NameSaint Vladimir SVIATOSLAVICH The Great Grand Prince Of Kiev , 31G Grandfather
Birthabt 958
Death15 Jul 1015, Berestovo
FatherRogvolod (~920-978)
ChildrenYaroslav The Wise (~978-)
2Unknown , 32G Grandmother
ChildrenMaria Dobroniega Of Kiev (>1012-1087)
Notes for Saint Vladimir SVIATOSLAVICH The Great Grand Prince Of Kiev
also known as Vlodymyr
Saint Vladimir of Kiev
Converted to Christianity in 988
Feast day is July 15
Reported to have had several wives and over 800 concubines before his conversion to Christianity.
The Primary Chronicle report in 987 after consulting with the boyars he sent envoys to study religions of neighbouring nation, Muslim, Eastern Orthodox and Catholic. He also consulted with Jewish envoys. He chose the Eastern Orthodox church.

Vladimir had several pagan wives and a few hundred concubines.

Notes for Rogneda (Anastasia) Of Polotsk (Spouse 1)
Vladimir took Polotsk, killed her parents and two brothers then forced Rogneda to marry him. After Vladimir converted to Christianity he divorced all of his wives and married Anna Porphyrogeneta. Rogneda entered a convent and took the name Anastasia.
Notes for Unknown (Spouse 2)
A granddaughter of of Otto the great, possibly Rechlinda Ortona (Regelindis)
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