Col. Algernon Essex CAPELL D.S.O. C.B.E. - Media
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Painting by A. E. Capell originally owned by Elizabeth Tipping, a matron in the
general hospital Bulawayo, Zimbabwe.
Photo provided courtesy of the present owner Anne Jackson.
Anne Hathaway’s cottage
By A. E. Capell
Same credits as above
Another A E Capell painting.
Courtesy Ron Talbot
The minstrel capell
The Minstrel by Col. A. E. Capell
Photograph of Painting displayed at the New York World’s Fair 1939 to 1940
International Business Machines (IBM) Exhibit - a collection of paintings from 79 countries of the world.
from the New York Library Collections
A. Essex Capell grave site.
Harare Cemetery, Zimbabwe (formerly Salisbury, Rhodesia)
Headstone reads
Colonel A. Essex Capell
C.B.E. D.S.O.
Born 1869
Died 1952
Ex Commissioner of Police
O.C. 2nd Rhodesian Regiment
Courtesy Mike Tucker. 2015
Note the original is much clearer.