NameDavid F. MELVIN
Birth22 Jun 1884, Ontario, Canada
FatherThomas MELVIN (1844-)
MotherEliza FORD (1848-)
Notes for David F. MELVIN
In the 1891 Canadian Census, Culross, Bruce, Ontario. Thomas Melvin, age 46, born Ontario, father and mother born in Ireland, Methodist, farmer. Wife Eliza Melvin, age 44, born in Ontario, parents born in Ireland, Methodist. Son James Melvin, age 13, born Ontario. Daughter Jane Melvin, age 11, born Ontario. Son William Melvin, age 9, born Ontario. Son David Melvin, age 6, born Ontario. Daughter Theresa Melvin, age 5, born Ontario, Son Thomas Melvin, age 2, born Ontario. Daughter Eliza Melvin, age 5 months, born Ontario.

In the 1901 Canadian Census Culross, Bruce, Ontario. Head Thomas Melvin, born April 28, 1844, age 56, born Ontartio, racial origin Irish, farmer, Methodist. Wife Eliza Melvin, born December 4, 1848, in Ontario, age 52 racial origin Irish, Methodist. Son William J. Melvin, single, born November 21, 1881, in Ontario, age 19, farmer’s son. Son David F. Melvin, born June 22, 1884 in Ontario, age 16, farmer’s son. Daughter Thirza M. Melvin, born May 9, 1886 in Ontario, age 14. Son Thomas N. Melvin, born July 5, 1888 in Ontario, age 12. Daughter Eliza M. Melvin, born November 23, 1890 in Ontario, age 10.

In the 1911 Canadian census Culross, Bruce, Ontario. Head David F. Melvin, single, born June 1884 in Ontario, age 26, Irish racial origin, nationality Canadian, Methodist, farmer, employee, holds $1000 insuarnce. Sister Eliza M. Melvin, single, born November 1890 in Ontario, age 20, Irish racial origin, nationality Canadian, Methodist.
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