NameFrederick Malcolm WHARTON MBE
BirthJun 1875, Holly Cottage, Kings Heath, Birmingham, Warwickshire
Death30 Sep 1946, 74 Stanmore Road, Edgbaston, Warwickshire
OccupationChemist, Works Manager
Birthabt 1880, Handsworth, Staffordshire
Death27 Aug 1953
FatherWilliam Bartlett STOKES (~1850-1926)
MotherAda Betsy PRITCHARD (~1855-1900)
ChildrenLionel Frederick (1903-1992)
 Mary Hilary (1905-1979)
 Geoffrey William (1909-2001)
Notes for Frederick Malcolm WHARTON MBE
From Jane Moyle
Known as Happy
Birth date and location and death date and location.
Frederick was Chief Chemist to the Mint of China during the Boxer Revolution of about 1912.

In the April to June 1875 birth index Frederick Malcolm Wharton, Kings Norton, Worcestershire, volume 6c, page 428.

In the 1881 census Alcester Road, Kings Norton, Worcestershire. Head Fredk. Wharton, age 43, clerk, born Kings Heath. Wife Elizth. Wharton, age 36, born London, Middlesex. Daughter Florence Wharton, age 8, born Kings Heath. Son Fredk. Wharton, age 5, born Kings Heath. 1 servant.

In the 1891 census Holly Cottage, Kings Heath, Kings Norton, Worcestershire. Head Frederick Wharton, age 53, auctioneer, employer, born Kings Heath, Worcestershire. Wife Elizabeth Wharton, age 46, born London. Daughter Florence M. Wharton, age 18, born Kings Heath. Son Frederick M. Wharton, age 15, scholar, born Kings Heath.

In the October to December 1902 Marriage index Frederick Malcolm Wharton and Julianna Hampton Stokes are on the same page, Kings Norton, Worcestershire, volume 6c, page 817.

From Arms and Explosives, September 1912 courtesy Jane Moyle
New Works Manager at Stowmarket
Owing to the retirement of Mr. J. C. Ody from the position of works manager at Stowmarket, the task of finding a fresh occupant for this important post has engaged attention for some time past. The choice has finally fallen upon Mr. F. M. Wharton whose career up to date has contained many interesting practical experiences, including an amount of attention to research work which indicates a desire to get to the root of things.

In a trade where so much turns on personal acquaintance with peculiar problems involved in the manufacture and handling of explosives, the New Explosives Company may be considered fortunate in having been able to fill the vacant appointment with one who combines a wide general experience with a knowledge of the work of two well-known factories. Mr. Wharton received his chemical education at Mason’s College, Birmingham … [a few sentences ommited] …In conjunction with Professor Frankland he was engaged for a further two years in chemical research work, the results of which have been published in various issues of the Journal of Chemical Society.

Having decided to take up the calling of public analyst, Mr. Wharton became associated with Mr. Chattaway, F.I.C., who held that office in the boroughs of Hammersmith and Colchester. At the end of two years, having been been offered and having accepted the post of assayer to the Imperial Mint of China, Nanking, he proceeded to that country and carried on the work of the new position for a period of two years. On returning to England in 1902 he obtained the appointment of assistant chemist at the National Explosive Company’s works at Hayle, Cornwall. having remained there for five years he transferred his activities to Messrs. Curtis’s & Harvey’s Cliffe factory. Starting as a chemist he ultimately became works manager, which position he held until 1910, when the desire to gain fresh experience again took possession of him. He renewed the old connection with China, being appointed assayer and chemical advisor to the Chinese Mints. The revolution and general disorganization of the country led to his return home last may, so that after a comparatively short interruption of his association with the trade, he once more placed himself under the jurisdiction of the Explosives Act. Close attention to work has not prevented Mr. Wharton from intimately concerning himself with the various branches of athletics. His organizing ability has been well employed in arranging and supervising the recreations of the staff and workmen at the various factories where he has been engaged.

The photograph [not shown], which has been specially taken for this occasion, shows him to be in the prime of life. A long and prosperous career as manager of the important factory which has been placed under his control will certainly be anticipated in view of the virility of disposition and enthusiasm for technical studies which are the two outstanding elements of his personality.
end of quote

From a document in the possession of Jane Moyle
Frederick Malcolm Wharton Esq.
Appointed a Member of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire [MBE], June 3, 1918.

National Probate Calendar
Frederick Malcolm Wharton of 74 Stanmore-road Edgbaston Birmingham died 30 September 1946 Probate Birmingham 28 March 1947 to Juliana Hampton Wharton widow and Lionel Frederick Wharton labour manager. Effects 5933 pounds
Notes for Julianna Hampton (Spouse 1)
In the January to March 1880 birth index Julianna Hampton Stokes, West Bromwich, volume 6b, page 733.

In the 1881 census 101 Westminster Road, Handsworth, Staffordshire.
Head W. B. Stokes, age 31, bank cashier, born Ironbridge, Shropshire.
Wife Ada B. Stokes, age 26, born Tenbury, Worcestershire.
Daughter J. H. Stokes, age 1, born Handsworth.
Brother in Law A. W. Pritchard, age 21, draper, born Worcestershire.
1 visitor, 1 servant.

In the 1891 census Prospect Rd. (Abingdon? House) Moseley, Worcestershire, King’s Norton parish.
Head William B. Stokes, age 41, Bank Manager, born Ironbridge.
Wife Ada B. Stokes, age 36, born Tenbury Worcestershire.
Daughter Julianna H. Stokes, age 11, born Handsworth, Staffordshire.
Son James H. Stokes and daughter Ellen H. M. Stokes, age 7, born Birmingham, Warwickshire.
Son Reginald S. Stokes, age 6, born Kings Heath Worcestershire.
Sons Wilfred Victor Stokes and Cedric R. Stokes, under 2 months, born Moseley, Worcestershire.
A governess and a servant.

In the 1901 census 407 Coventry Road, Deritend, Aston, Warwickshire.
Head William B. Stokes, widower, age 51, bank manager, born Ironbridge, Shropshire.
Daughter Julianna H. Stokes, single, age 21, dispenser’s assistant, born Handsworth, Staffordshire.
Son James H. Stokes, age 17, Jewellers Warehouseman, born Birmingham.
Daughter Ellen H. M. Stokes, age 17, born Birmingham.
Son Reginald S. Stokes,age 16, born Kings Heath, Worcestershire.
Son Wilfred V. Stokes, age 10, born Moseley, Worcestershire.
1 servant.

In the October to December 1902 marriage index Julianna Hampton Stokes is on the same page as Charles William Thompson and Frederick Malcom Wharton, Kings Norton district, volume 6c, page 817. [The Wharton Family Tree on says she married Frederick M. Wharton]

Midlands Electoral Registers 1930
74 Stanmore Road, Edgbaston
Frederick Malcolm Wharton
Julianna Hampton Wharton

Lionel Wharton
Eleanor Joan Margarita Wharton
Adeline Hind

Midlands Electoral Registers 1935
74 Stanmore Road, Edgbaston
Frederick Malcolm Wharton
Julianna Hampton Wharton

Geoffrey William Wharton

Midlands Electoral Registers 1939
74 Stanmore Road, Edgbaston
Frederick Malcolm Wharton
Julianna Hampton Wharton

In the July to September 1953 death index Juliana [as spelled] H. Wharton, age 73, Birmingham district, volume 9c, page 196.

National Probate Calendar
Juliana [as spelled] Hampton Wharton of 74 Stanmore-road Edgbaston Birmingham 16 widow died 27 August 1953 probate Birmingham 18 November to lloyds Bank Limited and Lionel Frederick Wharton labour manager. effects 11670 pounds.
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