NameSaint Balthild , 41G Grandmother
Birthabt 626
Death30 Jan 680
BurialAbbey of Chelles, near Paris
Death27 Nov 657
MotherNanthild (~610-642)
ChildrenTheudoric III (654-691)
Notes for Saint Balthild
Of Anglo-Saxon origin, sold into slavery as a young girl and served in the household of Erchinoald, mayor of the palace of Neustria to Clovis..
Mother of 3 Kings. Served as regent when her eldest child Clotaire became king at age 5.
Was known for her charitable work.
Her feast day is January 26 in the Roman Church, however it is celebrated on January 30 in France.

Notes for Clovis II (Spouse 1)
King of Neustria and Burgundy from 639 to 655.
Regarded as an early “roi faineant” or “lazy king” who were ceremonial kings while the mayors of the palace were the effective rulers of the kingdom. He was a minor for most of his rule.

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