NameMary Elizabeth ROBINSON
Birthabt 1857, Newton Reigny, Cumberland
FatherJoseph ROBINSON (~1832-)
MotherMary A. (~1833-)
Birth1849, Long Marton, Westmorland
Baptism17 Jul 1849, Long Marton, Westmorland, England
FatherThomas SIMPSON (1805-1870)
MotherHannah (~1814-1884)
ChildrenMary Constance (1882-)
 John Thomas (~1885-)
 Louisa (1886-)
 Lily (1888-)
 Annie (~1890-)
 Joseph William (1895-)
Notes for Mary Elizabeth ROBINSON

In the 1881 census Grizebeck, Skelton, Penrith, Cumberland. [According to Google maps and following the census this would be Newton Reigny}
Head Joseph Robinson, age 49, farmer of 164 acres, born Longmarton, Westmoreland.
Wife Mary A. Robinson, age 48, born Skelton, Cumberland.
Son Joseph Robinson, age 20, farmer’s son.
Daughter Mary E. Robinson, age 22, farmer’s daughter.
Son George Robinson, age 19, farmer’s son.
Son Rueben Robinson, age 17, farmer’s son.
Son Robert Robinson, age 14, scholar.
Daughter Esther Robinson, age 12, scholar.
Son Timothy Robinson, age 9, scholar.
Son Richardson Robertson, age 8, scholar.
Daughter Louisa Robertson, age 6, scholar.
Son Septimus Robinson, age 6, scholar. [What else would you call the seventh son!]
Mother in Law Esther Johnston, widow, age 76, born Castlesowerty, Cumberland.
[The children are all born in Newton Reigny.]

In the 1911 census 14 Lismore Street, Carlisle, Cumberland.
Head Mary Elizabeth Simpson, age 53, married, married 30 years, 7 children born alive, 6 still living, born Penrith, Cumberland.
Daughter Mary Constance Simpson, age 28, single, born Skelton, Penrith, Cumberland.
Daughter Annie Simpson, age 21, single, millner, worker, born Penrith, cumberland.
Son Joseph William Simpson, age 16, single, grocer’s assistant, worker, born Penrith.
Visitor Alice Amy Sanderson, age 29, single, companion, worker, born York, Yorkshire.
4 boarders.
Notes for Thomas (Spouse 1)
England and Wales Christening Index
Thomas Simson, christened 17 July 1849, Long Marton Westmorland, parents Thomas and Hannah Simson. [As spelled]

In the 1861 census Long Marton Westmorland, registration district East Ward, sub district Appleby.
Head Thomas Simpson, age 55, Farmer of 101 acres, born Marton Westmorland.
Wife Hannah Simpson, age 47, born Dufton Westmorland.
Son Christopher Simpson, age 13, scholar, born Marton.
Son Thomas Simpson, age 11, scholar, born Long Marton.
Daughter Mary Simpson, age 10 scholar, born Marton.
Father John Simpson, widower, age 77, Landed Proprietor, born Marton.
Brother James Simpson, unmarried, age 32, born Marton.
1 servant 2 agricultural labourers.

In the 1871 census Longmarton, Westmorland.
Head Hannah Simpson, widow, age 57, annuitant, born Dufton, Westmorland.
Son Christ[opher] Simpson, unmarried, age 23, landowner, born Longmarton, Westmorland.
Son Thomas Simpson, unmarried, age 21, farm servant, born Longmarton.
Daughter Mary Simpson, unmarried, age 20, farm servant, born Longmarton.
Brother in Law Edward Simpson, unmarried, age 57, annuitant, born Longmarton.
1 farm servant, 1 domestic servant.

In the 1891 census Northumberland Street, Workington, Cumberland.
Head Thomas Simpson, age 41, iron steel worker labourer, worker, born Long Marton, Northumberland.
Wife Mary E. Simpson, age 33, born Catterlen, Cumberland. [Catterlen is about 1 mile from Newton Reigny.]
Daughter Mary C. Simpson, age 8, scholar, born Skelton, Cumberland.
Son John T. Simpson, age 6, scholar, born Penrith, Cumberland.
Daughter Louisa Simpson, age 4, scholar, born Penrith.
Daughter Lily Simpson, age 3, born Penrith.
Daughter Annie Simpson, age 1, born Penrith.
1 boarder.

In the 1901 census Dog and Gun, Skelton, Penrith, Cumberland.
Head Thomas Simpson, married, age 51, innkeeper and agricultural labourer, worker, born Long Marton, Westmorland.
Wife Mary E. Simpson, age 42, born Newton Reigny, Cumberland.
Daughter Mary C. Simpson, single, age 18, born Skelton, Cumberland.
Daughter Louisa Simpson, age 14, born Penrith, Cumberland.
Daughter Lily Simpson, age 13, school girl, born Penrith.
Daughter Annie Simpson, age 11, school girl, born Penrith.
Son Joseph W. Simpson, age 6, school boy, born Skelton.
Brother in law Timothy Robinson, single, age 28, agricultural labourer, worker, born Newton Reigny.
Brother in Law Septimus Robinson, single, age 26, agricultural Labourer, born Newton Reigny.

In the 1911 Census Long Marton, Carlisle, Westmorland
Head Christopher Simpson, age 63, single, farmer, employer, born Long Marton.
Brother Thomas Simpson, age 61 married, brother working on farm, worker, born Long Marton.
Sister Mary Simpson, age 60, single, born Long Marton.
Nephew Anthony Robson Atkinson, age 35, married, nephew working on farm, worker, born Colby, Westmorland.
Niece Hannah Atkinson, age 32, married, married 5 years, 2 children born alive both still living, born Long Marton.
Niece Mary Atkinson, age 4, born Long Marton.
Nephew Christopher Simpson Atkinson, age 3, born Long Marton.
1 ploughman on farm and 1 domestic servant.
[Hannah Simpson` must have married Anthony Robson Atkinson and they have 2 children.]
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