NameJoseph Hutton DUPUIS , Half 1C4R
Birth9 Jan 1827, London, Middlesex, England
Baptism4 Apr 1827
Death18 Nov 1903, Hartlepool, Durham, England
OccupationBritish Consul
FatherJoseph H. DUPUIS (1789-1874)
MotherEvelina TURNER (1801-1874)
Birthabt 1837, At Sea
Death6 Oct 1860, Sulina, Turkey
FatherThomas STRICKLAND (1807-1874)
MotherMargaritta A THOMPSON (-1863)
Marriage1859, West Ham, Essex
ChildrenJulia Margaret Strickland (1860-1879)
BurialBengazi, Libya
ChildrenEvelyn Mary Jessie (1866-1954)
Notes for Joseph Hutton DUPUIS
Name, birth year and death year from “Turner” by James Hamilton.

Parish Records St James, Picadilly, Westminster
Baptism April 4 1827 born January 9 1827 Joseph Hutton Dupuis, parents Joseph and Eveline Dupuis, abode Clapham, father’s occupation consul. [This entry is difficult to decipher.]

From Mike Silburn
Marriage of Joseph Hutton Dupuis and Julia Strickland
Extract from Annual Register edited by Edmund Burke Published 1860 (Google Books)
Page 394
19. At West Ham, Essex, Joseph Hutton Dupuis, esq., H R Majesty's Vice-Consul at Naples, to Julia Lilly, daughter of Capt. Thomas Strickland, of Plaistow, Essex, and niece of Miss Agnes Strickland, the authoress.

The London Gazette May 17, 1872
Foreign Office, April 22, 1872.
The Queen has been graciously pleased to appoint Joseph Hutton Dupuis, Esq., now British Vice-Consul at Soulina, to be Her Majesty’s Vice-Consul at Adrianpole.

In the 1881 census 1 South Terrace Stranton Durham.
Joseph H. Dupuis, head, widower, age 52, Her Majestys [as spelled] Consul for Bengaze in Africa on Leave of Absence, born Middlesex, London.
Daughter Evelyn M.S. Dupuis, age 15, born Pocklington, Yorkshire.
1 Lodger.

In the 1891 census 7 Saville Pl. Newcastle Upon Tyne.
Edward Fothergill, head married, age 35, Dentist LDS RCS Surgeon?, employer, born Darlington Durham.
Wife Annie S. Fothergill, age 46, born Sunderland Durham.
Step Daughter Nora [no H this time] E H Silburn, single, age 26, born Pocklington.
Step daughter Evelyn J. Silburn, age 25, born Pocklington.
Step son, Reginald J. S. Silburn, single, age 24, Solicitor, neither employer or employed, born Pocklington.
Brother in Law Joseph H. Dupuis, widower, age 62, Retired British Consul for the Canary Islands, born London, Middlesex.
Niece Evelyn M. J. Dupuis, single, age 25, born Pocklington.
4 servants.

In the 1901 census 7 St. Marys Pl., Newcastle upon Tyne, Northumberland.
Joseph H. Dupuis, head, widower, age 72, retired British Consul, born London.
Daughter Evelyn M. J. Dupuis, single, age 32, born Pocklington, Yorkshire. 1

In the October to December 1903 death index, Joseph Hutton Dupuis, age 76, Hartlepool, Durham, volume 10a, page 105.

From Mike Silburn
The burial of Joseph Hutton Dupuis. From Cemetery Records Online has him buried in Saint Mary Magdelaine Churchyard Hart, Stockton on the Tees, Cleveland, England. [Which is curious because he died in West Hartlepool and there aren't other Dupuis there. It is also interesting that this is the cemetery where some of the Ryan family are buried. That is the family of Ann Sarah Fothergill, (wife of Edward Fothergill), nee Silburn (William's wife), nee Ryan. And a census does record Joseph Hutton Dupuis as Edward Fothergill's brother in law. Joseph's second wife Mary Jane was born in Stockton. 1843. I do have a sister of Ann Sarah, Mary Jane (born Stockton, 1843, which matches) but I thought she died in 1859. This could be a mistake because it is only an assumption that the Mary Jane Ryan that died in Stockton in 1859 was this one and because I couldn't find a marriage for her or appearing in other census. Well I guess if she married Joseph abroad then this would be true. I'll have to do more research to confirm it I guess.][In addition:The conjecture that Joseph Hutton Dupuis's second wife was in fact Mary Jane Ryan, Annie Sarah Fothergill's sister. I have just realised that, if true, this would mean that Reginald James Singleton Silburn's marriage to Evelyn Mary Jessie Dupuis was a marriage of first cousins. Apparently in England in 1875 it is estimated that 3.5% of marriages were between first cousins.]
Dupuis, Joseph Hatton[Should be Hutton], d. 18 Nov 1903, West Hartlepool Durham , age: 76yr,

From the National Probate Calendar
Dupuis Joseph Hutton of “Deepdale” Wilton-avenue West Hartlepool died 18 November 1903 Administration Durham 7 December 1903 to Evelyn Mary Jessie Silburn (wife of Reginald James Singleton Silburn) Effects 464 pounds 5 shillings

From Mike Silburn
Found mention of Joseph Hutton Dupuis in a Times article on Naples and the death of the consul. It may be of passing interest.
Extract from The Times, Monday, Jan 03, 1859; pg. 8; Issue 23193; col E
Poor Captain Gallwey, of whose death I spoke in my last, was buried on Wednesday last. Most of the British subjects resident in Naples, attended on the occasion, the funeral procession being composed of 15 carriages. Kind hearted and warm in his affections, as a friend he will be much regretted. Strong in his impulses, he was always ready to serve his countrymen, who will call to mind many acts which commanded their gratitude. As Consul, he has ceased to act since December, 1856, when he was struck by paralysis, brought on by the agitation occasioned by increased responsability consequent on the withdrawal of the Minister. He was struck, I believe, with a despatch in his hand. The length of his service has been 24 years, he having succeeded the late Mr. Lushington, and yet dying in the service, and after a service of so long a duration, the law allows, I believe, no pension to his family. Since his attack both Lords Clarendon and Malmesbury have, with a very laudable and justifiable consideration, allowed Captain Gallwey to receive his full salary and the fees, and it is to be hoped that what is called a pensione di grazia will be granted to his widow, The right plan, however, would be to consider, when the fresh arrangements are made in the Consular Service, how far length of service may be considered as establishing a claim for a pension. In the actual circumstances what is to be done in Naples for the public service? We have no Minister, and God forbid that we should have one, except under very altered circumstances. Meantime, a new Consul cannot be appointed, as an exequatur cannot be asked for, and might not be granted. Mr Dupuis, the Vice Consul, however willing he may be to do the business of the Consulate, is scarcely out of his novitiate. Why is not that valuable public officer, Mr Barbar, continued here, at least, ad interim, instead of being sent off to Canea, in Candia?
Notes for Julia Lilly (Spouse 1)
In the April to June 1859 marriage index Joseph Hutton Dupuis and Julia Lilly Strickland are on the same page, West Ham district, Essex, Greater London, volume 4a, page 6.

In the 1841 census Stepney civil parish, Ossulstone (Tower Division) hundred, Middlesex, Stepney district, Ratcliff sub-district.
Thomas Strickland, head, age 30, Master Mariner, not born in county.
Adela Strickland, age 25, born in county.
Margaretta Adela Strickland, age 8, born in county.
John Arthur Strickland, age 6, born in county.
Julia Lilly Strickland, age 4, not born in county.
Mary Strickland, age 2, not born in county.
Margaret Nugent, age 20, not born in county.

In the 1851 census Balaam St. West Ham, Essex.
Margarett Strickland, head, married, age 56, master mariner’s wife, no location listed for where born.
Son Thomas Strickland, unmarried, age 16, Ship Broker’s Clerk, born at sea.
Daughter Julia Strickland, age 14, scholar, born at sea.
Daughter Mary Strickland, age 11, scholar, born at sea.
Daughter Diana Strickland, age 9, scholar, born at sea.
1 servant.

National Probate Calendar
13 April 1876 Administration of the effects of Julia Lilly Dupuis (Wife of Joseph Hutton Dupuis) formerly of Plaistow in the County of Essex but late of Sulina in Turkey who died 6 October 1860 at Sulina was granted at the Principal Registry under the usual Limitations to Francis O’Brien 0f 43 parliament-street Westminster in the County of Middlesex Banking Agent the lawful Attorney of the said Joseph Hutton Dupuis now residing at Adranople in Turkey. Effects under 100 pounds.
Notes for Mary Jane (Spouse 2)
Last name from Clayton Veale.

In the 1871 census 6 Hurworth? Terrace, Darlington, Durham.
Lodger Mary J. Dupuis, married, age 28, born Stockton, Durham.
Lodger Julia M. S. Dupuis, age 10, scholar, born Turkey, British Subject.
Lodger Evelyn M. J. Dupuis, age 5, scholar, born Pocklington, Yorkshire.
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