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This site focuses on one of my interests, genealogy. In particular, it contains family trees for both my wife Debbie and myself. Our most recent ancestors family names include Simmonds, Symondson (from which Simmonds is derived), Lowe, Deakin, Ogden, Curtis, Homer, Howkins, Auckland and Simpson. We live in Wakaw, Saskatchewan, Canada and our closest present day relatives are Canadian. However, since 7 of our 8 grandparents emigrated from England the majority of our relatives were rooted in the United Kingdom. Some of our connections relocated to Africa, Australia, India, New Zealand and the United States.

As of August 4, 2017 the site includes over 7100 people and over 14 650 pages. These pages contain names, pictures, notes, data, charts and links to other web sites. If you are new to this site please read the explanation below to assist you with navigation.

This site has been in existence since March 2001 and has grown considerably. I have a secondary site on http://www.ancestry.co.uk named My Simmonds/Deakin/Ogden/Curtis Family Tree. While that site does not contain all of the people listed on this site or many of the notes it does contain links to sources such as census. You need to subscribe to ancestry to view it, however they do offer free trial subscriptions (ancestry.com).


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HMS Hermes Vice-Admiral

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person sheet Person Sheets - Information, Navigation
May contain birth, baptism, marriage, death, burial, will, occupation, census information, ship passenger information, spouse(s), parents, children, miscellaneous notes, links to other web sites and picture thumbnails. They may also contain typed versions of wills, obituaries or various articles. They are the key to navigate the site as parents, children and other spouses are shown as links. The person's relationship to my wife or myself is indicated.
Photos, scans, etc.
Contain full size versions of any pictures. Some pages also contain scanned versions of source documents such as census pages or attestation papers. Click on the camera icon or framed photographs to see the related photos.

Show a 5 generation tree chart for a particular individual. Click on the tree icon to view the chart. You can navigate through various charts by clicking on the name of an individual. For the 3 most recent generations you can click on the down triangle to view the spouse and children, these are also clickable. Click on the source persons name to view the family card.

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A list all individuals in the tree. Click on a person to go to the family web page for that person.

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Contains a list of all surnames in the family tree. Click on one of the surnames to go to a list of all persons with that surname.

charts thumbnail Charts
Each is either a descendent chart for the oldest known ancestor (tree top) or a pedigree for either Debbie or myself. Larger charts are oriented left to right with the youngest generation on the left moving towards older generations to the right. Smaller charts are the more traditional top to bottom charts with the oldest ancestor shown at the top.
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My e-mail address. Please contact me if you have corrections, additional information or questions. Please note the e-mail address listed below is a graphic not an actual link. These helps reduce spam. Just note the address and enter it into the address line of your e-mail application. Since I have "Un-retired" I have less time for my hobby, so responses to e-mail may be very slow. Thanks for your patience.

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A Note About the Background

If you carefully look at the background on this part of the page you may notice it resembles a church surrounded by trees. It was produced from a photograph of St. Michael's in Cofton Hackett, England. The photograph was found on wikipedia and may be found here on this site.

My great grandfather Reverend Keelinge Deakin was the first vicar of this church. We have fond memories of our visit to the church. The present vicar kindly gave us a tour that was very much appreciated.

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