NameFrancis William COSENS
BirthSep 1848, Lower Tulse Hill, Surrey
Baptism27 Sep 1848
Death15 Feb 1907, 46 Cleveland Square, Hyde Park, London
Burial20 Feb 1907, Norwood Cemetery, Norwood Road, Lambeth
Birth1854, Paddington, London, England
Death29 Jun 1937
ChildrenRosa Frances (~1878-1915)
Notes for Francis William COSENS
In the July to September 1848 birth index Francis William Cosens, Lambeth district, Surrey, volume 4, page 227.

London England Birth and Baptisms, St. matthew, Brixton, Lambeth
September 27, 1848, Francis William Cosens son of Frederick William and Rosa Frances Cosens, Lower Tulse Hill, father is a Merchant.

In the July to September 1876 marriage index Francis William Cosens on the same page as Evelyn Ullathorne, Kensington district, London, volume 1a, page 342

In the 1881 census 13 Collingham Rd., Kensington, Middlesex. Head Frank Cosens, age 32, Sherry Shipper, born Tulse Hill, Surrey. Wife Evelyn Cosens, age 26, born Paddington, Middlesex. Daughter Rosa Cosens, age 3, born Kensington, Middlesex. Son Frederick Cosens, age 2, born Kensington. 4 servants

In the 1891 census 46 Cleveland St., Kensington, London, civil parish of Paddington. Head Francis Cosens, age 42, Sherry Broker, born Lambeth London. Wife Evelyn Cosens, age 36, born Paddington, London. Daughter Rosa Cosens, single, age 13, born Kensington, London. Son Frederick Cosens, age 12, born Kensington. 5 servants

In the 1901 census 46 Cleveland St. Head Francis Wm. Cosens, age 52, Sherry Shipper, born Lower Tulse Hill, Surrey. Wife Evelyn Cosens, age 46, born Notting Hill, London. Daughter Rosa F. Cosens, single, age 23, born South Kensington, London. 4 servants

In the January to March 1907 death index Francis William Cosens, age 58, Paddington district, London, volume 1a, page 66.

London England Burials
Norwood Cemetary, Norwood Road, Lambeth, Francis William Cosens of 46 Cleveland Square, Hyde Park, buried February 20, 1907, age 58 by William Bord M.A. Vicar of All Saints Paddington.

National Probate Calendar
Francis William Cosens of 46 Cleveland-square Hyde Park Middlesex and 16 Water-lane London died 15 February 1907 at 46 Cleveland-square Probate London 22 March to Evelyn Cosens widow and Frederick George Cosens and Philip Jon Cosens esquires Effects 63107 pounds 5 chillings 1 pence.
Notes for Evelyn (Spouse 1)
from Martin Wood
[Author: "The Family and Descendants of St. Thomas More". Published in the UK by 'Gracewing'. April 2008.]
Through her father, George Hutton Ullathorne (1819-1882), she was the 10 x great-granddaughter of Sir/St Thomas More. In spite of the persecution of Catholics in England from the time of the reformation until the mid 1800s, the line of descendants to which Emily belonged remained constant in their Catholic faith. Emily was brought up a Catholic, but whether she continued in this faith as an adult, I do not know.
In the October to December 1854 birth index Evelyn Ullathorne, Kensington, London, volume 1a, page 64.

In the 1861 census Ladbrooke Terrace, Bloomfield Lodge, Kensington Town, Middlesex. Head George H. Ullathorne, age 41, general merchant, born St. Georges, Middlesex. Wife Emily A? Ullathorne, age 34, born Middlesex. Son George C. Ullathorne, age 13, scholar, born Kensington, Middlesex. Daughter Florence Ullathorne, age 8, born Kensington. Daughter Elvyn [as spelled] Ullathorne, age 6, scholar, born Kensington.. Daughter Mary F. Ullathorne, age 5 weeks, born Kensington. Daughter Emily A Ullathorne, age 12, scholar, born Kensington. A Parlour Maid, a house maid, a cook, seemingly another servant whose occupation is indecipherable, a groom and the groom’s wife.

In the 1871 census 7 Ladbroke Terrace, Kensington, London. Head George Ullathorne, age 51. flax spinner, born St. Giles, Middlesex. Wife Emily Ullathorne, age 43, born St. Giles, Middlesex. Son George Ullathorne, age 23, born Kensington. Son Sydney Ullathorne, age 19, born Kensington. Daughter Florence Ullathorne, age 18, born Kensington. Daughter Evelyn Ullathorne, age 16, born Kensington. Daughter Mary Ullathorne, age 10, scholar, born Kensington. Daughter Alice Ullathorne, age 8, scholar, born Kensington. Daughter Alena Ullathorne, age 3, born Kensington. 5 servants.

In the 1911 census 46 Cleveland Square . Paddington, London. Head Evelyn Cosens, age 56, widow, 2 children born alive both still living, born London. Daughter Rosa Cosens, age 33, single, born London. Companion Christine Currasing?, age 29, single, born Edinburgh. 3 servants.

In the 1935 phone directory Mrs. Evelyn Cosens, Blackbirds,Tillingham.

In the April to June 1937 death index Evelyn Cosens, Maldon district, Essex, volume 4a, page 792.

National Probate Calendar
Evelyn Cosens of Blackbirds Tillingham Essex widow died 29 June 1937 Probate London 13 October 1937 to Yvonne Mary Dyas (wife of George Eldridge Dyas) and Austin James Wright solicitor. Effects 6038 pounds 11 shillings 10 pence.
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