Albert Charles JEWELL - Media
Photo taken at Aldershot.
Since he is carrying a baton and not a sword I presume this is the 20th Hussar uniform and his rank is Regimental Quartermaster Sergeant.
Photo taken at Canterbury.

Since he is wearing a sword I presume in this photo his rank is conductor and he is with the Commissariat.
Map from “Too Late for General Gordon and Khartoum.
If I understand the text correctly, the grave of Albert Jewell and others is near the zarebra formed on the night of Jan 19.
Jewell A C litho.jpg
From the February 14, 1885 issue of the Illustrated London News.
Conductor Of Supplies AC Jewell
Commissariat and Transport Staff
Casualty of the Egyptian Campaign 1884-6
Garrison Church of St Michael and St George, Aldershot, Hampshire, England

Family memorial and Detail
Emsworth Parish Churchyard, Hampshire, England
(Photos and Information courtesy Mark Reid)
Jewell AC memorial2.jpg
20th Hussar Uniform. Since Albert Jewell was probably a Sergeant or Staff Sergeant he would probably wore a uniform similar to this one.
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