Alfred Stuart SYMONDSON (SIMMONDS) - Media
Alfred Stuart Symondson
in the uniform of the Scots Guards Band
courtesy of Gordon Slater
Alfred Symondson or Simmonds is located in the lower left hand corner.
Photo courtesy of Gordon Slater
Scots Guards band members circa 1891, Drummer, Piper, Trumpeter and Bandsman.
Signature on Wedding Certificate marriage to Emily Lowe
Cropped from his military records, showing his Regimental Number with the 11th Hussars and both versions of his name.
The regimental drumhorse leads the band over a bridge. All the musicians wear the special light grey busbies.
The drum banners are of crimson velvet and the shabraque is blue like the officers' shabraques.
This painting by Simkin is unusual in showing a dismounted trumpeter with the mounted officer. The trumpeter is in mounted order but he is carrying the trumpet which is used for dismounted parades, while the bugle is used when the regiment is mounted. The cords of the trumpet are red, blue and yellow, worn only in Royal regiments: other regiments had green cords. The light grey colour of the trumpeter's busby is a peculiarity of the 11th Hussars, dating back to 1840 but dicontinued for some years after 1855 and re-introduced for the last quarter of the century. An aspect of interest is the breeches worn by the trumpeter which show black leather reinforcement to the inside. This is not normally seen when the soldier is mounted. Also of interest is the trumpeter's badge on both upper arms. His sword and sabretache are attached to a belt worn under his tunic.

Coleshill Buildings
This sems to be the Coleshill Buildings
On Pimlico Road where it meets Ebury Street
103 should be in this view.
Taken from Google Maps - 2014
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