Birth1859, St Clement Danes, London
FatherEdward SCRIMSHAW (~1826-)
MotherCatherine (1838-)
Birthabt 1861, St Pancras, Middlesex
Death13 Aug 1935
FatherSidney Francis SMITH (-1861)
Marriage25 Jan 1885
ChildrenMary Teresa (1886-1969)
 Sidney Henry (1888-1968)
 Edward Franklin (1889-1970)
 Herbert (1890-1970)
 Frederick (1892-1917)
 Marcella Cecilia (~1894-1968)
 Horace G. (1896-1971)
 William Laurence (1901-1983)
Notes for Edward SCRIMSHAW

In the July to September 1859 birth index Edward Scrimshaw, Strand, London, volume 1b, page 447.

In the 1861 census 5 Yeales? Court, St Clement Danes, Westminster.
Head Edward Scrimshaw, age 35, dog dealer, born St Anns, Soho.
Wife Catherine Scrimshaw, age 25, born Ireland.
Daughter Julia Scrimshaw, age 3, born Lambeth.
Son Edward Scrimshaw, age 1, born St Clement danes.

In the 1871 census 14 Bear Yard, St. Clement Danes, Westminster, London.
Head Edward Scrimshaw,age 45, dog dealer, born St. Ann’s, Soho.
Wife Catherine Scrimshaw, age 33, needle woman, born Tredlea?, Ireland.
Daughter Julia Scrimshaw, age 13, book folder, born Lambeth, Surrey.
Son Edward Scrimshaw, age 11, errand boy, born St. Clement Danes.

In the 1881 census 45 South Street, St Mary Newington, St. Peter, Lambeth, London.
Head Edmund Cavannah Vickery, age 34, insuring and general law clerk, born Lambeth Surrey.
Wife Julia Frances Vickery, age 23, born Lambeth.
Daughter Eveline Adelaide Vickery, age 2, born Lambeth.
Daughter Julia Emma Emily Vickery, age 3? months, born Lambeth.
Mother in law Catherine Scrimshaw, age 43, [can’t read occupation possibly farmer’s daughter], born ????? County Kerry.
Brother in Law Edward Scrimshaw, age 21, printer machine minder, born St. Clements Dane, Middlesex.

In the 1891 census Royal Mineral Water Hospital, St. Peter and St. Paul, Walcott sub-district, Bath district, Somerset.
Patient Edward Scrimshaw, married, age 33, printer’s machine manager, employed, born Strand, London, Middlesex.

In the October to December 1914 death index Edward Scrimshaw, age 51, Hendon, Middlesex, Volume 3a, page 340.
Notes for Mary Sidney (Spouse 1)
In the 1871 census 45 Gloucester Street, St. George the Matyr, Holborn, London.
Head Catherine Phillips, unmarried, age 68, no profession, St. Martin’s Shand?.
Head Agnes Smith [can’t decipher condition, possibly widow], age 29, mantle maker, born St. Pancras.
Daughter Teresa Smith, age 12, born St. Pancras.
Daughter Mary S. Smith, age 10, born St. Pancras.

In the 1881 census 46 Gloucester St, St George Martyr, Holborn, London.
Mother Marcella Smith, [possibly listed as widow], age 38, dress and mantle maker, born St. Pancras, Middlesex.
Daughter Teresa Smith, unmarried, age 22, machinist, born St. Pancras.
Daughter Mary S. Smith, unmarried, age 20, assistant perfumer, born St. Pancras.
Aunt Catherine Philips, unmarried age 79, born in Erith, an annuitant.
Visitor Claud Symondson, age 19, born St. Pancras, Middlesex, barristers clerk.

In the January to March 1885 marriage index Edward Scrimshaw and Mary Sidney Smith, St Giles district, London, volume 1b, page 640.

In the 1891 census civil parish of Islesworth, ecclesiatical parish St Stephens, Middlesex staying at or living with brother in law’s 3 Lorne? Villas, Hibernia? Rd.
William H. Morris, head, age 32 Spectacles? Makers ???, born London.
Wife Teresa C. Morris, age 31, born Kentish Town.
Daughter Marcella M. Morris age 7, born St Pancras.
Daughter Teresa F. Morris age 2 born ???.
Mother in law Marcella Smith, married, age 49, born Hampstead.
Sister in Law, Mary S. Scrimshaw married, age 30, born St. Pancras.
Niece Mary T. Scrimshaw age 5, born ???.
Nephew Sidney K? Scrimshaw age 2.
Nephew Edward Scrimshaw age 1.
Nephew Herbert Scrimshaw age 5 months.
Nephew Arthur Hudson age 19, taylor.

In the 1901 census civil parish Islington, ecclesiatical parish St George London, registration district Islington, sub district Upper Holloway. E
dward Scrimshaw
, head, age 40, printer machine foreman, born Middlesex.
Wife Mary S. Scrimshaw age 38, born St. Pancras.
Daughter Mary T. Scrimshaw age 15 born Islington.
Son Sidney H. Scrimshaw age 12, born Islington.
Son Edward F. Scrimshaw age 11 born St. Pancras.
Son Herbert Scrimshaw age 10 born St. Pancras.
Son Frederick Scrimshaw age 9 born Islington.
Daughter Marcella C. Scrimshaw age 7 born Islington.
Son Horace G. Scrimshaw age 5, born Islington.
Border, widow Marcella Smith age 56 [mother in law], living on her own means, born St Pancras.
George L Symondson [cousin to Mary S. Scrimshaw] single age 31, Civil Service Somerset House? born St Pancras.
Horace D, Symondson [also a couson to mary], single age 25, Post Office Sorter, born St Pancras.
Ernest Hudson [future husband of another cousin of Mary’s - Kate Symondson] single age 26 Post Office Sorter, born St Pancras.
Martha E. Tearall, daughter???, single age 31, Drapers Assistant, born Lenham, Kent.
Frances E. Tearall, daughter, age 23, dressmaker, born Tunbridge Wells, Kent.
Son?? Ernest S. Tearall, single, age 25, Railway Engine Cleaner, born Tunbridge Wells.
Son?? Thomas E. Tearall, single, age 21 Clerk Commercial, born Tunbridge Wells. [
Note: Frances E. Tearall would be a future wife of Marcella Smith’ (nee Symondson) nephew.

In the 1911 census 25 Union Road, Tufnell Park, London , Islington district, Tufnell sub district. Head,
Edward Scrimshaw, married, age 51, printer, born Middlesex.
Wife Mary Scrimshaw, married 26 years, age 50, born Middlesex.
Daughter Mary Scrimshaw, single, age 25, commercial clerk, born Surrey.
Son Sidney Scrimshaw, single, age 23, commercial clerk, born Surrey.
Son Edward Scrimshaw, single, age 21, government clerk, born Middlesex.
Son Herbert Scrimshaw, single, age 20, law clerk, born Middlesex.
Son Frederick Scrimshaw, single, age 19, law clerk, born Middlesex.
Daughter Marcella Scrimshaw, age 17, commercial clerk, born Middlesex.
Son Horace Scrimshaw, age 15, school, born Middlesex.
Son William Scrimshaw, age 9, school, born Middlesex.
Wife’s mother Marcella Smith, widow, age 69, born Middlesex.

National Probate calendar
Mary Sidney Scrimshaw of 61 Hale-lane Mill Hill Middlesex widow died 13 August 1935 Administration London 17 September 1935 to Mary Teresa Scrimshaw spinster and Edward Franklin Scrimshaw civil servant. Effects 194 pounds 8 shillings 9 pence.
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