NameThomas SCATCHARD , GGGG Uncle
Birth3 Jun 1808, East Keswick, Yorkshire, England
Baptism18 Sep 1808, Harewood, Ripon, Yorkshire, England
Death6 Aug 1879, Boston Spa, Yorkshire
FatherJohn SCATCHARD (1756-1838)
MotherPatience SHARPER (1772-1837)
Birthabt 1821, London, Middlesex, England
ChildrenThomas Edward (1844-1922)
Birthabt 1824, Masham, Yorkshire
Death28 Oct 1897, Kent
FatherThomas CARTER (~1796-<1851)
MotherMary (~1792-)
ChildrenWalter (1861-1947)
 Mary Emma (1862-1905)
 Charles (1863-1906)
Notes for Thomas SCATCHARD
The IGI lists a Thomas Scatchard born June 3, 1808, christened September 18, 1808, Harewood, Yorkshire, father John Scatchard, mother Patience.

London Medical And Surgical Journal, Volume 5
Royal College of Surgeons
Names of Candidates who received Diplomas during the month of May 1834.
Thomas Scatchard, East Keswick, Yorkshire.

In the 1841 census civil parish Bramham, Barkstone Ash upper division hundred, Tadcaster registration district, Bramham subdistrict.
Thomas Scatchard, age 30 [remember ages rounded to nearest 5 in 1841 census], surgeon, born in county.
Female Servant Mary Walker, age 20, born in county.

In the January to March 1842 marriage index Bedale registration district, Yorkshire, Thomas Scatchard and on the same page are Mary Ann Carter and Mary Theakston.

In the 1851 census civil parish of Clifford Cum Boston, Yorkshire, registration district Tadcaster, sub district Appleton.
Thomas Scatchard , age 40, of the Royal College of Surgeons, Surgeon and Apothecary member, born Harewood, Yorkshire.
Wife Mary Anne Scatchard age 30 born London.
Son Thomas Edward Scatchard age 6, born at Boston Yorkshire.
2 servants.

West Yorkshire Electoral Registers 1858
Thomas Scatchard, abode Boston, Freehold house, land and tenements

In the 1861 census civil parish Clifford cum Boston, Yorkshire, Tadcaster registration district, Bramham sub-district, Main Street.
Head Thos. Scatchard, married, age 51, Surgeon U. R. C. ?? S. A, born East Keswick.
Wife Ester Scatchard [must be second wife] , age 36, surgeon’s wife, born Masham, Yorkshire.
Son Walter Scatchard, age 3 months, born Boston Spa.

Listed in the Medical register of 1867 Thomas Scatchard, Boston Spa, York, Mem R. Coll Surg. Eng. 1834 and Lic. Soc. Apoth. Lond. 1834. (Also in the 1879 register as well)

In the 1871 census, civil parish of Clifford Cum Boston, ecclesiastical parish of Boston Spa St Mary, Yorkshire, registration district Wetherby, sub district Boston living on Main street South Side.
Thomas Scatchard age 62, Royal College of Surgeons ??? of Soc. of Apoth. London Royal College ??? Surgeon General Practitioner Member of, born East Keswick.
Wife Esther Scatchard age 47, born Masham Yorkshire.
Son Thomas Edward Scatchard age 26, Royal College of Surgeons etc., born Boston Spa.
Daughter Mary Emma Scatchard age 9, born Boston Spa.
Son Charles Scatchard age 7 [0r 4], born Boston Spa.
Also a housemaid and a cook.

In the July to September 1879 death index, Thomas Scatchard, age 71, Wetherby district, volume 9a page 83

From The Medical Press and Circular, August 20, 1879
Scatchard - On Aug. 6, at Boston Spa near Tadcaster, Yorkshire, Thomas Scatchard, M.R.C.S.E.

Compiled by Joseph Henry Lowe Nov 14 1905 (Sunday)
Copied at East Keswick? At the Church of St.Mary Magdalene by Joseph Henry Lowe Nov. 15th 1905 (Wednesday)
Scatchard of East Keswick
Thomas Scatchard died Boston Spa Aug. 6th 1889 [must be a typo, should be 1879]. In the 72nd year of his age.

National Probate Calendar
10 September 1879. The will of Thomas Scatchard late of Boston Spa in the County of York Surgeon who died 6 August 1879 at Boston Spa was proved at the Principal Registry by Thomas Austin Grimston of Toulston Lodge and of Clifford near Tadcaster both in the said county Gentleman and James Carter of Masham in the said County Merchant the executors. Personal Estate under 6000 pounds.
Notes for Mary Anne (Spouse 1)
In the July to September 1855 death index Mary Ann Scatchard, Tadcaster, Yorkshire West Riding
Notes for Esther (Spouse 2)
last name from

In the 1841 census North side of Market Place, Masham, Yorkshire.
Thomas Carter, age 45, grocer and draper, born Yorkshire. Mary Carter, age 45, born Yorkshire.
Thomas Carter, age 20, assistant draper, born Yorkshire.
Mary Carter, age 20, born Yorkshire.
Esther Carter, age 15, born Yorkshire. Robert Carter, age 14, born Yorkshire.
Christopher Carter, age 12, born Yorkshire.
James Carter, age 10, born Yorkshire. Jane Carter, age 8, born Yorkshire.
William Carter, age 6, born Yorkshire.
Joseph Carter, age 4, born Yorkshire.
3 grocer apprentices and 3 female servants.

In the 1851 census Market Place, Masham, Yorkshire.
Head Mary Carter, widow, age 59 annuitant, born Masham, Yorkshire.
Daughter Esther Carter, unmarried, age 27, born Masham.
Son Robert Carter, unmarried, age 24, graduate Bishop Hatfield Hale Durham University, born Masham.
Son Christopher Carter, unmarried, age 21, Grocer, born Masham.
Son James Carter, unmarried, age 20, grocer, born Masham.
Daughter Jane Carter, age 18, born Masham.
2 apprentice grocers including a Mark Carter, 2 house servants.

In the 1881 census civil parish Clifford cum Boston, registration district Wetherby, sub district Boston, Low Lane.
Esther Scatchard, head, widow, age 56, Surgeon’s widow, born Masham.
Son Walter Scatchard, unmarried, age 20, Medical Assistant, born Boston Spa.
Daughter Mary E. Scatchard, age 19, born Boston Spa.
Son Charles Scatchard, unmarried, age 17, medical student, born Boston Spa. 1 servant.

In the 1891 census civil parish Clifford with Boston, ecclesiastical parish Boston St. Marys, Boston Spa, Yorkshire, Wetherby registration district, sub district Boston, Holly House.
Esther Scatchard, head, widow, age 66, living on own means, born Masham.
Daughter Mary E. Scatchard, age 29, born Boston Spa.
Niece Sarah G. Carter, single, age 29, living on own means, born Ripon, Yorkshire. 1 servant.

West Yorkshire Electoral Registers 1894
Person entitled to vote as County Electors but not Parliamentary Electors
Clifford-cum-Noston Township
Ester Scatchard, Boston Spa, dwelling house, Clifford Lane.
[All the persons in this category were women. Thus they could vote for County electons, but not for parliament]

[I believe the following two entries do indeed refer to this Esther Scatchard. I think the spinster is in fact an error. Everything else is a match. The age is a match, her oldest son is living in Boughton at the time, both her sons who are surgeons are mentioned in the probate.]

In the October to December 1897 death index,
Esther Scatchard, age 73, Faversham district, Kent, volume 2a, page 495.

England Select Deaths and Burials
Ester Scatchard, buried November 2, 1897, Boughton under Blean, Kent

National Probate Calendar
Esther Scatchard of Boughton near Faversham Kent spinster died 28 October 1897 Probate London 31 December 1897 to Walter Scatchard and Charles Scatchard surgeons Effects 798 pounds.
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