NameBeatrice Maud Deakin GARMESON , 3C2R
Birth1877, England
Death9 Jun 1941
FatherJohn Deakin GARMESON (1851-1911)
MotherEmily Maud HEDGES (1861-1917)
Notes for Beatrice Maud Deakin GARMESON
In the January to March 1877 birth index there is a Beatrice Maud D. Garmeson, born Pancras, London, Middlesex, volume 1b, page 129. [The name and location match but not the year. This could be an older sister who died young and the parents named the second child after the first. However there is no Beatrice Maud Garmeson listed in the 1880 index and there is no Beatrice Maude Garmeson listed in the death indexes in the 1870s. Since there are numerous other errors in her brothers and sisters birth dates, I suggest, Beatrice was actually born in 1877 and the parents for some reason used a different date.]

In the 1900 US Census twenty-first Street, district 129, San Francisco, California. Head John D. Garmeson, born December 1853, England, parents born in England, immigated 1883, 17 years in U.S, Book Keeper. Wife Maud Garmeson, born January 1861, England, mother of 6 children, 6 living, immigrated 1883. Daughter Beatrice Garmeson, born January 1880 in England, single, immigrated 1883. Son Reginald Garmeson, born May 1884 [incorrect], England, immigrated 1885 [incorrect], office boy. Daughter Violet Garmeson, born August 1885 Illinois, at school. Son George Garmeson, born October 1887 Illinois, at school. Son Bertie Garmeson, born February 1891, California. Son Russell Garmeson, born June 1896, California.

In the 1910 US census Alpine Road, district 167, assembly district 37, San Francisco, California. Head John D. Garmeson, age 58, married 25 years, immigrated 1888 [?], born in England, bookkeeper. Wife Emily M. Garmeson, age 45, born in England, 6 children, 6 living, immigrated 1888, Daughter Beatrice Garmeson, age 23, single, born England, bookkeeper. Son Reginald Garmeson, age 22, born England, clerk hardware. Daughter Violet Garmeson, age 19, born Chicago, bookkeeper photo and optical. Son Bert Garmeson, age 17, born California, apprentice painter. Son Russell Garmeson, age 13, born California.

In the 1920 US Census, Golden Gate 17 Avenue, district 240, Assembly District 30, San Francisco, California. Head Beatrice Garmeson, single, age 29, born England, immigrated 1896, bookkeeper for a shoe company. Brother Bert Garmeson, single, age 28, born California, painter. Sister Violet Garmeson, single, age 26, born Illinois, no occupation. Brother Russel [as spelled], single, age 23, born California, machinist for iron works.

California Death Index Beatrice Maud Garmeson, born January 5 1880 in another country, died June 9 1941, San Francisco, mother’s maiden name Hedgens [as spelled], father’s surname Garmeson.
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