NameJessie Vera BRIDGE
Birth28 Jan 1900, Japan
Death8 May 1969, Hampshire
Birth29 Jun 1889, Simla, Bengal, India
Baptism21 Jul 1889
Death1981, Farnham, Surrey
FatherWilliam OGDEN (1853-1914)
MotherEmily Mary STOWELL (1858-1917)
Marriage8 Feb 1922, Tientsin, China
ChildrenAnne Patricia (1922-2012)
 Brian John Neville (1924-2002)
Notes for Jessie Vera BRIDGE
Name, birth date and location, and death date and location from The Hayes Family Tree at by Thomas Richard Hayes.

In the June 1969 death index Jessie Vera Ogden born January 28, 1900, Aldershot, Hampshire, volume 6b, page 14.
Notes for Alwyne George Neville (Spouse 1)
Name, birth data and location, and death year and location from The Hayes Family Tree at by Thomas Richard Hayes.

India Select Births and Baptisms
Born June 29, 1889, Simla, Bengal, India, baptism July 21, 1889, India, Alwyn [as spelled] George Neville Ogden, parents William Ogden and Emily Mary Ogden.

In the 1901 census St. Swithans, New Caxsted Road, Dulwich, Camberwell, London
Boarder Alwyne George Ogden, age 11, boarder pupil, born Simla India.
The head of the household is Montague Mason Snow, assistant master and his family.
4 other boarders
1 servant.

In the 1911 census 36 Woodville Gardens, Ealing, Middlesex.
Head Emily Ogden, age 52, married, married 27 years with 7 children born alive all still living, born Agra, India.
Daughter Alice Ogden, age 24, single, student, born Simla, India.
Daughter Maude Ogden, age 23, single, art student, born Simla, India.
Son Alwyne Ogden, age 21, single, student, born Simla, India.
Daughter Hilda Ogden, age 20, student (Cambridge), born Simla, India.
Daughter May Ogden, age 19, music student, born Wallington, Surrey.
Daughter Evelyn Ogden, age 15, school, born Simla, India.
Visitor Eustace Adams, age 22, law student (Cambridge), born Barberton, South Africa.
2 servants a cook and a housemaid.

California Passenger and Crew Lists
Arrived June 23, 1920 on the Tenyo Maru, departed Shanhai, China
Alwyne G. N. Ogden, age 30, born Simla, India, married, consular officer, nationality Great Britain, last residence Teintsin, China, nearest friend whence came from W. P. Ker, Teintsin, final destination Plymouth, England.

UK, Foreign and Overseas Registers for British Subjects
All Saints Church, Tientsin, China
Marriage February 8, 1922 Alwyne George Neville Ogden, age 32, Bachelor, British Consular Service, residence Shanghai, father William Ogden, auditor Indian Government Railways (deceased) and Jessie Vera Bridge, age 22, spinster, residence Tientsin, father Albert Henry Bridge, Chinese Government Service.
After Banns by S. G. Teakle M.A., Chaplain
In the presence of A. H. Bridge and M. Boniface

UK Incoming Passenger Lists
Departed Shanghai, arrived London, England On the Mantua July 29, 1927. First Class.
Alwyn Ogden, /c/o Mrs C? Twiddy, St. Mary’s Hesdor?, Kent, consular ??, age 37?, last permanent address China.
Jessie Ogden, age 27.
Anne Ogden, age 4
Brian Ogden, age 2.

UK Outward Passenger Lists
Departed London England on the Kaisar-I-Hind on October 28, 1932 destination Shanghai, China. First Class
Alwyne Ogden, last address in UK The Cedar House, Cobham, contracted to land at Shanghai, profession consular, age 43, country of future intended residence China.
Jessie Ogden, age 32.
Anne Ogden, age 9
Brian Ogden, age 7.

UK Outward Passenger Lists
Departed January 5, 1940 from Southampton, on the Viceroy of India, destination Shanghai, China. First Class
Alwyne Ogden, age 50, c/o H.K. and Shanghai Bank, E.C., consular service, China,country of intended future residence China.
Jessie Ogden, age 39.

London Gazette January 1, 1946
Alwyne George Neville Ogden, Esquire, Order of the British Empire, His Majesty’s Consul-General at Shanghai.

UK Incoming Passenger Lists
Departed Hong Kong on the Canton, China, arrived March 23, 1948 in London, England. First Class.
Alwyne G. Ogden, age 58, c/o The Foreign Office, London S.W.1, Pembroke Square, London, occupation Consul General, last permanent address China.
Jessie V. Ogden, age 48, household duties.
Anne P. Ogden, age 25, household duties.

In the September 1981 death index Alwyne George W. [should be N.] Ogden, born June 29, 1889, Surrey South Western district, Surrey, volume 17, page 1146.

From Archives in London and the M25 Area

Administrative/Biographical history:
Sir Alwyne Ogden was born on June 29th 1889, the son of a Railway Auditor. He was educated at Dulwich College and Corpus Christi College, Cambridge. Failing to enter the Indian Civil Service he chose to go to China and was appointed as a Student Interpreter at the British Legation in Peking on December 3rd, 1912. His work involved roaming through Henan Province from August 1916 to the following February, buying cattle for the British Army, serving as Acting Consul at Changsha in 1916 during an anti-foreign riot, and working with the recruitment of the Chinese Labour Corps in Shandong Province from October 1917 to July 1918. Afterwards he served in Peking and Tientsin from 1918-1920, where he met Jessie Vera Bridge, the daughter of a local missionary, Albert Henry Bridge. The couple was eventually married in Tientsin in 1922.
In 1922 he visited the Tibetan frontier on special assignment, before being caught up in a siege in Chengdu upon his arrival to serve as Vice Consul. He became Acting Consul General there from December 23rd, 1922 until the following May. In June 1925 he was appointed Acting Vice Consul at Hankow, and in February 1926 he became Consul at Jiujiang. He served there during the traumatic and violent period when the British concession was overrun and abandoned in January 1927 at the height of the Northern Expedition of the Guomindang. His actions in this period of crisis earned him an OBE in June 1927.
After a period of home leave he served in Tientsin from September 1928 as an Acting Vice Consul, and from January 31st as a full Vice-Consul. He served there, often as Acting Consul General until his next home-leave when he was briefly employed by the Department of Overseas Trade to draw up a booklet entitled China: Notes on some aspects of life in China for the information of business visitors (1934). His next appointment was at Shanghai in 1933. From December 1933 he became Acting Consul at Chefoo, and full Consul from February 1934 until April 1936. After a stint in Kunming he was in charge of the Consulate in Shanghai from March 1937 for two years. During this period he organised the evacuation of all British women and children from the city during the Sino-Japanese hostilities. From February 1940 to April 1941 he was put in charge of the Consulate in Nanjing, then under Japanese occupation. In 1941 he was transferred to Tientsin as Acting Consul General. At the outbreak of the Pacific War he was placed under house arrest with his family before being repatriated in July 1942. Thereafter he was Consul General in Kunming and then Shanghai, where he landed on September 7th 1945. He was responsible for the administration of the internment camps there, which held some 7,000 Britons, until they were closed. For this he was awarded the CMG in 1946. His experiences thereafter in Shanghai, as a member of the newly amalgamated Foreign Service, were not particularly happy and he left the service in 1948, six months after becoming a KBE.
In retirement he played an active role in organisations supporting Chiang Kai-šhek's regime after it fled to Taiwan at the close of the Chinese civil war in 1949. He was also an early advocate and publicist of Tibet's plight after 1950. He wrote reviews of works on contemporary China and its history, and many drafts of an autobiography that was never completed. He maintained an interest in British business relations with China through the China Association, and cultural relations through the China Society. He died in 1981.
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