NameCharles KEELING
Birthabt 1795, Penkridge, Staffordshire
Death17 Dec 1871, Congreve, Penkridge, Staffordshire
Birthabt 1795, Stretton, Staffordshire
Deathabt 1870, Penkridge, Staffordshire
ChildrenCharles Reynolds (~1823-1893)
 George Bowker (1823-1905)
 Ellen (~1825-)
 Frederick Joseph (~1827-1911)
 Anne Kitson (~1829-)
 Mary Anne (~1830-)
 Fanny (~1833-)
 Richard (~1838-)
Notes for Charles KEELING
A probable match in the Christening Records. Charles Keeling, born July 30 1794, Christened September 25, 1794, Penkridge, Staffordshire, father Charles Keeling, mother Margaret.

In the 1841 census Charles Keeling, age 45, farmer.
Mary Ann Keeling, age 45.
Charles Keeling, age 18.
George Keeling, age 17,
Helen Keeling, age 16.
Frederick Jos. Keeling, age 14.
Anne Kitson Keeling, age 14.
Mary Anne Keeling, age 12.
Jane Elizabeth Keeling, age 11.
Fanny Keeling, age 8.
Richard Keeling, age 4.
All born in Staffordshire.

In the 1851 census Congreve Hall?.
Charles Keeling, age 56, farmer of 700 acres employing 20 labourers, born Penkridge, Staffordshire.
Wife Mary A. Keeling, age 56, born Stretton, Staffordshire.
Son Charles R. Keeling, age 28, farmer of 286 acres employing 8 labourers.
Son George B. Keeling, age 27, farmer’s son.
Daughter Ellen Keeling, age 25. F
rederick Keeling, age 24, miller.
Daughter Kitson Keeling, age 22.
Daughter Mary A. Keeling, age 21.
Daughter Fanny Keeling, age 18.
Son Richard Keeling, age 13.
All the children were born in Penkridge.
2 house servants.

In the 1861 census Congreve, Penkridge, Staffordshire.
Head Charles Keeling, age 66, farmer 375 acres employing 9 labourers and 2 boys, born Penkridge, Staffordshire.
Wife Mary Ann Keeling, age 66, farmer[’s] wife, born Stretton, Staffordshire.
Daughter Helen Keeling, unmarried, age 36, farmers daughter, born Penkridge.
Daughter Ann Kitson Deakin, unmarried, age 33, farmers daughter, born Penkridge.
Daughter Fanny Keeling, unmarried, age 25, farmers daughter, born Penkridge.
Grandson Charles James Keeling, age 6, visitor, scholar, born Penkridge.
Visitor Mary Francis Penny, unmarried, age 23, born Wootton, Lancashire.
2 servants.
[In the next house are Jane and Anne Keeling, 2 unmarried sisters, age 71 and 62 respectively, both born in Penkridge. As well as 2 visitors from Liverpool. Could the Keeling sisters be sisters to Charles Keeling? Apparently they are his sisters. See next census.]

In the 1871 census Congreve, Penkridge, Staffordshire.
Head Charles Keeling, widower, farmer of 300 acres employing 6 men and 1 boy, born Congreve, Staffordshire.
Daughter Anne K. Keeling, unmarried, age 39, born Congreve.
Daughter Mary A. Keeling, unmarried, age 35, born Congreve.
Sister Anne Keeling, unmarried, age 73, born Congreve.
A visitor and 6 servants.

In the October to December 1871 death index, Charles Keeling, age 77, Penkridge, Staffordshire, volume 6b, page 339.

National Probate Calendar
February 9, 1872. The Will of Charles Keeling late of Congreve in the Parish of Penkridge in the County of Stafford Farmer who died 17 December 1871 at Congreve was proved at the the Principal Registry by Charles Reynolds Keeling of Yew Tree Farm in the said Parish Farmer and George Bowker Keeling of Hampton House in the said Parish Farmer the Sons the Executors. Effects under 6000 pounds.
Notes for Mary Ann (Spouse 1)
In the January to March 1870 death index, Mary Ann Keeling, age 75, Penkridge, Staffordshire, volume 6b, page 294.
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