NameGeorge Philip DEARE , 1C2R
Birthabt 1869, Demerara, Guyana
FatherGeorge Beresford DEARE (1840-1907)
MotherAmy Elizabeth HOWKINS (1840-1891)
BirthJul 1888, New York, USA
Deathabt 1955
FatherGeorge S. PETERSON (1864-)
MotherMaudana J. (1864-)
ChildrenGeorge B. (1912-1982)
 Myra Francis (1915-1995)
ChildrenAmy Bernice (1891-1986)
 Marguerite E. (1893-)
Notes for George Philip DEARE
Middle name from Elizabeth Kerchner.

In the 1881 census civil parish of Great Yarmouth, Norfolk 69 Nelson Road N.
George B. Deare age 40, Deputy Commissary Officer [Army] born East Indies.
Wife Amy E. Deare age 40, born Harbury Warwick.
Son Philip Deare age 12 born Demerara, Antigua [Demerara is actually a region of Guyana, South America. Antigua is an island about 750 miles NNW of Georgetown, Guyana].
Son Henry J. Deare age 6 born Barbados.
Son Charles R. Deare age 1 born Yarmouth, Norfolk.
Son William Deare age 4 months born Yarmouth Norfolk. Servant Emma Ellis.

A possible entry in the 1895 Iowa census Philip Deere, age 27, white, born South ????, residence Davenport, Scott.

In the 1900 US census Washington Avenue, St. Louis, Missouri.
Roomer George Deare, single, age 31, born November 1868 Guiana, British South America, father born in India, mother born Isle of Jersey, [If this George Deere is indeed Philip Deere then his mother was born in Harbury Warwickshire. However her family did move around to Hampshire, Devonshire, and France, perhaps the were on the Isle of Jersey for a while also.] immigrated 1894, 6 years in the US, naturalized citizen, bar tender, employed 4 months.
The head of the household is Mrs Sarah Davis. Several of the other roomers are hotel worker, pantry another bar tender, laundry.

In the 1910 US census Christian, Kentucky. The 8 people listed at this place here all mentioned as McGeach? Con. Co. hired ????.
George P. Deare, white, age 39, widower, born South America Guiana, father born East India English, mother born England, cook (construction company).
The others at this address are an engineer (railroad), electrician (railroad), blacksmith (shop), another cook, 2 labourers (construction company) and a wife of one of the laborers.

In the 1940 US census Lindberg [Street?], Buffalo, Erie, New York.
Head George P. Deare, age 73, born South America, living in the same house as 1935, number of hours worked the previous week 98, cook, private cooking.
Wife Myra Deare, age 53, born New York, same house as 1935, hours worked previous week 98, waitress, private cooking.

From Elizabeth Kerchner
Philip T. Deare He traveled all over the country as a crew cook. Construction, railroad building, and public works crews. He felt if he worked as a cook he would never go hungry. Maybe the first years after leaving home were hard in that way. 
Myra, was his 5th wife and his 7th wife. [When they broke up] She returned to her parents in Niagara Falls, NY. He married a friend but regretted it. 8 years later, divorced, he won [Myra] back. They were remarried and were together for the rest of their lives. [They] settled in Buffalo and opened a Restaurant and Inn. It was called "The Caribou Inn" There was also an Ice Cream parlor attached. 
As far as we know, [he] had only one other child with an early wife. A girl who grew up in California. I am not sure of her exact name. Margaret ?
Philip died in 1946. Myra died in her mid 50's from the complications of a serious car accident.  
 end of quote
Notes for Myra Francis (Spouse 1)
from a descendant
Fifth and seventh wife of Philip Deare. As well as marriage year.

In the 1892 New York State census Cambria, Niagara.
Josiah T. Peterson, age 68, farmer. Corintha R. Peterson, age 68.
Anson L. Peterson, age 43, farmer.
M. Francis Peterson, age 36.
Jennie F. Peterson, age 6.
George S. Peterson, age 28, teacher.
Mandana Peterson, age 28.
Myra F. Peterson, age 4.
Harry J. Peterson, age 2.
All are born in the US.

In the 1900 US census Washburn Street, Lockport, Niagara, New York.
Head George S. Peterson, born November 1864 in New York state, parents born in New York state, shipping clerk.
Wife Maudana J. Peterson, born December 1864, married 12 years, 2 children both living, born in New York state, both parents born in New York state.
Daughter Myra Francis Peterson, born July 1888 in New York state, at school.
Son Harry J. Peterson, born June 1890 in New York state, at school.

In the 1910 US census, 5th Street, Niagara Falls, New York.
Head George S. Peterson, age 45, born New York state, foreman at paper mill.
Wife Mandanna Peterson [as spelled], age 45, married 23 years, 3 children all living, born New York state.
Daughter Myra F. Peterson, age 22, single, born New York state, telephone operator in a telephone office.
Daughter Inez M. Peterson, age 6, born New York state.
Son Harry J. Peterson, age 19, born New York state, shipping clerk in graphite works..
Daughter in Law Edna C. Peterson, age 20, born New York state.
Grandson Chester A. Peterson, age 8 months, born New York state.
Father Josias T. Peterson, age 85, widower, own income.

In the 1915 New York State census La Salle, Niagara, New York.
Head George S. Peterson, age 50, born U.S., labor foreman.
Wife Mandana Peterson, age 50, born U.S., housework.
Daughter Myra Deare, age 26, born U.S., housework.
Daughter Inez Peterson, age 11, born U.S., school.
Grandson George B. Deare, age 3, born U.S., no occupation.
Daughter [must be granddaughter] Frances Deare, age 20 days, born U.S., no occupation.
Father J. T. Peterson, age 71, born U.S., retired.

In the 1920 US census LaSalle, Niagra, New York.
George S. Peterson, head, age 55, born New York, parents born in New York, shipping clerk, factory.
Wife Maudana, age 55, born New York.
Daughter Myra P. Deare, age 31, divorced, born in New York, ?????, factory.
Grandson George B. Deare, age 7, born New York.
Granddaughter M. Frances Deare, age 5, born Ohio.
Also listed are Son Harry J Peterson, age 29,
his wife Edna C. Peterson, age 31,
their children Chester A. Peterson, age 10, Mildred L. Peterson, age 9 and
Maudana Peterson, age 7.
Another daughter Inez M. Peterson, age 16.

In the 1925 New York State census Cayuga Drive, Niagara Falls.
Head George S. Peterson, age 60, born United States, Post Master [or perhaps Port Master].
Wife Maudana J. Peterson, age 60, born United States, Postse? Clerk.
Daughter Inez M. Peterson, age 21, born United States, age 21, stenographer.
Daughter Myra F. Deare, age 36, born United States, department manager.
Grandson George B. Deare, age 16?, born United States, school.
Grand daughter M. Frances Deare, age 10, born United States, school.

In the 1946 Polk’s Niagara Falls City Directory, (Niagara County, New York) Myra Deare widow G. Philip r714 88th.
Notes for Magnolia (Spouse 2)
Known as Maggie.

Name and death year from Amy Rodrick.
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