NameRosa Emily SHARPLEY , 1C3R
Birth12 Oct 1876, Chatham, Kent
DeathJan 1956
FatherJohn SHARPLEY (-<1891)
MotherRosa MILLS (~1845-1937)
Birthabt 1873, Hounslow, London, England
FatherAugust ARNOLD (~1833-1874)
MotherEmily IRVINE (~1840-1879)
Marriage4 Nov 1895
ChildrenGeorge Albert (1896-)
 Agnetta (1899-1998)
 Stewart Carl (1901-1935)
 Henrich Jack Ernest (1903-1973)
 Reginald (1904-)
Notes for Rosa Emily SHARPLEY
In the October to December 1876 birth index Rosa Emily Sharpley, Medway, Kent volume 2a, page 520.

In the 1881 census No. 2. Middleton Place Cage Lane, Chatham, Kent.
Rosa Sharpley, wife, married, age 35, laundress, born Hounslow.
Son William Sharpley, age 13, born Hounslow.
Son John Sharpley, age 9, born London.
Daughter Rosa Sharpley, age 4, born Chatham Kent.

In the 1891 census Grove Road No. 1. Isleworth, Middlesex.
Head Rose Sharpley, widow, age 45, laundress, born Hounslow, Middlesex.
Son William Sharpley, single, age 23, labourer, born Hounslow.
Daughter Rosa E. Sharpley, age 14, born Chatham, Kent.
Boarder Mary A. Perrin, widow, age 72, living on own means, born Bayl, Ireland.

Parish Records
St. Mary, Lambeth, London
November 4, 1895 Alberto Walter Arnold, age 23, bachelor, mason, 13 Princess Road, father Alberto Walter Arnold, deceased, musician and Rosa Emily Sharpley, age 21, spinster, 13 Princess Road, father John Sharpley, deceased, musician.
In the presence of George Whitehead and Annie Robbins.

In the 1901 census Brunswick Cotts, Grove Road, Isleworth, Middlesex.
Head Albert W. Arnold, age 27, stonemason, born Hounslow, Middlesex.
Wife Rosa Emily Arnold, age 25, born Chatham, Kent.
Son George A. Arnold, age 5, born Hounslow.
Daughter Agnetta Arnold, age 1, born Hounslow. Son Stewart Carl Arnold, age 5 weeks, born Hounslow.

[from Veronica Lisle ]In the 1911 census 42 Grove Road, Hounslow, Middlesex.
Head Albert Arnold, age 40, stone mason, worker, born Hounslow, Middlesex.
Wife Rosa Arnold, age 35, married 16 years, 5 children born alive all still living, birth location not given.
Son George Arnold, age 15, Post Office messenger, born Hounslow.
Daughter Agnetta Arnold, age 12, school, born Hounslow.
Son Stewart Arnold, age 10, school, born Hounslow.
Son Jack Arnold, age 8, school, born Hounslow,
Son Reginald Arnold, age 6 1/2, school, born Hounslow.
The house had 6 rooms.

In the January to March 1956 death index Rosa E. Arnold, age 79, Ealing, Middlesex, volume 5e, page 218.
Notes for Albert Walter (Spouse 1)
From Veronica Lisle actual name was Albert Heinrich/Heinrich Arnold

In the 1881 census 39 Lion and Lamb Road, Heston, Middlesex.
Head Annie Irvine, widow, age 77, born Newtown, Middlesex. [Annie is the maternal grandmother of the Arnolds]
Grand Daughter Minnie Arnold [as spelled], unmarried, age 21, housekeeper, born London.
Grandson Carl Arnold, unmarried, age 19, railway clerk, born Scotland.
Grandson William Arnold, age 13, scholar, born Scotland.
Grandson Bertie Arnold, age 9, born Hounslow, Middlesex.

In the 1891 census
Sidney F. Simmonds age 28 born Hounslow, occupation clerk.
Wife Wilhelmia age 28 born London, Middlesex.
Children Gertrude E. age 5,
Sydney C. age 4
Wilhelmina age 2,
Henry N. age 1 all born at Hounslow.
Brother in law Alerts? [Alberto] W. Arnold age 18, born at Hounslow Stonemasons apprentice.
Living at 1 Rose Villa, Hounslow, Isleworth Parish, Heston and Isleworth Sanitation district.
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