NameTheophilus Robert HOWKINS , GG Uncle
Birth1832, Lambeth, Middlesex, England
Baptism12 Sep 1832
Death8 Sep 1859, British Hotel, Perth, Perth, Scotland
FatherTheophilus HOWKINS (1801-1882)
MotherMarian GIBSON (1811-1893)
Notes for Theophilus Robert HOWKINS
The IGI lists Theophilus Robert Howkins christened September 12 1832, Holy Trinity, Clapham, Surrey, father Theophilus Howkins, mother Marianna.

Parish records Holy Trinity, Clapham, Surrey
Theophilus Robert Howkins baptized September 12 1932, parents Theophilus and Marian Howkins, abode Clapham, father’s occupation gentleman.

In the 1841 census Leamington Priors civil parish, Knightlow hundred, Warwickshire Binswood Terrace East.
Theophilus Howkins, age 8, born Warwickshire and
Edward Howkins age 7, born Warwickshire.
Both are listed as pupils.
The head is a school mistress. There are 13 pupils ages 7 to 10.

Morning Chronicle, London, Middlesex
March 3, 1855
War Office, March 2
To be Ensigns, without purchase.
79th Foot - Theophilus Robert Howkins, Gent.; Edward Everett, Gent; Herbert Burrows Adcock, Gent.

UK Military Campaign Medal and Award Rolls
79th Highlanders entitled to receive a medal for the Crimea.
Ensign T. R. Howkins, Crimea Medal
serving in Crimea on the 8th of September 1855 entitled to receive the clasp “Sebastopol”
Ensign T. R. Howkins

Hart’s Annual Militia list for 1856 has a Theophilus Rt. Howkins February 28 1855 as ensign with 1 year of service with full pay 79th Regiment of Foot (Cameron Highlanders) A footnote says Lieuts . . . and Howkins served at the siege of Sebastopol from June 1855 (Medal and Clasp)

From the London Gazette April 4, 1856
79th Foot Ensign T.R. Howkins to be Lieutenant, by purchase, vice Bell. Dated 4th April, 1856

The Harts 1857 list indicated Theophilus Rt. Howkins is now a Lieutenant with 2 years of service and he became a Lt. on April 4, 1856.

The Hart’s 1859 list indicates he is a Lt. with 4 years service. It also indicates the Regiment returned from Crimea, July 3, 1856 and embarked for India on July 31, 1857. [An interesting note is there is an Ensign Wm. Henry McCausland now in the Regiment. Is there a connection with the McCausland who married Patience Homer? Answer No. A William Henry McCausland a brother in law to Patience Homer is not the same same William Henry McCausland stated here.]

The Historical Record of the Seventy-ninth Regiment of Foot: or Cameron Highlanders by Robert Jameson, 1863
Ensign T. R. Howkins, Crimean Medal and clasp 3, foreign medals Turkish Medal

The Hart’s 1860 list does not have his name, but does have Henry Howkins as a Captain February 14, 1859 with the 2nd Warwick Militia No. 53. Other officers in the regiment are indicated as having served in the suppression of the Indian Mutiny (also known as the Sepoy Mutiny, the Indian Mutiny and The First War of Indian Independence) in 1858 including the siege and capture of Lucknow. Was he killed, wounded or die of disease? Answer no. He died later in Scotland. From the first reference below (Thus ended the Indian Mutiny, during which the casualties to the 79th Highlanders amounted to 2 officers wounded, and 158 of all ranks killed.[note this included those who died of disease.])

For information on the 79th Highlanders during this time see

From the Historical Records of the 79th Queen’s Own Cameron
Theophilus Robert Howkins, Ensign 28th of February, 1855; lieutenant, 7th of December, 1856 He served with the regiment in the Eastern campaign in 1855, including the siege and fall of Sebastopol. (Medal with clasp and Turkish medal.)

September 23, 1859 London Gazette 79th Foot, Ensign Thomas Ballard Dougal to be Lieutenant, without purchase, vice Howkins, deceased. Dated 9th September, 1859.

National Probate Calendar
April 26, 1860. Letters of Administration of the Personal estate and effects of Theophilus Robert Howkins late of the “British” Hotel in the Town of Perth in the County of Perth in North Britain Lieutenant in Her Majesties 79th Regiment a Bachelor deceased who died 8 September at the “British” Hotel aforesaid was granted at the Principal Registry to Theophilus Howkins of the “Bedford” Hotel Covent Garden in the County of Middlesex Gentleman the Father of the said deceased he having been first sworn. Effects under 50 pounds.

See Siege of Sevastopol - Wikipedia
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