mary K. Capel, age 6, born Bristol.
Son Arthur C. L. Capel, age 4, born Bristol.
Plus 3 servants

In the 1891 census living at the Rectory, Little Easton Essex,
Horatio Bladen Capel, age 57, born in Little Easton Essex, a clerk in Holy Orders.
His wife Ada, age 49 born in Harbury.
With them was a son Arthur C L Capel age 14.
They had 2 servants, one was a Agnes Hawkes (or Hawkins?) age 21.

UK Clergy List 1897
Horatio Bladen Capel, Lichfield deacon 1868, priest 1869 (Lichfield), curate of Christ Church Tettenhall, Staffordshire 1868-72, rector from 1877, of Great Easton, Dunmow Essex.

from The Bristol Times and Mirror (Bristol, Gloucestershire) 15 Sep 1897.
A beautiful painted glass chancel window representing the Crucifixion, has been presented by Lady Warwick [see wikipedia article,_Countess_of_Warwick ] to the church at Great Easton, near Dunmow, of which parish her first cousin, the Rev. Horace Bladen Capell, is the rector.

In the 1901 census living at the Rectory, Great Easton,
Horatio Bladen Capel, age 61, Priest of the Church of England, born at Little Easton Essex.
His wife is Ada Augusta age 59, born in Harbury.
Their son Henry Addison Devereaux age 27, born in Bedminster?, Bristol.
They had 2 servants.

In the 1911 census Rectory, Great Easton, Essex.
Head Horatio Bladen Capel, age 71, married 44 years, 5 children born alive, 4 still living, Priest of the Church of England, born Little Easton, Essex.
Wife Ada Augusta Capel, age 69, born Harbury, Warwickshire.
2 servants. 13 rooms in the house.

In the 1912 Kelly’s Directory.
Essex, England
Rev. Horatio Bladen Capel, ERectory, Great Easton, Dunmow.

Marriage index October to December 1916, Horatio B. Capel and Violet A. Frost, Plomesgate, Suffolk, volume 4a, page 2176

In the 1922 Kelly’s Directory.
Essex, England
Rev. Horatio Bladen Capel, Essex House, Great Easton, Dunmow.

UK Incoming Passenger Lists
Arrived London, July 30, 1926 on the Mongolia, departed Marseilles
Mr. H. B. Capel, Essex House Great Easton, Dunmow, 1st class, Clerk in Holy Orders, age 86 and
Mrs. V. A. Capel, Home Duties, age 48.

From the Crockford’s Clerical Directories -1932
Horatio Bladen Capel - Lich. Th Coll. 1866, Deacon 1868, priest 1869 Lichfield, Curate of Christ Church, Tettenhall, Staffs. 1868-71; Bedminster 1871-77; Rector of Great Easton, Essex, 1877-1918, Great Easton, Dunmow. [The 1908 edition adds the Gross Income from T.R.C. is 621 pounds and Ho.; population 450, and the patron is the Countess of Warwick]

UK incoming passenger lists
On the Ranchi, Peninsular & Orient Steam Navigation Company, departed London, arrived London July 8 1927, 1st Class,
Horatio B. Capel, Essex House, Gt. Easton, Dunmow, Essex, age 87, clergyman and
Mrs. Violet Capel, age 49.
[Note the Ranchi served England-Far East via Suez Canal, had 600 passengers, was 548 feet long and a tonnage of 16650, 2 funnels, 2 masts]

UK Incoming Passenger lists
Departed Southampton, arrived Southampton, June 12, 1931 on the Ranchi, 1st class,
Horatio B. Capel Essex House., Gt. Easton, Dunmow, Essex, clergyman, age 91,
Violet A. Capel, age 53 and
Beatrix V. Capel, age 11

In the April to June 1933 death index Horatio B. Capel, Dunmow, Essex, volume 4a, page 845.

National Probate Calendar
Capel [as spelled] the reverend Horatio Bladen of Essex House Great Easton Essex clerk died 17 April 1933 Probate London 21 July 1933 to Violet Annie Capel widow. Effects 4155 pounds 3 shillings 2 pence. Resworn 2924 pounds 1 shilling 3 pence.

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The plaque reads as follows
Horatio Bladen Capel, priest, rector of this parish 41 years 1877-1918 2nd son of the Honourable Adolphus Capel, brother of the 6th Earl of Essex and grandson of the last Viscount Maynard. He was also a godson of Admiral Sir Bladen Capel one of Nelson's captains who commanded the frigate Phoebe at the Battle of Trafalgar. He passed peacefully on at Eastertide 1933 aged 93 years.
During his incumbency he did much to restore and beautify the church.
This tablet has been placed to his memory by his widow and family, the parishioners, and his many friends.

The 'Fighting Parson of Great Easton', the Reverend Horatio Bladen Capel, was born at Easton Lodge, which was his home until he came to Great Easton in 1877. Having been a champion boxer in the Navy in the days of sail, he was to encounter much opposition, as he was a dictator practising high church worship, and Great Easton was very low church. His chief opponent was the village blacksmith. Much discussion and argument took place between them and finally the rector said to the blacksmith 'Let's fight it out and the best man will be the winner'. So into the churchyard they both went, the rector won and from then on they were the best of friends.

From Armorial Families by Arthur Charles Foz-Davies - 1895
Adolphus Frederick Charles Molyneux Capel, Esquire, commonly known as the Honourable Adolphus Frederick Charles Capel, brother to the Right Honourable Arthur Algernon Capel, the sixth Earl of Essex. Born 1813; was raised to the rank of an Earl’s son 1839. Armorial bearings . . . Married 1834, Charlotte Mary commonly known as the Honourable Charlotte Mary who died 1871, daughter of the Right Honourable the third Viscount Maynard (extinct); and has issue - (1) The Reverend Horatio Bladen Capel, Rector of Great Easton, Dunmow, born 1839 (married 1866, Ada Augusta, daughter of Theophilus Hawkins, Esquire, formerly of Newton Abbot and has issue Horace Charles George Arthur Capel, Esquire, born 1868; Algernon Essex Capel, Gentleman, born 1869; Henry Addison Devereux Capel, Gentleman, born 1873; Arthur Charles Lloyd Capel, Gentleman, born 1876; and Mary Kathleen); (2) the Reverend George Marie Capel, Rector of Passenham, Stony Stratford, born 1845 (married 1870, Annie daughter of Peter Stanley Lowe of White Hall, Churchstow, South Devon, and has issue living, Arthur George Coningsby Capel, Gentleman, born 1879;Dora Amy Isabel; Marie Kathleen; Leonie Annie; Hilda Amalie Violet; and Bertha Sybil); and Florence Amelia Louisa (married, firstly Francis Nevil Reade, formerly 21st Fusiliers, who died 1883; secondly, 1883, Francis Maurice Drummond Drummond, and has issue). Residence 51 St. James Square, Notting Hill, W.
{Note both spellings of Capell are used.][Note Theophilus Howkins is spelled Hawkins, many other websites list him as Hawkins which is incorrect.]
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