NameHerbert Thompson MUSGRAVE , 4C3R
Birth1872, Bradford, Yorkshire
FatherPeter William MUSGRAVE (1837-1913)
MotherHenrietta NUNNS (1839-1890)
Notes for Herbert Thompson MUSGRAVE
In the July to September 1872 birth index Herbert Thompson Musgrave, Bradford, Yorkshire, volume 9b, page 114.

In the 1881 census Manby House, Otley Yorkshire. Head Peter William Musgrave, age 42, Woolstapler, born Otley, Yorksire. Wife Henrietta Musgrave, age 40, born Otley. Son William Musgrave, age 19, woolstaplers apprentice, born Bradford. Son Charles Musgrave, age 17, woolstaplers apprentice, born Bradford. Daughter Sarah E. Musgrave, age 11, scholar, born Bradford. Daughter Martha Musgrave, age 9, scholar, born Bradford. Son Herbert L.? Musgrave, age 8, scholar, born Bradford. Daughter Edith M. Musgrave, age 7, scholar, born Bradford. Daughter Henrietta Musgrave, age 5, born Otley. Daughter Florence Musgrave, age 4, born Otley. 3 servants.

In the 1891 census Manby House, Otley, Yorkshire. Head Peter W. Musgrave, widower, age 53, Woolstapler, born Otley, Yorkshire. Son Thomas Musgrave, age 25, single, woolstapler, born Bradford, Yorkshire. Son John R. Musgrave, single, age 23, hydrolic [as spelled] machine maker, born Bradford. Daughter Sarah E. Musgrave, age 21, single, born Bradford. Daughter Martha Musgrave, single, age 20, born Bradford. Son Herbert T. Musgrave, single, age 18, hydrolic machine maker, born Bradford. Daughter Edith Mary Musgrave, age 17, born Bradford. Neice Elizabeth Sarah Baines, single, age 20, school teacher, born Leeds. 2 servants.

In the October to December 1930 death index Herbert T. Musgrave, age 58, Wharfedale district, Yorkshire, volume 9a, page 184
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