NameJemima Rosa Mary MILLS , 1C3R
Birth1857, Hounslow, Middlesex, England
Baptism18 Jan 1857, Hounslow Heath, Hounslow, Middlesex
FatherGeorge MILLS (~1830-<1901)
MotherJemima CHELLESS (~1827-1909)
Birth25 Mar 1859, Hounslow, Middlesex, England
OccupationWaterproof Bootmaker
FatherHenry FAULKNER (1839-1905)
MotherSarah Emma BRAY (1836-1910)
Marriage11 May 1879, St Mary, Islington
ChildrenGeorge Henry John (1879-1950)
 Emily Eliza Rose (1882-1964)
 Francois William (1889-1964)
 Montague Henry (1895-1916)
 Eva Constance S. (1897-1981)
 Elsie Grace (1901-1984)
Notes for Jemima Rosa Mary MILLS
In the January to March 1857 birth index Jemima Rosa Mary Mills, Brentford, Middlesex, volume 3a page 38.

Parish records Saint Paul, Hounslow Heath, Hounslow, Middlesex.
Jemima Rosa Mary Mills, baptism January 18, 1857, father George Mills, mother Jemima Mills, abode, Hounslow, father’s occupation carpenter.

In the 1861 census civil parish of Isleworth, ecclesiastical parish of Hounslow, registration district Brentford, sub district Isleworth New Road Passy Place 2.
George Mills age 31, carpenter, born at Salthill [or Salthile] Bucks.
Wife Jemima Mills age 33, born Middlesex, London.
Daughter Jemima R. Mills age 4, born at Hounslow, Middlesex.
Son George Mills age 1 born at Norwood Green Middlesex.
Visitor Thomas Owen age 1 born at London Middlesex.

In the 1871 census civil parish St. Pancras, ecclesiatical parish St Pancras and St James, London, registration district Pancras, sub district Somers Town living at 18 Drummond St.
George Mills age 41, carpenter, born at Salthill, Berkshire [Salthill seems to move around??].
Wife Jemima Mills age 43 born in London.
Daughter Jemima R. Mills age 14, born Hounslow.
Daughter Emily Mills age 9, born Hounslow.
Son William Mills age 4 born Hounslow.
Sister Rosa Sharply widow? age 26, dressmaker, born at Hounslow.
Her son William Sharply age 4, born Hounslow.

In the April to June 1879 marriage index James Benjamin C. Faulkner and Jemima Rosa M. Mills, Islington district, London, Middlesex vol 1b page 492

Parish Records
May 11, 1879
James Benjamin Charles Faulkner, full age, Bachelor, water-proofer, 19 Half Moon Cres. father Henry Faulkner, Boot maker
Jemima Rosa Mary Mills, full age, spinster, 19 Half Moon Cres., father George Mills, Carpenter
in the presence of Sidney Harris and Jane Frances Harris.

In the January to March 1909 death index Jemima Rosa Faulkner, age 53, Kensington district, London, Middlesex, volume 1a page 100.
Notes for James Benjamin Charles (Spouse 1)
In the April to June 1859 birth index, James Benjamin Charles Faulkner, Pancras district, London, Middlesex volume 1b page 87.

In the 1861 census Brook Street, Kingston on Thames, Surrey.
Lodger head Henry Faulkner, age 22, bookmaker, born Turville, Buckinghamshire.
Wife Sarah Faulkner, age 23, born Lambeth, Surrey.
Son James Faulkner, age 2, born St. Pancras, Middlesex.
Daughter Eliza, Faulkner, age 8 months, born St. Pancras. T
hey are staying with the John Betteridge family who is also a bookmaker.

In the 1871 census Maple Road, Kingston, Surrey.
Head Henry Faulkner, age 32 master boot maker, born Turville, Buckinghamshire.
Wife Sarah E. Faulkner, age 33, born Somers Town, Middlesex.
Son James Faulkner, age 12, scholar, born Somers Town.
Daughter Eliza Faulkner, age 10, scholar, born Somers Town.
Daughter Emma Faulkner, age 9, scholar, born Kingston, Surrey.
Daughter Rosina Faulkner, age 7, scholar, born Kingston.
Daughter Ada Faulkner, age 5, scholar, born Kingston.
Son Henry Faulkner, age 2, born Kingston.
Daughter Lydia Faulkner, age 1, born Kingston.
1 boarder.

In In the 1881 census civil parish Hammersmith, London, registration district Fulham, sub district St. Paul Hammersmith living at 4 River Terrace.
George Mills age 51, carpenter, born Sal Hill, Middlesex. [must be an error]
Wife Jemima age 53 born Hounslow, Middlesex.
Daughter Emily Mills age 19, Plumassier, born Norbiters?, Surrey.
Son William Mills age 13 born St Pancras, Middlesex.
Son Edwin age 8 born London, Middlesex.
Son in Law James Faulkner age 22 [or possibly 24] Carpenter, born at Hounslow.
His wife Rosa Faulkner age 24, born in London.
George’s grandson George Faulkner age 1 born Hounslow.
Lodger Jesse Burch unmarried, carpenter, age 50 born Hounslow.

In the 1891 census, civil parish Kensington, ecclesiastical parish St Mary Abbotts. registration district Kensington, sub district Kensington living at 5 Melon Place.
James B. C. Faulkner age 32 ??? and waterproof bootmaker, born London. Jemima R. Faulkner age 35? born Hounslow.
Son George H. J. Faulkner age 10 , born Islington.
Daughter Emily E. R. Faulkner age 8, born Hammersmith.
Daughter Blanche R. C. Faulkner age 4, born Kensington.
Son Francois [or Francis] W Faulkner age 2, born Kensington.

In the 1901 census 30 Peel St. Kensington district, Kensington Town subdistrict, London.
James Faulkner, head, age 41, Waterproof Bootmaker, Surbiton?, Surrey.
Wife Jemima R.M. Faulkner, age 44, born London.
Son George Faulkner, age 21, builders labourer, born London.
Daughter Blanche Faulkner, age 14, born London.
Son Frank Faulkner, age 12, born London.
Son Montague Faulkner, age 5, born London.
Daughter Eva Faulkner, age 3, born London.
Boarder Mable Kebby? age 20, housemaid.
Boarder Francis, married, age 32, parlourmaid.
Boarder Thomas Payne, single, age 19, groom, born Copthorn?, Surrey.
Elizabeth West laundry maid.

In the 1911 census 30 Peel St, Kensington.
James Charles Faulkner, widower, married 27 years, age 51, Bootmaker equal? and verger, born London.
Daughter Blanche K. C. Faulkner, single age 24, housekeeper to above, born London.
Son Francis W. Faulkner, single, age 22, assisting bootmaker, born London.
Son Montague H. Faulkner, age 15, assisting bootmaker, born London.
Daughter Eva C.S. Faulkner, age 13, born London.
Daughter Elsie G. Faulkner, age 9, born London.
Boarder Henry Ott, single, age 28, waiter, born Bavaria, Germany.

In the October to December 1941 death index James B. C. Faulkner, age 82, Surrey South Eastern district, Surrey, volume 2a, page 919.
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