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5 King Street Emsworth.jpg
5 King Street
Residence of the Jewell family and their student boarders.
Margaret Deakin and her sister Dorothy boarded and attended this school.
7 King Street Emsworth.jpg
School attended. 1901 census
Ormond House
Ormond House
Dursley, Gloucestershire
Margaret Deakin lived here in 1911 when she was a Music Teacher. The other Resident was the Principal of a Prepatory School. Was this home also the school?
From Google Earth 3D drawing by John Wilkes
Margaret and Percy Simmonds wedding photo
June 1, 1921 Winnipeg, Manitoba
Margaret Patience Simmonds with her daughter Patience Margaret Simmonds
Photo taken about 1933
Margaret Simmonds kept chickens, turkeys and sometimes geese for all of her farm life.
Deakin, Margaret Patience
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