NameFrancis Brian AIKIN-SNEATH O.B.E. , 4C1R
Birth26 Feb 1905, Bedford
Baptism18 May 1905
Death22 Apr 1972, Hartney Witney, Hampshire
OccupationTeacher, University Lecturer, Foreign Office, MI5, Consul, Clergyman
MotherLouisa Langworthy BAKER (1864-1928)
Birth13 May 1909, Germany
DeathFeb 1991, Surrey, England
ChildrenBarbara (1932-1992)
Notes for Francis Brian AIKIN-SNEATH O.B.E.
from a family member

Parish Records Woodchester Gloucestershire
Born February 23, 1905, baptism May 18, 1905 Francis Brian Aikin, parents Francis William Aikin and Louisa Langworth, last name Sneath, of Hillgrove, Rodborough, father is a gentleman, officiating minister T. Aikin Sneath

In the 1911 census Burleigh Court, Brinscombe, Minchinhampton, Gloucestershire.
Head Francis William Aikin-Sneath, age 45, private means, employer, born Cambridge.
Wife Louisa Langworthy Aikin-Sneath, age 46, married 12 years, 5 children born alive all still living, born Newton Abbott, Devon.
Daughter Beryl Louisa Aikin-Sneath, age 11, born Buenos Aires, Argentina, British subject by parentage.
Daughter Joan Aikin-Sneath, age 10, born Paysandu, Uruguay.
Daughter Nancy Eva Aikin-Sneath, age 8, born Paysandu, Uruguay.
Son Francis Brian Aikin-Sneath, age 6, born Bedford.
Betsy Aikin-Sneath, age 3, born Paignton, Devon.
1 domestic nurse born Argentina. 1 cook, 1 parlour maid, 1 housemaid all born in England. Visitor William Cyril Empson, age 52 married, estate agent, born Headingley, Yorkshire.

London electoral Registers 1931
8 The Woodlands, Harrow
Francis Brian Aikin-Sneath
Elizabeth Bartlett
Seymore sidney Shippard
Geoffrey Harold Woolley

Bremen Passenger Lists departed August 23, 1938 on the Europa
Tourist class
Brian Aikin-Sneath, age 33, residence Berlin, British, librarian, destination London, England
Elisabeth Aiken-Sneath, age 29
Barbara Aikin-Sneath

UK Incoming Passenger lIsts
Disembarked October 30, 1959 from the Argentina Star at London
F.B. Aikin-Sneath, born February 26, 1905 , address in UK Overseas League, Park Place, St. James, London, fomreing service, passport issued at Surabaya, country of last permanent residence Brasil.
E.M. E. A. Aikin-Sneath born May 13, 1909, housewife
B. Aikin-Sneath born August 19, 1932

From Rethinking Home: A Case for Writing Local History by Joseph Anthony Amato, 2002
Kell, the following day [May 16, 1940] attended a meeting at Scotland Yard with ‘with P. Game & Knight & Sneath re BUF’s etc.’, presumably to make provisional plans for an operation against the fascists. Sir Philip Game was Metropolitan Police Commissioner. Knight was Charles Maxwell Knight (he usually hyphenated his name), the bizarre MI5 officer made familiar through the “The Man Who WAS M” by Anthony Masters and Joan Miller’s “One Girl’s War”; he was in charge of MI5’s B5 (b) section,, which seems to have operated somewhat independently from the rest of MI5. Sneath was (Francis) Brian Aikin-Sneath, in charge of B7, the section concerned with the general surveillance of the BU and other right-wing groups. He was a somewhat intriguing individual. Born in 1905, he was the son of Francis Aikin-Sneath, who had been a cattle-farmer in Uruguay. He was educated at Harrow and Christ Church, Oxford; after reading chemistry he studied literature and then became an unsuccessful schoolmaster at Dulwich. He left to teach literature in Germany at the Universities of Kiel and Berlin. Originally agnostic, he was appalled by the rise of Nazism, and progressively adopted the view that Christianity was the riposte to it. Curiously enough, his aunt by marriage, Florence, had been active in the BUF [British Union of Fascists] in Chiswick until her death in 1935. He returned to England with his German wife, whom he married in 1932, and joined Mi5 on 1 May 1939, where his experience was naturally important. He retired from from public service in 1965 and entered Wycliffe Hall theological college in Oxford. Both his grandfather Thomas and his uncle Donald had been clergymen. After ordination he became a curate at Hartley Wintney, where he is remembered as a thoughtful and deeply religious person. He died there on 22 April 1972. Until I contacted them his family was entirely unaware of his work with MI5; it is curious indeed that his part in the destruction of the BU has been so long concealed.
Footnote: He graduated in 1924. See fO 395/633 for an attempt by him to establish a British School in Berlin. Married Elizabeth Dudloff [a family member indicated Rudloff] in 1932; OBE 1952. According to W. J. West, “Truth Betrayed” (London, 1987), 219-20 his job concerned German political exiles, some of his memoranda are quoted in A. Glees, “Exile Politics in Britain during the Second World War: The German Social Democrats in Britain (Oxford 1982). In November 1952 he was appointed First Secretary (Information) at Helsinki, which I take to be an intelligence job. He was appointed Consul at Surabaya in 1954, and then moved to South America, becoming Consul (Commercial) at Sao Paulo in September, and holding consular posts there and at Santos.
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From Trevor Baker
[Below is] his signature from 4th May 1942 and his London address:
May 5, 1942 F. B. Aikin-Sneath, 14A Ladbroke Terrace, W11
A full-size photo of the page containing this signature is attached. This is one of almost 3,500 signatures in a visitors book from the officers mess at RAF Leuchars (covering the period 1938 to 1966) . It has 800 Scandinavian signatures (mainly Norwegian resistance fighters) and many SOE agents. It is interesting to see the other people that arrived at RAF Leuchars on 4 May 1942. According to the records of The Royal Norwegian Military College in London, 1942 – 1943, Einar Næss served with MILORG ( According to Sir Peter Tennant’s Touchlines of War, Richard Maycock was Air Attaché, Stockholm. According to John Gilmour’s Sweden, The Swastika and Stalin, from the summer of 1943, Maycock was involved in the secret repatriation of American airmen in unmarked Allied planes. So, I wonder what F B Aikin-Sneath was involved in!
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[RAF Leuchars is located near the north-east coast of Fife in Scotland near Dundee. Today it is the home of 2 Typhoon squadrons.]

London Gazette July 27, 1943
The undermentioned to be 2nd Lieutenants
June 17, 1943
Francis Brian Aiken-Sneath

London Electoral Registers 1946
14a Ladbroke Terrace, Kensington
Elizabeth Aikin-Sneath
Francis Aikin-Sneath

London Gazette June 8, 1950
Francis Brian Aikin-Sneath,
Esquire, Grade I assistant, Foreign Office

UK Outgoing Passenger Lists
Departed February 11, 1954 from Southampton, England on the Willem Ruys, destination Djakarta, first class, Francis Brian Aikin-Sneath, age 48, of 14A Ladbroke Terrace, London W. 11, Foreign Service, country of last permanent address England, country of intended permanent residence Indonesia. Elizabeth Aikin-Sneath, age 44. Barbara Aikin-Sneath, age 21.

London Gazette May 7, 1954
Foreign Office
Francis Brian Aikin-Sneath, Esquire, O.B.E. to be Her Majesty’s Consul for the Republic of of Indonesia, with the exception of the Provinces of North, Central and South Sumatra and West and Central Java, to reside at Surabaya; and to be also Her Majesty’s Consul for Portugese Timor (7th March, 1954)

UK Outgoing Passenger Lists
Departed August 17, 1957 London England on the Highland Monarch, designation Santos, Brazil, Francis Aikin-Sneath, born February 26, 1905, married, address in UK ℅ Overseas League, Saint James’, London S.W. 1, H.M. Foreign Service, country of intended permanent residence Brazil. Elizabeth Aikin-Sneath, born May 13, 1909, married, housewife. Barbara Aikin-Sneath, born August 19, 1932, single, no occupation.

London Gazette December 3, 1957
Francis Brian Aikin-Sneath, Esquire, O.B.E., to be Her Majesty’s Consul at Sao Paulo (4th September, 1957)

UK Incoming passenger Lists
Departed Santos [Santo Paulo], Brazil Arrived on the Argentina Star at London October 30, 1959, England, F. B. Aikin-Sneath, born February 26, 1905, address in UK c/o Overseas League, Park Place, St. James, London SW1, married, foreign service Surabaya, UK citizen, last permanent residence Brazil, country of intended permanent residence - subject to Foreign Office. E.M.E.A. Aikin-Sneath, born May 13, 1909, married, housewife. B. Aikin-Sneath born August 19, 1932, female, single, citizen of UK and Brazil.

British Phone Books 1970 Guildford
Rev. F.B. Aikin-Sneath, Carfax, Glebe La, Hartley Wintney 2327

In the April to June 1972 death index Francis Brian Aikin-sneath, born February 23, 1905, [note the 3 day difference in birth day] died age 67, Winchester, Hampshire, volume 6b, page 1992
Notes for Elizabeth Mathiilde Emilie Anna (Spouse 1)
from a family member

death date from Anthony Lowth.

In the February 1991 death index Elisabeth Aikin-Sneath, born May 13, 1909, died age 81, Surrey North-western district, Surrey, volume 17, page 877.
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