NameWilliam Henry MORRIS
Birthabt 1858, London, Middlesex, England
Birthabt 1859, St Pancras, Middlesex
FatherSidney Francis SMITH (-1861)
Marriage23 Feb 1884
ChildrenMarcella Mary (1884-)
 Teresa Florence (1888-1966)
 Philip S. (~1892-1918)
 Ada B. (~1894-)
Notes for William Henry MORRIS
London Electoral Registers 1931
22 Bardolph Road, Islington
Frederick William Harding
Marcella Mary Harding
Teresa Rhoda Harding
Arthur Hoseason
Teresa Catherine Morris
William Henry Morris

London Electoral Registers 1935
22 Bardolph Road, Islington
Marcella Mary Harding [daughter]
Teresa Rhoda Harding [granddaughter]
William Henry Morris
Notes for Teresa Catherine (Spouse 1)
A possible link in the January to March 1859 birth index Teresa Catherine Smith, Pancras, London, volume 1b, page 178

In the 1871 census 45 Gloucester Street, St. George the Matyr, Holborn, London.
Head Catherine Phillips, unmarried, age 68, no profession, St. Martin’s Shand?.
Head Agnes Smith [can’t decipher condition, possibly widow], age 29, mantle maker, born St. Pancras.
Daughter Teresa Smith, age 12, born St. Pancras.
Daughter Mary S. Smith, age 10, born St. Pancras.

In the 1881 census 46 Gloucester St, St George Martyr, Holborn, London.
Mother Marcella Smith, [possibly listed as widow], age 38, dress and mantle maker, born St. Pancras, Middlesex.
Daughter Teresa Smith, unmarried, age 22, machinist, born St. Pancras.
Daughter Mary S. Smith, unmarried, age 20, assistant perfumer, born St. Pancras.
Aunt Catherine Philips, unmarried age 79, born in Erith, an annuitant.
Visitor Claud Symondson, age 19, born St. Pancras, Middlesex, barristers clerk.

Parish Records St. George, Bloomsbury, Camden
Marriage February 23, 1884 William Henry Morris, full age, bachelor, optician, of 50 Devonshire Street, father John Morris, deceased and Theresa [as spelled and the the same as her signature] Winifred Smith, full age, spinster, of 46 Gloucester Street, father Sidney Francis Smith, deceased by licence by J. H. F. Hope, Curate in the presence of Edward Collington?, Nathan Grey and J? Miller.

In the 1891 census civil parish of Islesworth, ecclesiatical parish St Stephens, Middlesex , 3 Lorne? Villas, Hibernia? Rd.
William H. Morris, head, age 32 Spectacles? Makers ???, born London.
Wife Teresa C. Morris, age 31, born Kentish Town.
Daughter Marcella M. Morris age 7, born St Pancras.
Daughter Teresa F. Morris age 2 born ???.
Mother in law Marcella Smith, married, age 49, born Hamptead.
Sister in Law, Mary S. Scrimshaw married, age 30, born St. Pancras.
Neice Mary T. Scrimshaw age 5, born ???.
Nephew Sidney K? Scrimshaw age 2.
Nephew Edward Scrimshaw age 1.
Nephew Herbert Scrimshaw age 5 months.
Nephew Arthur Hudson age 19, taylor.

In the 1901 census civil parish Isleworth, ecclesiastical parish Hounslow St Stephen. 2 Lilley Villas St Stephens? Rd.
William H. Morris, head, age 42, Steel Spectacle Maker, born London.
Wife Teresa Morris age 40, born Kentish Town.
Daughter Marcella M. Morris age 17 born St Pancras.
Daughter Teresa F. Morris age 12 born Southwark.
Son Philip S. Morris age 9 born Hounslow.
Daughter Ada B. Morris age 7 born Hounslow.

In the 1911 census 25 Union Road N. Islington district, Tufnell subdistrict.
William Morris, head, age 52, stell? maker spectacles, born City of London.
Wife Teresa C. Morris, married 27 years, age 51, born Kentish Town, Middlesex.
Teresa Morris, single, age 22, clerk, born Trinty St Southwark.
Ada B Morris, single, born Hounslow.
Son Philip S. Morris, single, age 19, wallpaper assistant salesman, born Hounslow.
Daughter Marcella Harding, married 4 years, born Milman St. London.
Son [of Marcella] Frederick W. Harding, age 3, born Hounslow.
Daughter Teresa R. Harding, born Chiswick, Middlesex.

In the July to September 1933 death index Teresa C. Morris, age 74, Islington, London, volume 1b, page 142.
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