NameNellie Hannah CHAPMAN
Birth4 May 1904
Death1971, Hendon, Middlesex, London
Birth4 Feb 1902, Goshel Oak, London
Death1977, Hendon, Middlesex, London
FatherAlfred Vernon Owen SYMONDSON (~1864-1937)
MotherLydia Ann BAYLISS (~1864-1923)
 Dolly (1935-1935)
Notes for Nellie Hannah CHAPMAN
In the July to September 1971 death index Nellie Hannah Symondson, Hendon, Middlesex, volume 5c, page 563, born May 4, 1904.
Notes for Reginald Bernard (Spouse 1)
In the January to March 1902 birth index Bernard Reginald Symondson, St. Pancras district, London, volume 1b, page 161. [I wonder why the first and middle names are reversed.]

In the 1911 census 28 Montagu RD Hendon, Hendon district, Middlesex.
Head A. V. Symondson, married 27 years, male, age 47, civil servant western house, born St. Pancras.
Wife L.A. Symondson, age 47, born Hampstead.
Daughter E.V. Symondson, single, age 24, female tellers, Somerset House, born St. Pancras. S
on J.H. Symondson, single age 21, no occupation at present, born St. Pancras.
Son P.S. Symondson, single, age 17, boy messenger, born St. Pancras.
Son F.V.C? age 14, boy stamper, born St. Pancras.
Daughter D.M. Symondson age 11, school, born St. Pancras.
Son R.B. Symondson age 9, school, born London Goshel Oak.

In the July to September 1924 marriage index Reginald B. Symondson and Nellie A. Chapman, Pancras district, Middlesex, volume 1b page 128.

London Electoral Registers 1927
8 Chenies Place, St. Pancras, Camden
Emma Jane hayward
Frederick Raper
Sarah Elizabeth Raper
Israel Rubins
Reginald Bernard Symondson
[I wonder why Nellie is not listed]

In the January to March 1977 death index Reginald Bernard Symondson, Hendon, Middlesex, volume 13, page 0769, born February 4 1902.
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