NameLouisa Langworthy BAKER
BirthJun 1864, Highweek, Devon, England
Death1 Sep 1928, Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England
FatherWilliam L. BAKER (~1834-)
MotherBetsy HEAWARD (~1832-)
BirthMar 1866, Park House, Cambridge
Death6 Nov 1939
OccupationJ. P.
FatherThomas AIKIN-SNEATH (1834-1910)
MotherJessie WALTON (1836-1925)
Marriage20 Aug 1898, St. Augustines, Honour Oak, Lewisham, Kent
ChildrenBeryl Louisa (1899-)
 Joan (1900-1982)
 Nancy Eva (1903-1991)
 Francis Brian (1905-1972)
 Betsy (1907-1998)
Notes for Louisa Langworthy BAKER
From a family member.

In the 1871 census 9 Esplanade? St. James, Dover, Kent.
Lodger Betsy H. Baker, married, age 39, born Newton Abbott, Devon.
Daughter Rosa A. Baker, age 10, scholar, born Cape of Good Hope.
Daughter Louise L. Baker, age 6, scholar, born Newton Bushell, Devon.
Daughter Alice M. Baker, age 5, born Newton Bushell.
Daughter Annie J. Baker, age 2, born Newton Bushell.
Sister Rosabelle Bond, age 42, born Bushell Newton.
1 servant.
They are staying with Mary Ann Russell, age 40, annuitant, born Ramsgate, Kent.

In the 1881 census 2 Brunswick Place, Newton Abbot, Highweek civil parish, Devon.
Head William L. Baker, age 47, Surgeon, born Wolborough, Devon.
Wife Betsy Heaward Baker, age 49, born Wolborough.
Daughter Rosa Anne Baker, unmarried, age 20, born Cape of Good Hope.
Daughter Louisa Langworthy Baker, age 16, born Highweek, Devon.
Daughter Anne Josephine Baker, age 12, born Highweek.
Son William L. Baker, age 4, born Aden Arabia.
Wife’s sister Rosabella Bond, unmarried, age 52, born Highweek.
2 servants.

In the 1891 census Yarboro Road, Sunny Mount, St. Nicholas, Lincolnshire.
Head William L. Baker, age 57, Hon. Brigade Surgeon Medical Staff (Army), born Newton Abbott, Devon.
Wife Betsey H. Baker, age 59, born Newton Abbott.
Daughter Louisa L. Baker, single, age 27, born Bushel Newton, Devon.
Daughter Anne J. Baker, single, age 22, born Newton Bushel, Devon.
Son William L. Baker, age 14, scholar, born Aden, Andid?.
Wife’s sister Rosabella Bond, single, age 62, born Newton Abbott.
2 servants.

In the 1901 census 10 Chepston Place, Kensington Town, Kensington, London.
Head Betsy H. Baker, widow, age 69, own means, born Newton Abbot, Devon.
Daughter Louisa Langworthy Sneath, married, age 35, born Newton Abbot, Devon.
Grandaughter Beryl Louisa Aikin Sneath, age 1, born French Ant?, British Subject.
Grandaughter Joan Aikin Sneath, age 5 months, born Uruguay, British Subject.
A nurse from ???? Rios Argentine, age 23, a nurse maid D????, from Forest Hill, London, age 14. T
hey are staying at Elizabeth R. Graham, widow, age 51, let apartments.

In the July to September 1928 death index Louise L. A. Sneath [as spelled], Tetbury, Gloucestershire, volume 6a, page 340.

National Probate Calendar
Louisa Langworthy Aikin-Sneath of 42 Northfield-road Tetbury Gloucestershire (wife of Francis William Aiken-Sneath) died 1 September 1928 Probate London 6 November 1928 to the said Francis William Aikin-Sneath esquire. Effects 7170 poinds 3 shillings 10 pence.
Notes for Francis William (Spouse 1)
From a family member.

Death date from Anthony Lowth.

In the January to March 1866 birth index Francis W. A. Sneath, Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, volume 3b, page 511.

In the 1871 census Vicarage, Bledlow, Buckinghamshire.
Head Thomas A. Sneath, age 36, Vicar of Bledlow, born Cambridge.
Wife Jessie Sneath, age 34, born London.
Daughter Jessie A. Sneath, age 6, born Park House Cambridge.
Son Arthur A. Sneath, age 5, born Park House.
Son Francis A. Sneath, age 5, born Park House.
Daughter Edith E. A. Sneath, age 4, born Norfolk.
on Donald A. Sneath, age 2, born Cambridgeshire.
Daughter Mary G. A. Sneath, age 1, born Bledlow, Bucks.
4 servants

In the 1881 census Hazelwell (College Road), Cheltenham College, Cheltenham Gloucestershire.
Boarder Francis W. A. Sneath, age 15, scholar, born Cambridge, Cambridgeshire.

In the July to September 1898 Marriage index Francis William Aikin-Sneath and Louisa Langworthy Baker, Lewisham district, Kent, volume 1d, page 1971.

In the 1911 census Burleigh Court, Brinscombe, Minchinhampton, Gloucestershire.
Head Francis William Aikin-Sneath, age 45, private means, employer, born Cambridge.
Wife Louisa Langworthy Aikin-Sneath, age 46, married 12 years, 5 children born alive all still living, born Newton Abbott, Devon.
Daughter Beryl Louisa Aikin-Sneath, age 11, born Buenos Aires, Argentina, British subject by parentage.
Daughter Joan Aikin-Sneath, age 10, born Paysandu, Uruguay.
Daughter Nancy Eva Aikin-Sneath, age 8, born Paysandu, Uruguay.
Son Francis Brian Aikin-Sneath, age 6, born Bedford.
Betsy Aikin-Sneath, age 3, born Paignton, Devon.
1 domestic nurse born Argentina. 1 cook, 1 parlour maid, 1 housemaid all born in England.
Visitor William Cyril Empson, age 52 married, estate agent, born Headingley, Yorkshire.
The house had 17 rooms

National Probate Calendar
Francis William Aikin Sneath J.P. of Hales Mead Pitchcombe Gloucestershire died 6 November 1939 Probate Gloucester 20 February 1940 to Ada Maud Aikin Sneath widow Robert Alfred Lowth [son in law] of no occupation and Gilbert Wellington solicitor. Effects 15059 pounds 0 shillings 5 pence. Resworn 17604 pounds 16 shillings 2 pence.
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