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Simmonds_Percy_1906 census.jpg
Taken from the 1906 census of Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba
One of Percy Simmonds Shorthorn cattle.
Taken from the 1911 census of Canada
Percy Simmonds
presumably with his aunt Edith Jewell and
her friend Miss Jarmine
Could this have been taken prior to 1914?
Attestation paper page 1
December 29, 1914
Attestation paper page 2
Percy Simmonds 1st Canadian Mounted Rifles
First Canadian Mounted Rifles Cap Badge
Map of Battle of Hill 62 (or Mount Sorell or Sanctuary Wood) near Ypres
June 2, 1916
From "Official History of the Canadian Army in the First World War - Canadian Expeditionary Force 1914-1919 (Nicholson)

1st CMR position highlighted in blue.
Over 80% of the regiment were killed, wounded or captured on this day.
Percy Simmonds was badly wounded, left for dead and 2 days later taken POW.
Mount Sorrel with Armagh House in the foreground. Post-battle image of the June 1916 Mount Sorrel battlefield. The debris is all that remains of a dugout and shelter destroyed by artillery fire. Prior to the war, most of the terrain here was heavily wooded.
This photo would be on the right of the 4th CMR’s position. The 1st CMR’s were to the left of the 4th CMR’s.
From Wikipedia
From Library and Archives Canada
tom rob john pat kids.jpg
From left to right
Tom, Rob, John and Pat Simmonds
circa 1935
Percy and Margaret Simmonds home before the lean-to was added. Probably in the early 1930’s
simmonds_home _1946.jpg
Percy and Pat Simmonds home where they raised their children. It was a log house with additions. Tom Simmonds is in the foreground.
Percy Simmonds with his two oldest sons John (left) and Rob (right)
This photo is probably taken while the boys were competing at a grain show at the provincial or national level. It is evident Percy is proud of his sons achievement.
Margaret and Percy Simmonds
Simmonds, Alfred Henry Percy
Photo taken probably before 1944.
Presumably before John went to Europe.
Back row
Percy, John, Margaret, Pat
Front Row
Tom, Edith Jewell (Granny Jewell), Rob
Percy Simmonds emptying the hopper of the combine.
About 1955.
Part 1 of Interview with Percy Simmonds
Interviewed by Dorothy Deakin
11 minutes
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